Glamour freebie

by KathyinFla - gifts, Other
Jun 16 8:02 am

Fresh from Florida Kids freebies

by KathyinFla - Books, gifts, Kits, Other
Jun 16 8:02 am – EXPIRED
Includes an apron, tote bag, recipe booklet, toddler cup/resealable bowl/eating utensils set, ice cube trays, and cutting board.

Product test

by KathyinFla - Product Testing
Jun 16 8:02 am

Free Herbal Essences product coupon-EXPIRED

by KathyinFla - Coupons/In Store deals
Oct 31 5:47 pm

Another She Speaks campaign

by KathyinFla - Coupons/In Store deals, Product Testing, Samples
Oct 31 5:46 pm


Free Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal, Oats & Chocolate bar, and $5 in coupons

by KathyinFla - Coupons/In Store deals, Samples
Oct 31 5:44 pm

Free Brain Facts CD or book

by KathyinFla - Books, dvds/videos/music
Oct 31 5:44 pm

Another face PT

by KathyinFla - Product Testing
Oct 31 5:43 pm

My face is going to fall off…

Free Flip Video camera

by KathyinFla - gifts, Product Testing
Oct 30 7:32 pm

I received this via UPS today to take part in a product testing panel that will film a short documentary to upload next week.  I get to keep this as a thank you for participation.  I don’t want to break confidentiality at this point so I can’t share any more than this.  All I can say is sign up for all of the product testing and panels that Chris posts!  Chris, I loooooove you!!! :kiss:

Free You’re Great! Stickers

by KathyinFla - Stickers
Oct 29 10:25 pm
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