$5 Cash Card

by skaitlin36 - Samples
Apr 11 1:29 am

From a cereal box. It’s a pic from the website btw.

Two Natures Bounty Totes

by skaitlin36 - gifts
Jan 2 10:22 pm


101 Things To Do With Meatballs

by skaitlin36 - Samples
Jan 2 10:21 pm


$5 Home Depot Gift Card

by skaitlin36 - Gift Cards/Certs
Jan 2 9:49 pm


Cleveland Indians High Achievers Kit

by skaitlin36 - Kits
Jan 2 9:44 pm

It also came with a notepad with the Indian on it but I gave it to a friend.free-stuff-024

Tivo Cookie Cutter

by skaitlin36 - gifts, Other
Jan 2 9:44 pm


TV Guide

by skaitlin36 - Samples
Jan 2 9:44 pm


Aflac Duck

by skaitlin36 - Samples
Jan 2 9:43 pm

my friends uncle works for aflac, so she was able to get me this duck.free-stuff-021 when you squeeze it it says aflac. :)

Pull Up Diaper

by skaitlin36 - Samples
Jan 2 9:38 pm


Bear Naked Halloween Kit

by skaitlin36 - Samples
Nov 15 11:02 am

shirt not pictured.

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