Prize. The following prize will be awarded: A free TNS Essential Serum. The retail value of the prize is $250.00. Winners will receive a single shipment of one TNS Essential Serum.

Dec 19 10:34 pm
  • Sherry Bradley

    Why do you advertise about a sweepstakes that expired 2 years ago? Are your products on the shelf with the sweepstakes insert THAT old?
    Not very consumer friendly.

  • christine

    I know what a joke!

  • Alice Allen

    I agree, 2 years is a long time. I think it should be taken off the site.

  • :confused: I bought the product why would I put my friend’s e-mail down ??

  • :confused If the sweepstakes expired in 2009 then you should re-package your package.I just bought my product 5 days ago and it’s already 2 years old ?? I want my money back then !!

  • 2 years,come on!!!

  • Beverly Bruce

    As disappointed as all the others….. should I have confidence in your product?? Or am I buying from vendors that are selling old products, if so, perhaps you should have a shelf life date on the product packaging.

  • Debra Schreiber

    This supposedly expired in ’09. Should this be (this ‘sweepstakes’ ) honored?

  • Debra Schreiber

    I tried, but was unsuccessful with the submission. I’ll ask next week, when I’m there.

  • Lorraine

    I just purchased the product yesterday, and the sweepsteaks expired over 2 years ago. Leaves me a little leary that the product has been on the shelf for over 2 years. How effective can it be?

  • Rosemarie

    feel the same way girls $95 hope it works

  • I just bought this product today. At a very significant price. Should I return it for a newwer bottle?

  • Mary

    I just received mine today hope it is fresh. It cost enough they shouldn”t sell stuff 2 yrs old

  • Carolyn Dahl

    :dunno: WTH?? 2 years ago??? not good. i will go get a refund, and buy something else!@!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Carolyn Dahl


  • Patty A

    I was just given this coupon in a product I bought March 26th, 2012. Does this mean that the product I bought is this old? Someting to think about!

  • Alexa D

    I agree with all the others! Have used these products and thought with confidence! They are very good but shelf

  • Gayle

    Wow! And I thought TWINKIES had a long shelf life. In this amount of time, (years) surely there must be some type of chemical change. One shouldn’t even keep prescription drugs this long.

  • Janet Falcone

    I just purchased this product from the doctor’s office. I had a procedure to boot! My face is not responding to the product. It is red and irritated!

  • Your dispensers do not work well.
    There is obviously a design flaw.
    Either the red gel goes out first
    or the white cream goes out first.
    THe product is horribly expensive
    so why should we buy your design flaw?
    K Krosnick

  • sept.17-2012 this is so wrong!!Ijust spent over 600.oo on a peel + a product. when I saw all the clients, that were taken.NOT great for business folks. What do you intend to do about it. It’s not my retailer at fault it’s YOU.I’m Canadian soyour reallyspread’n the news

  • amy

    Same complaint as everyone else. Is the product over 2 years old? Might as well take the risk and buy it on Amazon and save $100.00

  • I bought the product /I start to use it;s Setpember 19/2012 I am using it;s and I like the .I use the tns Serum and the Dermal Repair Cream for my face ..I woos wonder if it good for my hand? Ihave Exzema and Psoriasas please let me know? Jeannie

  • rosie begg

    It is now November 7th 2012 and is nobody looking at the comments on this site for the now defunct competition. Also have spent a lot of money why dont SkinM edica respond Rosie :confused:

  • :io: I’m shocked such a reputable skincare line such as SkinMedica” would allow this to happen given the loyalty of its customer base and the price line of this product but, as a woman who has told all her friends how great this product is, I wish I had visited this site and saw just how promptly they DO NOT handle their customers concerns about their products. Very disappointed customer.

  • I wish I had seen this sooner. I spent $$ not happy with the way my skin looks and also had a lot of trouble with the dispensers. They worked and then didn’t and spat out and then went dry. I called my Dr’s offfice and left a message for a call back. SURPRISE no call back.
    I went to a party at the Dr’s with all the products and all the information and when I approached the table with Skin Medica I talked to the girl, she had noting to say. I think this is a sham.

  • I just 2 minutes ago, December 15, 2012, purchased your product, the SKM2, which is the SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum, it is very expensive, should I cancel my order,is the product old!!!!???? Of course, it is cheaper here on this website, than in my doctor’s office, but still, I do not want to purchase a worthless product.

  • Judy Bosse

    Judy 12-26-12 Pamplet says “We would like to hear about your experiences with our products.” My daughter asked what I wanted and gave me this for Christmas. I do not have the heart to tell her it is outdated. I hope that it does not start to smell like old cream. Disappointed that she spent so much for it.

  • Jeanne Longo

    Very disappointed! I just got this today, Feb 15 2013!


    I just bought skinmedica on Friday 3/14/13 and the same contest flyers were in my boxes. This a large investment and now i wonder if i should return the bottles.

  • Greta C. Davis March 19, 2013
    I am a first time very disappointed
    customer for the very same reasons every one
    else experienced. Shame on you SkinMedica
    for not keeping “up to date products” on the
    shelf that ask us to enter a contest that
    ended in 2009. You also ask us to send comments – All I can say is “SHAME ON YOU’

  • I just purchased your product at my doctors office, per him recommending your product. This was very expensive..but I was willing to try it if it could help my skin problems that goes with aging. now I have my doubts if this is how you do business…just remove this offer from your package. Like others, how old is this product, how long has it been at my doctors office.

  • Kerrie kilpatrick

    I think it’s time for all of us to call the office in Carlsbad 866 8670100. Perhaps they could explain why they are making this offer for a $260 value skinmedica giveaway. Hopefully the product isn’t 2 years old and it’s just the packaging that is! My pump is working just fine and its day 3. No redness or issues but after outplaying close to $300 I’m hoping for results big time!!!!! I purchased 4/11/2013.

  • Donna Thomas

    Just bought this on 4/16/2013. TNS line refine. Really?
    A contest from 2009 and no response from Skin medica?
    Last purchase for me.

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  • I bought your product with sweepstakes in it july2013’iam not thrilled to find this is so o,d I feel you should send me out new product line

  • Purchased SkinMedica products yesterday, 7/18/2013, for the first time. I’m now concerned about product and company. Agree with all the above comments. I think consumer reports should know of this scam.

  • julia

    I have bought the essential serum for years-and have attempted to enter this “sweepstakes”-the only sweeping that gets done is when I just give up-it’s impossible to ‘enter’-if there’s some secret to it-PLEASE let me know. It simply cannot be that difficult-or am I just naive for believing that there is actually a real sweepstake!!

  • What a joke A waste of time 🙁

  • hedia

    cant even sign up for sweepstakes on your website that might even might be expired

  • Sheila reed

    How do you enter the sweepstakes? Glad to know that I am not the only one who can’t figure it out,

  • Sheila reed

    How do you enter your sweepstakes? Glad to know I m not the only one who cannot figure it out!

  • Tara Martin

    I used the tns recovery & it has helped as i had a really bad sun damage burn. Great product!

  • shirley hall

    i was about to purchase this product which is extremly expensive. Now i have doubts from reading consummer comments. My package also included a flyer about the sweepstake ….now i wonder if your quality control dept is doing their job !!!!

  • Gina McKinley

    I too just bought the product yesterday (1/23/14). I am trying to register too for the sweepstakes which brought me to my answer… THERE IS NO SWEEPSTAKES?! Bizarre. I now too am worried that the product is old? Seems very sketchy….

  • Dorothy Edgy

    Just started and see results already