Free Quaker Apple Cinnamon Rice Crisp

Nov 18 12:23 am

Thank you very much #Kroger #ad #freesample #quacker for our FREE #Quaker Apple Cinnamon Rice Crisp. We enjoyed sharing and eating them from Kroger @ad Freesamples Quacker Foods

Free Orgain Kids Clocolate Brownie bar

Nov 18 12:21 am

Orgain Clean Nutrition gave me a FREE #Orgain Kids Clocolate Brownie bar. Soft and chewy and taste great. Thank you very much

Free StrikeForce Energy drink samples

Nov 9 11:44 am

#FOB Kick The Can Strike Force Beverage sent me a FREE samples of #StrikeForce Energy drink samples. Sorry to say do not like the taste of them. Will not try selling people friends or family anything that i pour down the drain. Was honored trying Strike Force Energy Supplements AU samples

Free Diablo Steel Demon 9” Thick Metal Carbide Teeth Reciprocating Saw Blade

Nov 6 10:15 am

Diablo gave me a FREE Steel Demon 9” Thick Metal Carbide Teeth Reciprocating Saw Blade. Boy this blade really cuts great. The blade will probably out last longer the saw. Cuts fast and smooth. Thank you very much #DIABLO !

Free Vichy Supreme daily face moisturizer

Nov 3 1:48 am

Vichy Laboratories sent me a FREE sample of Vichy Supreme daily face moisturizer. Have used it for a week on left side of face from sun damage. Really impressive results.Soft and smooth again. Thank you very much #VichyLaboratories

Free Sante Via Power Punch water mineralizer

Nov 3 1:47 am

CVS Pharmacy – Santevia Water Systems Power Punch water mineralizer sent me a FREE sample of Sante Via Power Punch water mineralizer. Looks like round rock salt. Looks are wrong. Makes water taste better. Keep it in a glass full of water. Going to last for a while. no sign of melting. Thank you very much #SanteviaWaterSystems Power Punch water mineralizer. available at #CVSPharmacy –

Free NARS Climax Mascara Volumizing Mascara

Nov 1 11:27 pm

NARS Cosmetics Climax Mascara sent me a FREE sample of #NARS Climax Mascara Volumizing Mascara. I don’t have enough eyelashes left to do any good. Rather not pay for the fake eyelashes. Really enjoyed trying NARS Climax Mascara! #NARSISSIST – #NARSissist

Free Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask

Oct 30 1:29 am

Oh K! gave us a FREE Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask. Messy and difficult to put it on. Well pleased with the results. Super shinny skin with a cooling sensation. Thank you very much Oh K!

Free Prevagen Samples and Brain Book

Oct 30 1:29 am

#QuincyBioscience gave us a FREE book – The Brain Health Guide New Fifth Edition and #Prevagen Improves Memory and chewables Dietary Supplements. Does make me want to try and learn more. Adds more stress trying to learn more. Thank you very much Q

Free Derma E Essentials Microdermabrasion Scrub Sample

Oct 28 9:42 pm

DERMA E sent us a Free sample of #DermaE Essentials Microdermabrasion Scrub Sample. Really love the citrus scent. Makes skin feel soft and smooth. Plenty of scrub power.Thank you very much DERMA E Microdermabrasion!