The competitions are open to any US rent-paying roommate over the age of 18. A roommate is classed as anyone living in shared accommodation where at least 2 of the residents are unrelated (and not in a relationship). This includes, but is not limited to:
Any one of a group of friends renting an apartment or house together
A lodger renting a room in a family home
A tenant renting a room in shared property
The following would NOT be eligible – including, but not limited to:
A home owner who is letting a room out (though the lodger would be eligible)
A tenant living alone in a one bed apartment
A couple renting on their own
Additionally, if you’re not currently living in shared accommodation but are currently looking for an apartment share you are eligible to enter.
Monthly Prize: 1 month’s rent
yearly prize: 1 year’s rent

Jan 2 3:24 am