The Promotion consists of a Sweepstakes (with certain
prizes awarded via chance/random drawing) and a Skill Contest (with other prizes awarded
based on a judging panel’s evaluation of the comparative quality of certain prescribed content
submitted by entrants). See Rule 4 for a listing of prizes offered in the Sweepstakes; see Rule 6
for a listing prizes offered in the Skill Contest. By completing and submitting an entry form, you
will be entered in the Sweepstakes) assuming that you are eligible. You may – but are NOT
required to – also enter the Skill Contest. (If you choose to enter the Skill Contest, you must do
so during the same on-line session as when you enter the Sweepstakes.)


1. SMIRNOFF Summer Prize Pack (700)
2 SMIRNOFF Summer Prize Pack (400)
2. Gift Card (250)
3 SMIRNOFF Summer Prize Pack (200)
4. SMIRNOFF Summer Prize Pack (115)
4. Gift Card (250)

Both the SMIRNOFF Summer Prize Pack and the Gift Card have an approximate
retail value of $50 each.
Includes SMIRNOFF hat, towel, sunglasses, koozies, dry bag, and socks. Issuer of Gift Card to be determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion; terms and conditions

Skill Contest Prizes:

Customized SMIRNOFF recreational vehicle, grill & SMIRNOFF branded items (3) $100,050

Home Bar (1) $13,000

Summer Experience (15) Value Depends

Backyard Party Gear (40) Value Depends

Apr 3 12:13 pm