Free Snausages Paw Prints Dog Snacks

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 24 11:55 am

dsc00060.JPGThis was a coupon for free pawprint treats but i couldn’t find those so these were the same price.

Free Nutro dog or cat food bag coupon

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 24 7:23 am

dsc00053.JPGI got a few of these and they’re great they come with not only a dogfood coupon but also a catfood one.

Free Iams Healthy Naturals Dogfood -coupon

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 24 7:20 am

dsc00061.JPGThis was a good deal. i got the 8 dollar off coupon and only had to pay 2 bucks for this:)

Free Cesar Canine Cuisine Gourmet Entree -coupon

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 24 7:14 am

dsc00057.JPGThis came as  a buy one get one free coupon. So thats what i did:)

Free Gift from Judith Jack Jewelry Club

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 21 2:06 pm

dsc00039.JPGToday i got this free gift that i wasn’t expecting. its a little heart shaped mirror in a draw string bag. thanks!

Free Dog Tag with a chain -EXPIRED

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 21 2:05 pm

I also got this free U.S Army dogtag with a chain today.Thanks!dsc00040.JPG

Free Jergens Samples

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 12 8:13 pm

dsc00213.JPGI got these great Jergen’s samples to day.  They also came with a dollar off coupon.Thanks!

Free Mystery Shampoo & Conditioner Sample

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 12 8:12 pm

dsc00214.JPG I got this also today. Can’t wait to try it out and then see what it is!

Free GoodNites Sleep Pants sample

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 11 6:38 pm

dsc00214.JPGThis might fit my little dude in a few years when he starts potty training thanks!

Two Free Boxes of Merci Chocolates

by jandc90 - Other
Dec 11 6:38 pm

dsc00210.JPGI just got my two free boxes of Merci chocolates they are awesome i have to admit one box has already bit the dust:)Thanks!

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