Free ear buds

by Libellula - gifts
Jul 22 11:40 pm

From a Living Social deal. Woohoo!

Johnsonville Cajun Celebration Party Kit

by Libellula - Kits
Apr 23 9:39 pm

Time to party! :wiggle:

Barefoot Books

by Libellula - Books
Apr 9 7:33 pm

From a survey link (expired) from Barefoot Books. It’s a raccoon finger puppet! So cute! :wiggle:

Marlboro IWG

by Libellula - Contest Wins
Apr 5 11:55 am

This was a win from the Marlboro Instant Win Game. I was lucky! :h5:

Best Buy Reward Zone

by Libellula - Samples
Mar 30 8:52 pm

I’ve been wanting this movie for a long time. Free after using my Facebook Reward Zone credit. I haven’t said thank you in a while, Chris, so-thank you!

Free lunch

by Libellula - Other
Mar 4 6:27 pm

Thank you Papa Johns! Thanks, Chris! :wiggle:

Allure product test

by Libellula - Product Testing
Jun 11 2:16 pm

Very nice hand creams from an Italian company. The freebie gods have been very very good to me.

Tide freebie

by Libellula - Samples
Apr 19 10:27 pm

I think my cat logs onto FST when I’m sleeping. She got this in the mail today.

ALL YOU goodies!

by Libellula - Samples
Dec 16 12:20 am


Firefox kit

by Libellula - Kits
Dec 11 10:35 pm


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