Andrew White Guitars Freja 102 BK

Value: $1025.99

Ansmann’s Ultimate Battery Kit

Value: $269

AP International/ProRockGear PRG Armourguard Wood Rectangular Guitar Case

Value: $59

Atomic Amps Ampli-Firebox

Value: $299

Fluid Audio Strum Buddy

Value: $79.99

FU-Tone Titanium or Naval Brass Locking Nut

Value: $269

Grover Ultra Capo

Value: $12.99

Guitar Shop Tees – T-Shirt Club for Guitarists

Value: $22 per month

Lee Oskar Harmonicas System

Value: $89.94

Bonus! Lee Oskar Harmonicas will be giving away additional harmonicas to 20 winners.

R&M Tone Technology Powerwire CB0 and CB6 Active Cables

Value $298
Sample Logic Infinity: The World’s Most Powerful Cinematic Virtual Instrument

Value: $599.99

Nov 6 11:56 am
  • Matt

    Use my link to enroll and get extra time!

    • all the link does now is give you an earlier heads up about when it starts, the time that this one starts at 1PM eastern 😮

    • Tony Shrewkly

      Actually, that gives YOU extra time…..nice try

  • Brad Merrell

    What a surprise, all 37,003 gone in 1 second

  • Tony Shrewkly

    offered me 20% off, PUHLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEZE !

  • got my txt at 1:01 so they were gone. It seems that some cell carriers get these earlier than others. I know someone on sprint that got their text almost 5 minutes before the “start time” the last time they did this, so it’s kind of random 🙁

    • twistedcarrot05

      This seems to be a major weakness in the system. There’s no real way to ensure people get it at the same time.