Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a 2013 Honda Accord. Approximate MSRP is $28,000.00 (USD).

Event Locations and Entry Period ScheduleCity Event Location Entry Period
New York, NY Times Square October 6, 2012 (2 pm to 8 pm ET)
Chicago, IL October 20, 2012 (11 am to 6 pm CT)
Phoenix, AZ November 3, 2012 (10 am to 10 pm MT)
Los Angeles, CA November 10, 2012 (2 pm to 8 pm PT)
 HOW TO ENTER THE HONDA ACCORD “CASH CAR CONTEST”: An individual will be deemed a participant (“Participant” “Contestant” or “You”) in this Contest, if eligible and enter the Contest using the following method of entry:

 Texting Method of Entry: At each of the 4-city event locations, 2013 Honda Accords will be on display for you to explore and to have an opportunity to participate in the “Take a Drive In The Accord Cash Car Contest and Sweepstakes”. While viewing the Honda Accord, you are requested to text two features of the vehicles on display: one interior feature and one exterior feature. Refer to call-out cards mounted in and on the car. Type in a Honda Accord feature from any one of the exterior or interior call-out cards and text it to the posted code available at the Event. When the first exterior car feature is texted, you will receive a text instructing you to text an interior car feature. If the first feature texted was an interior feature your will be requested to text an exterior feature. Upon completion of texting the second car feature you will receive a text with a link that you have successfully been entered into the hourly Contest participation drawing. Every 15 minutes during the hourly Contest Entry Period, three randomly selected Participants who have completed the texting procedure are invited to sit in the Cash Car. The three-person Contest Participant Group (“Contestant Group”) are asked questions by the Cash Car host. The first question that is answered correctly by the Contestant Group is valued at $10. Whether the first question is answered correctly or not answered correctly the Contestant Group goes on to the second question, which is worth $20. Again, whether answered correctly or not, the Contestant Group goes onto the final question, which is valued at $50. Each person of the Contestant Group has an opportunity to win up to $80.

 HOW TO ENTER THE HONDA ACCORD “CASH CAR SWEEPSTAKES/INSTANT WIN”: An individual will be deemed a Participant (“Participant” or “You”) in the Sweepstakes, if eligible and enters the Sweepstakes using at least one (1) of the two (2) methods of entry described below:

 Instant Win Event Method of Entry: During any of the four-city Contest Entry Period hours, those Participants who texted the two Honda Accord car features, but did not get a chance to participate in the Cash Car Contest are entered into a Sweepstakes drawing to win Instant Cash of up to $50.00. Three (3) winners will be selected each hour during each City’s Event. At a specific time during each hour of the Cash Car Contest Period, Participants will be notified by a text message that they are being included in an Instant Cash Prize drawing at the Event Location (A chosen winner is not required to be at the drawing).

 2013 Honda Accord Car Entry Method: All eligible entries received during each of the four-city Entry Periods, including Instant Cash winners as well as winners of the First and Second Contest Prizes, will be included in a random drawing to win the 2013 Honda Accord.

 Contest Prizes: Fifty-Four (54) First Prize Winners: At four (4) Cash Car city Events, a total limit of Two-hundred-sixteen (216) First Prize Contestants, who answer the Cash Car questions correctly, are each awarded up to $80.00 cash. Total First Prize Pool (up to) $17,280.00.

 Sweepstakes Prizes: Seventy-Two (72) Instant Win Second Prize Winners: At four (4) Cash Car city Events, Three (3) winners per city per Event hour, will each receive up to $50.00 cash. Total Second Prize cash will be up to $900 per day per city Event location. Total Second Prize Pool (up to) $3,600.00.

 Total Contest and Sweepstakes Prize Pool ARV is $48,880

Oct 11 2:40 pm