Prize Details

Β 2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Coupe plus $10,000 to help pay taxes

Β Prize Eligibility
Β Only persons residing in Southern California who are at least 18 years of age can enter

Feb 25 1:21 am
  • ——win——-

  • Angel Burton

    My high schooler is going to LOVE his new ride…and telling all his friends where he got the great car from!! :bigthumb:

  • It will be a dream come true to own a Mercedes- Benz sports car.

  • To own a Mercedes- Benz sport will be a dream come true.

  • Please let me own one. Thank you.

  • It will be really nice to own a Mercedes Benz. I’ve been wanting one for a long time. I hope I win!

  • Armando Recinto

    I would love to drive one.. :love:

  • My Wife Jngeborg Loves a 250 Mercedes


  • roy dan e. firma

    thanks!!! :love:

  • Henry Ramones

    it would be an almost obtainable to own a mercedes

  • Heidi Rivas

    I would love to own a Mercedes-Benz C250 coupe!!!

  • I love your show in the morning and can’t believe your are giving away a Mercedes.

  • to old to poop but young enough to drive. never had a new car in my life. it’s about time now.don’t you think. I’m 67.

  • Shay

    I have no car.

  • michael morales

    :wavey: If you want current news fast, ABC7
    fills the bill. Yr weather surpasses all the others…lova ya…

  • patricia k potter


  • danilo vega

    if i win a car ,my other vehicle can retire.

  • danilo vega


  • Helene Seleznoff

    I love watching ABC7 first thing in the morning and all day long, every day of the week, until I go to sleep every night. I always wanted a Mercedes-Benz but could never afford to even pay for the taxes on one. A 2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Coupe plus $10,000 to help pay taxes all for free would be a life long dream come true and a miracle I would be forever grateful for! I must win this fantastic prize so that my grandson can get my old car to drive his brother and sister school, college, and work!!

  • Margie Cloud

    :Please Please Please yes I want to win! Thank You!!!!I need a Good Car!!!


  • Ilove to watch abc7 all day great news thank you. :bigthumb:

  • I watch all day great news πŸ™‚ :bigthumb:

  • thank you abc7 : πŸ™‚

  • :bigthumb:

  • :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb:

  • Duncan

    :run: Yes, run run run and let me win.

  • Qorry Joice

    I have walked 3 miles to school and back all year. My family it too poor to get me a car. It would be a pleasure driving a new car to school. I hope I win. πŸ™‚

  • Cynthia De La Torre

    This would be a dream.

  • Michael

    I want to Win..




  • Shirley Rodgers

    I have always heard that Mercedes Benz is one of the best driving cars around… would be great to be the one experiencing that!

  • Danielle Angulo

    Hello ABC! My mother has worked extremely hard her whole life to provide for my brother and myself. She has been a single parent whom has raised two challenging children. Since now I am a single mother myself, I have realized that it must have been extremely hard for her to achieve such triumphs throughout her life and has never had anyone give her a dime for what she has in this life nor has she asked for help in anyway. I would love nothing more than to surprise my “MaMa” with a brand new Mercedes Benz! It has been talked about her owning one for years, yet has never bought herself a new car. She instead has bought both my brother and myself new cars. Doing this for her is a dream of hers that would finally come true. I do believe she derserves this more than anyone I know. Thank you ABC for having this contest and giving hope to a daughter who just wants to give something back to my loving and supportive MaMa. :fingersx: :bigthumb:

  • Love to win a car. It will restore my faith in humankind. My love for people, life, and rededicate my life to helping others. I have lived a life without many complaints but to be rewarded with a new car makes
    life worthwhile. I love to be a winner. For we all need to win for we are God’s children and we are all winners. Thank you for the opportunity, a single mother of two, one of which was born blind. The eleven child of the family. God Bless you all.
    L. Calhoun.

  • β– Lorine W. Calhoun on March 1st, 2012 2:09 am
    Love to win a car. It will restore my faith in humankind. My love for people, life, and rededicate my life to helping others. I have lived a life without many complaints but to be rewarded with a new car makes
    life worthwhile. I love to be a winner. For we all need to win for we are God’s children and we are all winners. Thank you for the opportunity, a single mother of two, one of which was born blind. The eleventh child of the family. God Bless you all.
    L. Calhoun.

