Parliament Lighter

by Tracy - Other
Jan 30 3:56 pm

img_11871.jpg or call 1-800-494-6444 to register.
use Promo Code PMT 1225

Wasn’t expecting this to be so nice. It’s heavy, like a zippo, and refillable

Spasensials Treatment Socks (1x)

by Tracy - gifts, Other, Samples
Jan 30 3:55 pm


These are one time use spa socks. Alot of us got these, but, mine took a really long time to come-better late than not at all! Free is always good to me!

Chivas Flask (Nice) :)

by Tracy - gifts, Kits, Other
Jan 30 3:54 pm

Mail to:
TriStar Fulfillment
PO Box 9011
Bridgeport, NJ 08014-9911

This was really great, right up there with one of the bestest freebie-didn’t think it would be that nice, gave to a friend that likes Absolute-she loved it!

Slim Fast Snack Chews

by Tracy - Other, Samples
Jan 30 3:54 pm


Came with 2…..1 is gone! Pretty good, liked ’em.

Merck Back To School Offer

by Tracy - gifts, Other
Jan 30 3:52 pm


This was a “Back to School Offer” from Merck, when looked under search, it was actually an offer from singular, Merck is who makes singular….really nice backpack though, it’s FREE

Rainforest Treasure Tea

by Tracy - Tea
Jan 30 3:51 pm

Head and Shoulders Combo

by Tracy - Samples
Jan 30 3:50 pm


Honestly, I gotten like, 6 of these……my guys like ’em!

Power of 3

by Tracy - Coupons/In Store deals, Other, Samples
Jan 30 3:49 pm



This stuff is awesome, contacted the rep and ordered 20 packets of this-mix w/8oz water, feel energized and alive, really good stuff-

Senseo Coffee

by Tracy - Other, Samples
Jan 30 3:48 pm

Teeccino Coffee

by Tracy - Coupons/In Store deals, Other, Samples
Jan 30 3:48 pm

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