Friday’s Mail plus aerie b-day gift

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May 17 1:40 pm

This is all the stuff I got in the mail on Friday plus my birthday gift for having the A-list card from aerie. It was a little pack of lip gloss. It smells like birthday cake! I love it! :) I also got the free workout towel, but Ali had already stolen it. I ended up getting 2 panties at VS for $2.70 also, but I really didn’t want my underwear out there for the world to see. In addition to that, I got the free sample of salami, 2 free razors, Kraft food & Family in print, Mighty Dog kit, 2 coupons for a free tin of Camel Snus (?), and a free sample coupon for the DiGiorno Flatbreads.

Free ColdStone Creation

by lilwecky - Coupons/In Store deals
May 17 1:39 pm

I just got an email that I get a free ColdStone Creamery creation for my b-day! Here is a screen print of the coupon because I was too lazy to scan it.

Gilt Groupe Necklace

by lilwecky - Samples
Apr 22 9:57 pm

I got this yesterday. Forgot to post it with everything else. Not quite what I was expecting so it will be fun for Ali to play with! :)

Book, Shredded Wheat, Gorilla Glue, HP Contest Win & JC Penny Coupon

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Apr 22 9:48 pm

Got a free book today from Random House. Yesterday I got a box of shredded wheat from VocalPoint. It included one B1G1 coupon and 5 other coupons with it. I got my sample of Gorilla Glue today as well as a coupon for $10 off $10 at Jc Penney.

I also got a box today from UPS that had a little bluetooth USB thing to connect my phone to my computer. It was from HP Promotions and just had a note inside that said congratulations. I’m assuming it was a contest? Either that or they saw all the bad reviews I’ve said about them since the computer issues

10 Hemloq Product Samples

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Mar 12 7:34 pm

10 Hemloq natural skin care products:

  • Eye Cream
  • Raspberry Fruit Peel
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Cucumber Cleanser
  • Daily Repair Serum
  • Citrus Scrub
  • Daily Moisture Cream
  • Eye Gel
  • Moisture Rich Cream
  • Chocolate Masque
  • hemloq

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Maybelline Mascara – Product Test?

by lilwecky - Samples
Mar 10 3:33 pm

I got a package today by UPS that contained 4 tubes of Maybelline Great Lash mascara. It was from Hearst Magazines and the paper inside says “Material Safety Data Sheet” but the information on that sheet is about L’Oreal. Maybe L’Oreal makes Maybelline? The Data Safety Sheet tells about all the ingredients in the product and any product warnings, etc. I don’t think this sheet goes with the mascara though b/c the Appearance and Color are listed as: “Clear to colored water-thin to viscous liquid (non-aerosol).

Any ideas where this came from?

6 Dannon Yogurts, 2 Glade Sense n Sprays, 1 Meow Mix cup and a Kashi Dinner

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Mar 8 6:06 pm

Got all this today at Target for $0.00 OOP.

I actually got more from my coupons than the price of stuff because the cashier just put in the maximum amount for each of the coupons.

The yogurts were $.59 each and he put in $1.05 for each. I got 6 free product coupons from writing dannon and telling them we love their yogurt. I had a B1G1 for the Glade and a free Glade product coupon (also from writing the company) so those were both free. Actually, the coupons said up to $10 so instead of $8.49 he put in $10.00 for the free product coupon. I got a free product coupon with a sample of Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness for the little cup of Meow Mix food. I can’t remember what the maximum value on this one was, but again, he put in the max value instead of the actual price. I also had the free Kashi dinner coupon and again, he put in the maximum value price. I used all the overage to get Ali a pink radio flyer scooter she has wanted since before Christmas. They had them on clearance! :)

Today’s Mail! – Heart pin, True Delights, Dr. Pepper Coupon and Aveeno Contest Win!

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Feb 25 10:14 pm

My mail was actually pretty good today! I got the True Delights bar which Ali quickly ate. I also got the Valentine’s Flashing LED Pin today and the silver Gerber spoon (not pictured). I got my coupon a few days ago for the free Dr. Pepper and bought that today.

I also got a box today that I wasn’t sure about. I, at first, thought it was something I bought from eBay but then it said it was from Real Simple and I was like WOOHOO! I WON SOMETHING! So I tore into the box and it was a packet of Lavender seeds that said “Thanks for entering the Seeds of Natural Beauty Contest!”. The box also contained a bottle of  Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Spray – SPF 45. They know I’m pale! Woohoo! :) So here’s my pic….(minus the Gerber spoon.)

Sorry, the candles weren’t free…they were just on the kitchen counter next to the Dr. Pepper.

Got a new flatiron for free!!

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Feb 22 2:34 pm

My flat iron actually broke in half yesterday How does that happen??? So I looked in my purse and realized I had $30 worth of free stuff for walgreens ($25 in RR and $5 on a gift card) so I decided that was probably my best bet. I got on their website to see what brands they had then started googling it to find coupons. I ended up finding a $10 off coupon for one of the brands so I printed it and went to the store. When I got there, the one I wanted was $59.99 but it was on sale for $39.99….So, I had a $10 coupon plus $25 in RR and a $5 gift card. Add those up and you get $40! Woohoo! Everyone recommends Chi, but I didn’t like it at all (since it broke!) so I guess I will see how this brand works!

PayPal Security Key

by lilwecky - Other
Jan 21 5:16 pm

I posted in the forum a week or so again that someone got my PayPal information and took a bunch of money out of my checking account through it. I think the site was called RapidShare AG. When I talked to PayPal they offered to send me this security key to help protect my account. They are absolutely free to anyone who wants to request one. Its a little keychain that generates a different code every 30 secons and you have to enter the correct code to get into paypal.

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