  • i start the day abc 7 then gma thank you very very much.

  • magdaleno nuqui

    I always watch the eyewitness news early in the morning, inthe afternoon,and in the evening the whole week.

  • I watch ABC 7 every day. For all news of the day. Winning a Mercedes Benz would be a dream come true in the Golden Years.

  • Gracie Greene


    I am a teacher and could use a nice new car! Pease!

  • jamarco solitaire

    To win it would nice. I would be able to drive my kids around. And all four of us can get off the bus. God please let us win.

  • Brenda Rodriguez

    To win it would be the help i need i dont own a car n really needs one so i can have a job.

  • t :wiggle: his will be the best gift for my fiance, she needs a car, shes going trou bad times and dont own her onw ride.

  • D.L Baird

    I Would love to win this car. I’m a senior and a steady fan of ABC News each morning and night. The crew is great. Thank you for giving each one of us, your viewers a chance to win this super car.

  • rose colarusso

    we watch channel 7 news all the time.
    Great people and informative.

  • rose colarusso

    I’m back again and want to say thank you channel.

  • rose colarusso

    left off channel 7 news.

  • masoud salamat

    I have been dream for this car. :bowdown:

  • hanieh naghshband

    I wish I win. :confused:

  • Sheryl Dent

    I am born on February 14.This will be a blessing to win a car. I was in a car accident two days before I started school and my car was “totaled”. It was only by the grace of God that I am alive. I am grateful for graduating in June 2012. winning a car would be a very nice late birthday and a graduation gift. Thank you for the opportunity.God bless. sheryl

  • I have been using pubic transportation for over 20 years..really would be nice to have a car and don’t have to worry about a car note.. and since there are no buses around here on the weekend, I wont feel like a prisoner come Saturdays and Sundays.

  • πŸ˜€ :uh:

  • my daughter died the day after giving birth to her last son. im now raising her children im a 57 year old grandmother never had a new car in my life this would be a great win for me it would be like my daughter saying a job well done you deserve it.

  • Cathy Swanson

    :wavey: I’m not going to win, I have never won anything in my life! Mabe that’s because God has blessed me with a lot of love and a wonderful family! But this gives me a chance to tell you all what a wonderful job you do!!! I have to watch you every night or I can’t sleep.
    GOOD JOB GUY’S!!!!!

  • Rose Derenne

    I wish my dream come true!!!

  • deborah kirchoff

    ABC is my choice for news and shows. Thanks for excellent enterainment. The Mercedes Wow what a cool ride please pick me!!!!DK

  • Todd Derenne

    I wish I win and drive one.

  • Kyle Derenne

    Am hoping I win and could drive my first car!.

  • melvina ross

    it will be a dream come true for me

  • zbigniew jedrzejewski

    I know I’m going to win THE CAR………….

  • lydia r. camacho

    :bowdown: ABC is awesome station watch it
    almost 24 7

  • pearl griego

    Channel 7 is on the first thing in the morning watching the news. I would be so happy to win that car!!!!

  • Maria Mercedes Salaverria

    I love ABC7

  • Maria Mercedes Salaverria


  • it would be a bleesin to receive a gift from the heavens…………i love channel 7 :love: :love:

  • Barbara Sublett

    Love ABC News and programing,This Grannie would love to drive a nice ride!!

  • This Grannie would love to drive this Cool car.

    Love ABC

  • Maria Mercedes Salaverria

    It would be great and blessing to win this car!!!! :kekeke: :fingersx:

  • Juanita Hillegas

    I love to start my day with abc7 news so I know whats going on in my city and my state. Abc7 news is my morning cup of coffee. Thank you abc7 news for keeping me in formed and safe.

  • this car is awesome :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • I was born poor and could not afford to buy one. please let me own one. it will be heaven to drive one.please let me win.

  • It will be a car of a lifetime. I’m always dreaming to own one since I was a kid.

