Mail 8-7-09

by sarahjane0721 - Samples
Aug 7 9:31 pm

Mail8-7-09.jpg picture by sarahjane0721
5 Book from Harlequin
Coupons from Trade
Kotex Pads
JC Penny Catolog w-$10 off inside!
Win From Game Coupons and Laundry Soap!!!

Target 7/31/2009

by sarahjane0721 - Samples
Jul 31 6:04 pm

Target 7/31/2009
Target 7/31/2009

This Was today’s Target Trip.

Mail Day 3-2-2009

by sarahjane0721 - Clothing, Samples
Mar 2 2:31 pm


I received 3 pairs of shorts from Allstate and a Sweatshirt, And Emergence Samples


by sarahjane0721 - Samples
Feb 5 11:55 am

Sunsilk Sample with 2 coupons. A coupon for Johnson and Johnson Coupon for the lotion pump that was broken. Pamprin sample, There was 2 but one was open and broken all over in the package. 3 Home made simple coupon booklets over $27 dollar savings in each!!


by sarahjane0721 - Coupons/In Store deals, Other, Samples
Feb 4 12:01 pm


I got the Buddies for free with coupon. Kotex Sample and M Lab samples. And I am not quit sure where the stirngs came from.


by sarahjane0721 - Gift Cards/Certs, gifts, Other
Feb 3 11:01 am

I got part 1 Of my order which I won the gift card on and instant win game. Three Coldwater Creek Satches The Spa, They smell so good.


by sarahjane0721 - Samples
Feb 2 9:12 pm


Bergwoord Water Bottles and Socks. Ziploc Back to Basics Gift Pack. Kids Essentials Coupon. Kraft IWN Game Coupons $15 Worth. Free Coupon For Scrubbing Bubbles Product.