A Gift From bath & Body works :)

by snozzberries - Samples
Oct 13 8:15 pm



got this, plus some cinn-mint lip gloss. Vanilla sugar liton & body wash, cherry blowwom body spray, pumpkin candle, the freak SOFTEST socks known to woman. My 7 year old got the lip gloss, it is MIA. lol. They will be cancelling the VIP survey thing, SO I think this was my parting gift.. way cool. I added it up, 66.50 wortgh. they left the tags on..
WOOT WOOT for me.
btw, I love this site
*blowing kisses*

Jellybean gardening gloves

by snozzberries - gifts
Apr 13 6:32 pm

couldnt find the link.It was addressed to ” current resident” & thanked me for the survey i did..I pltned my garden yesterday, & I will use these..very nifty. =)

Clairol house party

by snozzberries - Samples
Apr 13 6:32 pm

got 7 coupons for hairdye, samples of mouthwash, toothpaste, pretty little bags, shampoo samples, floss, & a few single samples. My new kitty, Pooter, was pretty excited about it..

My Win :)

by snozzberries - Samples
Feb 24 3:27 pm

i have no idea where this came from. lavender seeds & sunscreen.
The spray kind…ooo..I like it.

lavender seeds & sunscreen.

lavender seeds & sunscreen.

FREE 25.00

by snozzberries - Samples
Nov 6 2:18 pm

I would take a pic, BUT it IS only a piece of paper with my personal info on it..I got it today! It was for a survey! I also got acne cream yesterday :)
original post~
http://www.questionnaire.giftarrow.com/questionnaire/Respondent_register.php EXPIRED

Onlypromos.NUMPY”S print candies

by snozzberries - Samples
Oct 3 12:25 pm

ok, so got this, & GACK..i tried one.it was choco mint. I hate choco mint..lol

omg I tried another, it is all chocomint.But they are really cute & have different stuff printed on them

$10 starbucks >FINALLY<

by snozzberries - Gift Cards/Certs
Aug 29 2:20 pm

I tried to find the link..its about having a sibling that is mentally handicapped. I got my  card ..WOOT WOOT.. after all this time..skinny vanilla latte..HERE I COME ;p

Mountain Meadow Herbs femme defense

by snozzberries - Other
Aug 23 1:55 pm

got this today. full size. The invoice said it was 21.95 + 7 & something for shipping..all free..am I gonna take it? idk.I get afraid of those supplement things.. BUT Its way cool I got it..I love mail. Like a little christmas or birthday almost everyday…

My top comments prize!

by snozzberries - Other
Dec 7 7:13 pm

way cool! Thanks chris, I will SOOO use these..Energy? Never seen ’em before.Thanks so much!! ;)