  • having one is like being promoted to an executive position.

  • Araceli esiquio

    Good morning abc!! First of all I don’t have a car and what best to start with a Mercedes πŸ™‚ you guys are the best god bless.

  • As a young boy, walking the streets with my friends, I would say to my friends, look there’s another Mercedes-Benz. THAT’S MY CAR, and silver is my color.Wow!

  • I would like for my husband to have one just like on TV.

  • james carrow

    win baby win

  • David J. Ramirez

    Each morning before going to work I do watch, abc7 news so I know what kind of day it is going to be, and the open road to lead to work. It would nice to win. But it only take one to win. I know that. But, If you don’t try. You will never know. So good LUCK TO EVERY ONE …

  • David J. Ramirez

    😎 :uh: :love: :yum:

  • Lily Moscoso

    Love to own one!!!!! I need another car….

  • Cari Karratti

    I would LOVE to surprise my husband with a new car! He works so hard and his car is on it’s last leg!

  • clarice burns

    πŸ™‚ I would like to win as I never win anything

  • Debbie Seeger

    I have been fighting 3rd. stage ovarian cancer for 7 yrs. now.I have never owned a new car in my life (58 yrs.) Sure would make my ride to treatment alot easier. Love ABC news. Very informative. If not me, I hope it goes to someone deserving. I am blessed to be alive. God Bless. Deb a.k.a. (5 ft of concrete.)

  • Heather Zaro

    How do I enter the contest? Watch ABCnews everyday. Would love to enter the 2012 car contest.


    My wife & I are senior’s, and we lost our car 3yrs. ago and can’t afford to buy a car on SSI. We’re DISABLED/RETIRED WITH DOCTOR’S APPIONTMENTS every week for my wife and 1or2 times a month for me. To win this car would be a blessing from Haven, and the last car we’ll ever need. ABC EYEWITNESS NEW’S IS THE ONLY NEW’S WE WATCH!!!

  • :h5: :h5:

  • shirley hudlow

    :uh: :wiggle:

  • shirley hudlow

    I would love to have a NEW car!!!

  • mable Harris

    My Name is Mable Harris I would love to be the winner and be blessed with a car of my Dreams,My Husband passed away oun September 10 2011 and he was self employed and he always told me he was going to by me my dream car, Now with him gone the only way i can see my self getting one it would have to be a blessing from God, so lpease God blessed me Mable Harris

  • it would be a god sent if i won,since im unemployed and no income

  • Gen Duncanson

    :love: your evening news. :bigthumb:

  • I watch the news morning,noon and night. Great coverage on breaking news, Wheather reports by Dallas & Garth great sports coverage. If you are not watching ABC , you are surely missing it.

  • Vicky Orton

    :wavey: What a great idea. Send it my way!

  • Ofie Garcia

    So many people wanting to win this great car. I am one of them. To own a Mercedes-Benz is on my Bucket List. I am a 3 time cancer survivor (one was pancreatic 6 yrs. ago), and I’ve always driven just so so cars. The car I have now is going to have to be returned as it turned out to be a real LEMON! That model is no longer made, so I will probably be carless for a while. But I leave this in God’s will. What is, is. But wouldn’t I just love it! WOW

  • ozzie jacobs

    :kekeke: what a prize.I do like your show

  • Armouria

    In the ghetto, having such opportunities as these are way out of my reach. I learned to just take chances and go with your gut instincts. Im giving this a shot, with all my fingers crossed. God bless whomever is blessed with this great automobile. Im sure they deserve it.

  • Jeffrey Tomazin

    I would be so happy if I could win this car I would give it to my wife that had Cancer and had 2 sergeries she has gone through something I could never explain it would be a blessing!!!!!

  • geneva ortiz

    I would be so happy if i would win. it would rally be a surprise for me.

  • geneva ortiz

    i am hopping i could win.

  • raven

    Could I be that lucky?………..Hmmmmmmmm.

  • Tiffanie

    I am a FAN of ABC :love:

  • Brenda

    Awesome! Can’t wait to drive that mercedes!

