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Tell us in 100 words or less why you and your horse deserve to win this Wintec Saddle

May 4 2:33 am
  • I will enjoy the wintec saddle because I ride an average of 4 days a week on some of the most beautiful trails. They vary in terrain from pine forests ,oak hammocks ,along the inter coastal water way ,in the St Johns River and in the ocean in Ponte Vedra Fl. This just names a few of the trails. A wintec would be wonderful because I ride in all kinds of weather and in water. A wintec is so durable in these conditions.

  • Kaitlyn Frantz

    My dad took over two horses from a friend of his,because of the drought we are having.We took them to my grandma’s land to graze & live.One is broke.The other is only halter broke.My dad said we can’t afford a saddle till next year.Because of feed & maintenance.I really would like to ride the paint one other than bareback.please put my name in for the WINTEC full quarter western saddle.thanks kaitlyn frantz . 406 e. lafayette Iowa Park,Tx.76367. 940-592-0348 .the size would be a 16″.my e-mail is

  • Hi my name is Shane i think that i should win this saddle because i am getting my first horse and i do not want to go get a real expensive saddle. that horse does not like and i work for a equestrian center with with horse so i really wont this saddle for me and my horse it would be really cool because i never won a saddle. WINTEC FULL QUARTER HORSE WESTERN SADDLE 10 surrey road Lincoln park new jersey. 07035 Shane 973-694-3936 :fingersx:

  • hi my name is becca and i think i should win this saddle because me and my horse work as a team even though my horse cant talk i know he is saying we are the best team in the world and i know that we work as hard as we can in those rodeos i feel that we deserve this saddle because we love each other and we got each others back and i cold win this saddle for my yearling and we want to give her the best.because she deserves it she is the best you could ever imagine she is strong and never gives up its hard to beat someone who never gives up

  • Abi DeLaPorte

    Hi! My name is Abi and I have been looking for a wounderful saddle just like this I have just started ridding a couple weeks ago so we went out looking for a saddle we never could find one. So we asked are neighbors if they found a saddle for sale if they would tell us. They said we could borrow theirs until we find are own. When I get it on Cole my horse I found out the saddle was way to big on him and it will not stay on his back. So went ever I canter then turn it will slip and slide. So I want love to win this saddle so I will have my own saddle instead of my neighbors saddle.

  • Lauren Haycraft

    Hi! My name is Lauren, and I have been a intemediate rider and have been getting lessons from a friend and I have a horse of my own, and I don’t have a saddle for her, but I think I will end up needing one. I would like to win because I know that saddles are expensive and my family probably can’t afford one yet.
    Thank you,

  • I am Pastor Brooks, we ride 100 miles a week. My husband has this same saddle, and my horse Tango and I are so jelous, it’s noooooot fair. wintec is off the chain they are light, easy on us cowgirls to saddle up. My horse and I love wintec 16″

    Teresa Brooks :bowdown:

  • Clent is my name, I have this saddle with about 5000 miles, it still looks and rides great.I had a horse that spooked and took my wintec into a swamp both were submerged in water for awhile. both washed up and doing great.Wintec alway gets us home safe.

  • Madison Person

    Because I have always dreamed of having a saddle but unfortunately we can’t afford saddle. U hope I Win it! Thanks you good night.

  • Regina DeLaPorte

    Hello my name is Regina, and my daughter Rene has a horse named Starr we have been looking for a saddle but unfortunately every saddle we find is very expensive and overly priced..we would love to win this saddle! Thank you, Regina. Ps good luck everyone!

  • Tammy Lowhorn

    Hi my name is Tammy and I would like to winthis saddle for my granddaughter. Her name is Hannah and she rides horses everyday her horse’s name is Misty and she shows her in horse show’s and she needs a beautiful saddle like this one.She uses my Dad’s saddle that is over 10 years old and it is getting pretty worn out. So I would love to win this to give to her she is just 11 and this would be a wonderful surprise for her. Thank you so much and happy trails to you. :fingersx:

  • Johanna Keiser

    Hi my name is Johanna, I think thar I need this saddle because I need a durable saddle that should fit my quarter horse Sly. He and I are a team in pleasure and reining along with trails just for fun. I wuold like a good inexspensive saddle. He is ssuch a sweetie . he deserves it. Thank you and please sign me up.

  • Miranda Dillabough

    Ruby and I desperatrly want and need the new saddle because, for the past twelve years we’ve ridden over a hundred thousand miles using an old saddle purchased at an auction sale. We’ve got a hundred thousand miles of riding yet to go. We’d proudly display our beautiful Wintec saddle.

  • Krystalle H

    I need this new saddle because i just got a new horse and i moved barns. i have to keep borrowing one! i hate it! i would love to have one of my own.

  • Now that I’m 80 years old a comfortable and lightweight saddle is very appealing. Not only will I enjoy it, I know my 22 year old horse will benefit from it also. A 15 inch seat would be perfect. Sincerely, Ellie Mason, 1418 Pine St. Sp. B Silverton, Oregon 97381 Ph: 503-87-5977 email:

  • Debbie Mense

    I’m a 59 year old grandmother of nine, who has riden my whole life, but never had a new saddle. I just got a new horse “Jazz” who would look like a real champion with a 15″ Wintec saddle. It would make my next trail ride so much better if I could ride in comfort and style. Thanks
    Debbie Mense
    40l Lakeview Road
    Old Monroe, MO 63369

  • Deborah Roberts

    Hello, I’m writting for my husband who is 85 years old. he rides his 4 year old palamino several times a month. He has never had a new saddle and he and his horse Star Baby would look and feel great on a Wintec Full Quarter Western saddle. He has been working in some form or another his whole life with horses. He just adores them.
    Mrs. Clement Roberts

  • Josie G

    Hi I’m Josie, I live on a cattle ranch in Eastern Montana. Right now I have outgrown my saddle and
    my family can’t afford a new one. I have never had
    a new saddle. My horse is my best friend. He’s always
    been there for me & I would love to win this saddle for
    him in return.
    Ms. Josie

  • keisha

    Hello, i would love to have a new Wintec Full Quarter 16″ Western saddle for when i go on trail rides to raise money for organizations for Breast Cancer, Childrens hospitals, etc… I love Charity rides and need a trail saddle comfortable for my baby girl Candie! :fingersx: :hs:

  • keisha

    And Thank you! :uh:

  • Tammy Craven

    Hi, my name is Tammy and I’m 52 years old and have ridden my entire life until at age 42 I was diagnosed with Cancer and was given
    5 years so I sold my tack, that was 11 years ago. I started riding again to regain my health and found a great mare I call Misty.
    I’m now on disability and a new saddle would
    be a blessing for us to start a new life together with a new Wintec 15″.

  • samantha

    hi im samantha and i barrel race me and my horse dusty right now i dont have a saddle and i ride with a small saddle i dont what a small saddle it will hurt my horses i cant barrel race with a small saddle that hurts my horse somtimes i have to ride barback we dont have the money gor a saddle i want to go to a show thank you :fingersx: 😀

  • samantha

    sorry i use a school saddle :uh: i dont have one

  • Sarah Mora

    I am a trail rider and my husband rides fir pleasure. We have my show saddle and a very old and very heavy saddle to ride in. It has torn lining and is dried out hanging in an old barn. I love Wintec saddles because they are so light. A size 15″ would be about right.Thanks for reading this. Sarah Mora 34513 State Route 7 Pomeroy,OH 45769

  • Ludmila

    I actually don’t have a horse, but I thought if I could get a saddle I would feel like I’m riding a real horse. Also if you have a saddle that you don’t need or can giveaway please email me at or call 917-434-5219