From CVS and Walgreens with ECB and coupons

by tulip0479 - Other
Jun 16 6:25 am

Okay so I went to CVS yesterday with 21$ in ECB and bought 2 big bags of almonds and 2 big canisters of cashews (both were also on sale!), I also bought buy 1 get 1 free 100 pack of cvs vitamins (the one i got for free is showing) along with (not shown) a big canister of slim fast.. alltogether out of my pocket was 17.00
Now Walgreens has these battery toothbrushes where you buy one and you get store money back for the same price of the toothbrush. I had a coupon from this sunday paper for buy 1 get one free that I also used since the money back is a limit 1 per customer. With that coupon I went back and purchased another toothbrush so I received actually 3 battery toothbrushes (on sale at 5.50 each) for the price of 1. Playtex tampons are also on sale and when you 36 buy a box you get an 18 box for free which is the one shown.
You can also see in the background a sample of toothpaste and a box of that flea and tick stuff for dogs that was given out for free. I couldnt find the link.
I had a good sample week last week! I just couldnt get them all in the pictures! I also received my coupon for the breeze litterbox that Im going to get today as well as my free subscription to womans day and prevention.

wine glass, dunkin donuts iced coffee, buffalo blue dog & cat food, vcf, suncrystals sweeter

by tulip0479 - Samples
May 17 6:54 pm

Okay so I didnt get all this in one day but in less than a week I received a wine glass from the 4imprint website (its a very nice glass but has 4imprint logo on it) I went to two different dunkin donuts for that free iced coffee this past thursday (SOO GOOD!) I also got:

vaginal contriception film (3 in an envelope)

blue buffalo dog and cat food samples with coupons (dog liked it, cat not so much)

sun crystals sweetner (this stuff is very good!)