  • I Love channel 7 thanks for all of your great programs and love the news everyday mua to all of you :love: “Chow”


  • I DESERVE THIS BLESSING.~ I’ve helped so many and never had my dreams come true. And this would be one of them… :bowdown:

  • πŸ™‚

  • 1997 Chevy Tahoe~ no heat,no wipers, no music, and to open my door I have to stick
    my arm out the window,when it rain it leak in. :noes:

  • have watched 7 for years my car is an old saturn, cannot afford to buy a new…..

  • 1994 Saturn and need a new car I’m disabled for 6yrs and need trans portion to the Dr. and to get my med’s, it would be nice to have a care like this for my needs.

  • 1994 Saturn and need a new car I’m disabled for 6yrs and need trans portion to the Dr. and to get my med’s, it would be nice to have a car like this for my needs.

  • Maria Minelli

    I would like to win a new Mercedes
    That would make my day
    Please let me win!!

  • suzanne Mesisca

    I would like to win this car for my Dad and Mom.They need a reliable car. They have worked hardall their lives and have never been able to buy a new car for themselves. My Dad is a WW2 vetern my Mom a retired teacher. The have always givenmuch to others, please consider them. You will enjoy meeting these great people

  • Sandra Pruitt

    It would nice to win

  • dream come true :bigthumb:

  • Marbella Escamilla

    :bowdown: :love: I wish!!!! I would like to have a NEW MERCEDES.

  • :rofl: :io:
    good luck doesnt always shine down on me but you cant blame a gal for trying

  • norma cantafio

    thanks for the chance in a million to win

  • Jennifer Kilbourne

    no sob story from me, just wanna win! :bigthumb:

  • In all my life I have never won anything, who knows I just might get lucky.That would great.

  • rose colarusso

    I wish every one well and if I don’t win, it’s ok.
    I have had a very challenging life and I never had a new car either.
    Good luck everyone!!!!

  • Pamela Konneker

    Cowgirl Ladies….MUST Drive a Mercedes!!! This will beat the heck out of my “Horse” Haulin Dodge, but can it pull my Trailer with a one “Ton” Bunch of “Fun” Drafthorse in the rear? We will see, now “That’s” a Commercial in the making! :noes:

  • Ariel Konneker

    I’m off to school, and off to learn, driving a CAR now it’s MY turn! I’ve rode a bike and skated too, I’ve missed the bus and cried boo-hoo! Been late for class with so much worry, yet in this “Mercedes” there will be no hurry! :run:

  • Love ABC7 news, and I hope I win.

  • :uh:

  • carrie smith

    My grandaughter is name Mercedes. I would like to own a mercedes.But if I don`t win ch 7 news is the best. I`m very blessed

  • Richard Carrillo

    Looking forward to hearing my name Friday:)

  • Maritsa gaona

    It would be nice to win, dream come true!(:

  • πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ I like the fact that abc offers the free car giveaway to their loyal viewers. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Nyla A.

    :dunno: what I would do without my abc 7 weather reports. The only accurate reports in this town!

  • πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ I love the fact that abc7 gives a free car to their loyal viewers! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • I like it πŸ˜‰

  • abc7 has always been my news channel of choice.

  • Brian Davis

    Picture me rollin

  • Darleen Nash


  • Jo Karnofsky

    Love ABC news and would certainly love to drive my 88 year old father in a beautiful new mercedes.

  • Irma

    :noes: :love: :h5: :drool: :bowdown: :io: :uh:
    Four words “I need this car badley”. lord help me

  • Janisio Vera

    I just need a car to get to work, take my daughter to her dance practice and take my son to his baseball game. I’ve never owned a brand new car always hand me downs that break down πŸ™ would be a blessing :bowdown:

  • Ron Johnson

    Never owned a Mercedes sure would look good in my driveway

  • clarence potter sr

    i am 74 years young , i have never had a new car in my 74 years , i have worked all of my life , i have in the past had sick kids an a wife who past in ;02 an took care of all of them , if i win , i win , life go’s on huh, i am on ssi, an veterans comp. i leave it in Gods hands , . thanks
    Clarence potter Sr

