Cannon SX130 IS 12.1 MP

by sample_princess - Samples
Dec 15 4:06 pm

I got this from the Marlboro Outwit the West contest. I have to say, this is one of the best cameras I have ever owned. It does the tilt shilt photos, B&W, sephias, color splash, fisheye and so much more.

POM Wonderful Dinner Party

by sample_princess - gifts
Nov 4 12:17 pm

I was selected as 1 of 100 people chosen to host the POM Wonderful Dinner Party.  This is the package they sent me.  There was 2 cases of pomegranates (40 total), a really cute apron, a cutting board with instruction on how to cut a pomegranate, 15 POM bags, 20 free POM Wonderful juice drink coupons, 20 POM bracelets, 20 pomegranite recipe cards, a 20 pomegranate brochures.

Free Cell Phone and Minutes

by sample_princess - Other
Jun 25 10:25 am

Free Cell Phone and Minutes

Free Cell Phone and Minutes

This is from the other day for the free cell phones from reachoutmobile and safelink.  I used the safelink because that is the one that covered my area.  I got the phone and charger and 71 minutes.  I also will receive 68 minutes a month until Aug. 2010!  This came in less than a week!

My Trip to Publix

by sample_princess - Samples
Jun 23 8:40 pm

Thanks to all my great finds with coupons here I snagged all this for a mere 80 cents.
My trip to Publix:wiggle:

guitar contest win

by sample_princess - Samples
May 10 7:25 pm

CONGRATULATIONS!  As the independent judging organization retained by Generosity Records LLC, we are pleased to inform you that your Internet entry (at has been randomly selected as one of ten (10) Grand Prize Winners in the “WIN A GIBSON GUITAR SIGNED BY BAND FROM TV!” SWEEPSTAKES!  Your prize (pending response to this e-mail notification) consists of a Gibson Epiphone DR 100 natural wood 6 string acoustic guitar autographed by select member(s) (selected at sole discretion of Sponsor) of the Band >From TV.

I can’t find the link anywhere, but it was through US Cellular and Amazon.