Mail today

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Mar 2 3:54 pm

dscf4610dscf4611 Viva Diva stuff ;]

dscf4612 free samples and qvc order.

Yay :]

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Feb 14 2:54 pm

Three codes and the $ off code got me this! I got the small, but I didn’t know it would be THIS small :kekeke:

What’s inside: http://ww12.1800flowers.c..



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Feb 12 8:21 pm

I started getting them in the middle of January again.. Hmm.. Maybe someone at the post office collected my other freebies from Nov-Dec to give them away in the holidays :kekeke:

Sally Hansen nail whitener.

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Feb 11 5:54 pm

Can’t find the link…. ? Not sure where I got it from, actually.



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Nov 20 9:10 pm

i heard YEARS ago ND was a very good and funny movie.. gotto watch it soon ;)

awww omg so cute. thank you skaitlin36 for the idea :)


by Smiley - Clothing, Coupons/In Store deals
Nov 17 2:27 pm

i got the shirt and swedish fish i love..
And NOW they send me the crest coupon? I already reached my limit for that deal at cvs.
*i just finished eating my little friends lol. i love swedish fish(=


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Nov 12 7:41 pm

i looove the shirt~ it looks like its comfy


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Nov 3 10:40 pm

First pic includes my $25 check I got by taking the Giftarrow survey. The second and third picture show the items I got with GC’s.. the coconut juice was pretty pricey.. $22 for a 12 pack.. at least my bf will enjoy these.


by Smiley - Samples
Oct 29 6:19 pm

I got two boxes of cereal for some reason.. but I ain’t complaining lol.. :)

I thought they were supposed and out coupons, but this is way better.. sent right ot my door  :]

yum. lol


by Smiley - Coupons/In Store deals, gifts, Product Testing
Oct 28 9:09 pm

Sooo, I got my order from Omaha.. And I got other goodies, too. :)

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