  • clarence potter sr


  • clarence potter sr

    i am 74 years young , i have never had a new car in my 74 years , i have worked all of my life , i have in the past had sick kids an a wife who past in ;02 an took care of all of them , if i win , i win , life go’s on huh, i am on ssi, an veterans comp. i leave it in Gods hands , . thanks
    Clarence potter Sr

  • Shanika

    I would love to win this car. My one year old daughter and I have been through so much with her being born 3 months early. I also got into a bad car accident causing me to loose employment, our apartment and our stability. We just moved out of a shelter into our own place and winning this car would be a beautiful fresh start for us!

  • Brian Davis

    Pictre me kicking back in this hater,s

  • Valerie Hubbard

    Would love to drive that beautiful car.


    This car would be a dream come true. My son and his family have been trying to get along with one car and it is so difficult with 3 children. MAY THE LUCK OF THE IRISH BE WITH US.



  • rebekah

    God’s will….

  • winning this car would be the answer to all my prayers right now being a single father without a means of transportation makes my life more difficult than it already is thank you n good luck to me.

  • Arnold Connie Vasquez

    I enjoy the the way ABC covers all the news in the Inland Empire, and they keep us informed of things that are happening. My wife is crazy about Dalls Rains wheather presentations. Especially when he turns to face the Weather maps. Me for one thing I do not see why she gets so excited. But truthfully we both enjoy all the news casters and the way they present each segment of the news, from weather, news and sports.

  • Arming nazaryan

    I have a new baby girl name Audrey and my older girl Tatiana will love to have a new car ,my car is very old and that would make my day :love:

  • Please,please,please!!!My grandbabies would have a ball!!!! :wiggle: :wavey: :fingersx: :rofl:

  • I’d love to win a car!!

  • I watch your news channel every evening to get the latest news directly. It is a constant in my life and when I am traveling I miss it. It would be wonderful to win this car as it is comfortable to drive and would be great to use. Thank you.

  • Saro Shahijanian

    abc7 is a great station to watch for fun and information.
    The Mercedes Benz give away is a wonderful idea to make someone happy hopefully it will go to a person who deserve the most. :h5:

  • Thank you for helping people.

  • Janet Shahijanian

    I will be happy to win the Mercedes, But if I don’t I will still watch abc7

  • Iam syria man 23 years old my dreem is have
    A car of Mercedes-Benz 2012
    i adore Mercedes-Benz

  • Gerald Crooker

    I would love to win a new car for my wife we been maried 37 years be a nice present.I do wish ABC would give us more weather and up dates for the Livingston area Most people that live in Livingston are retired from Houston

  • Gerald Crooker

    :h5: I would love to win a new car for my wife we been maried 37 years be a nice present.I do wish ABC would give us more weather and up dates for the Livingston area Most people that live in Livingston are retired from Houston

  • Mary Ann Dowler

    Hi, I’am the mother of 3 wonderful kids and Nana to my 2 granddaughter’s. My oldest son is in renal failure an I was injured in 2006 and became disable myself. My car is getting very much worn out, I have prayed for a new car. But limited resources are a problem. I would like to be free of fear of breaking down and I walk with a cane waiting on back surgery an knee replacement.i have had 2 knee surgeries,an neck surgery. I miss my gkids they live 45minutes away but i’m so scared of my car so please have it in your heart to consider this blessing for us. Thank you for this can of a dream come true.
    Mary Ann

  • Mary Ann Dowler

    Thank you again for a wish coming true!

  • Delia Ortiz

    This would be a wonderful gift for my daughter for her graduation gift from UTSA in 2013/a great start into her future!! :wavey:

  • Delia Ortiz


  • Colleen Corbett

    Moved to Houston in 1983 and channel 13 has been my channel of choice from 7:00am (getting ready for work) to 10:00 p.m. (shutting down for the night) A Mercedes would make one retiree very happy,

  • I want the car !!!!!!!!!!



  • Lettie Preston

    Native Houstonian. Have always watched Channel 13 News. Almost as long as Dave Ward. :rofl: Always wanted a Mercedes Benz. Nice retirement present for me.

  • Carrie Drapela

    I think I should win it since I watch ABC 24/7 and my air conditioner went out on my vehicle this morning. :uh:

  • Im retired and living on a fixed income,I should’nt have to say anymore.

  • Denise Bee

    I am ready to win my new Mercedes!!!! :wiggle:

  • Marilou

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  • Verla

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  • ABC7 is the best! :wiggle:

  • Jose A Caban

    Chanel 7 is my News Favorite Chanel,keep it up Guys

  • I would love to own this cool car , i own a 1993 Oldsmobile Achieva, Not a cool looking car , so i can sure use a cool looking car , so i will be waiting for it . lol :h5:

  • dewey

    :love: :io: :uh: :h5: :bowdown: :bigthumb: :kiss:

  • Karen

    I think this would be a dream come true for anyone but I hope it’s time for mine.

  • i would love to win my dream car.can just pitcher myself driving along pch in this. omg.. do miracles really happen???

  • well. im appealing to your soft side now.. im a mother of four, grandmother of seven. the car i have was given to me from a close friend i took care of while he was in hospice care.. i worked with him for many weeks as his wife was a dear friend of mine. he passed and she gave me his car. its 14 years old and everything is failing on it. my husband is disabled and a automobile is very important for his transportation. he had diabetes. neuropathy in both hands and feet. heart problems, yet he enjoys being independent in as many ways as possible. we could really use a good automobile to keep us both mobile. and what a dream come true if we could win this car..

  • I pray I might win the car !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been out of work, my car broke down.
    I have worked as a nurse for 37 years, and I need a car to go back to work, to have a car would be a miracle come true.
    :love: :fingersx:

  • This would be great to win a car if I win iwill give to my wife for her retarment she has worked so hard and so long



  • Lisa Maria

    I really need to win! πŸ™‚ :bowdown:

  • Marilou Molinas

    :fingersx: and toes too!

  • Aldo Gallegos

    I wish I win the car :bowdown:

  • kay Turner

    πŸ™‚ love phil palmer watch every morning.
    the car nice last chance retired. abc 7 news is the best.

  • rudy oseguera

    😎 ya never know !

  • Priscilla Villaescusa

    I need a car very badly to get around to do the tthings i use to do i have arthritis and health problems that affect one of my legs thaat i have to walk with cruches and have a very hard time trying to do things i want to do.

  • Liza Duncan

    :wiggle: :wavey: :h5: :h5: :noes: :naughty: :bowdown: :bigthumb: :kekeke:

    I Liza Duncan need a car, I have been sick for 2 yrs and on treatment. I don’t have Medical Insurance, and I need to work to pay my Dr. & Hospital Bill. Please Help

    Thank you and have a great night!!!!!

  • Jeanne Beauregard

    Why not me!

  • This is the second time I’ve logged in for this giveaway. I didn’t see my name. I always turn on ABC new’s the first thing when I wake up. I love all the cast they make me laugh and I look forward for the Weather from Sam. I am in LOVE with that car! I have never had a NEW car.I would be Blessed to win it! Shirley Lacey

  • Betty Dimaano

    I enjoy watching the Eyewitness News and ABC World News. I have been dreaming of owning a MBZ. Hope and pray I win this car.

  • I like ABC7 news all day, I love the different personalities of the news teams.

    If I won a Mercedes-Benz, I would faint, then collect my key and take off in a cloud of dust!

  • carol henderson

    pray to god that I could one

  • carol henderson

    I love watching ABC and would love to own a mercedes

  • carol henderson

    thanks to ABC for the chance to win a nice car even if I dont win, I have have had the opportunity to try to win.

  • Diane Collins

    ABC is my favorite station, whether I win or
    lose, I’ll continue to watch it !!

  • While we all want the car maybe we should take the time to also petition our elected officials to do their job and secure the nation’s finances

  • Gary Fuqua

    wow….love Bree Winkler

    not so much Rick Remono……