Free Agrip drink mix sample

Feb 2 11:56 pm

Agrip drink sent me a FREE sample of Agrip Drip Herbal & Vitamins Detox Formula. Really taste great, Orange flavored. Most other company samples taste awful. Poring them down the drain. Helps getting to sleep faster.Only one bad about Agrip drink is it cost to much.

Free sample of Clean Cause Peach flavored drink

Feb 2 5:18 am

🍑 CLEAN Cause Inc gave me a FREE sample of Clean Cause Peach flavored drink 🍑 Sorry to say did not like the taste of it. Was truly thrilled to try it. Thank you very much #CLEANCauseInc. 👍

Free Essie Nail Polish

Jan 26 1:33 am

😍SoPost sent me a Free sample of essie Stop, Drop & Shop nail polish 💅 Easy to apply, Dries fast leaving nails bright and shinny. Covers great to. Thank you very much #SoPost and #Essie ✍️

Free Shade Store Samples

Jan 26 1:32 am

📬 The Shade Store set me a FREE WELCOME KIT ORDER with samples of their most popular shades 🃏 Thank you very much The Shade Store 🏡

Free Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Mask Sample

Jan 26 1:24 am

🚿 Garnier Hair sent me a FREE sample of #Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Mask 😷 Honey Treasure 🍯 Repairs for Healthier Stronger Hair. Really love the scent. Makes hair soft and shinny and much easier to comb. Thank you very much #GarnerHair Whole Blends ! 💟

Free StoreSMART Magnetic Closer Pockets Sample

Jan 22 7:57 pm

StoreSMART 📆 🏬 sent me Free samples of Magnetic Closer Pockets. The best 🎦 So much better quality. Much thicker plastic and full stripes of magnets. Not the little cheap four corner ones. Makes it faster to change labels with the one corner magnet. Thank you very much Sales Department 🏆

Free Assam Premium loose tea Sample

Jan 16 6:05 pm

 Tandem Tea Company sent me a FREE sample of Assam Premium loose tea from India. Great tasting tea ! Doesn’t need any flavoring added.  Love it ! Thank you very much #TandemTeaCompany  for our Tandem Tea Company #Assam black tea 

Free Olay Daily Facials Dry Cloth Sample

Jan 16 6:04 pm

P&G gave me a FREE sample of Olay Daily Facials Dry Cloth. Great product add only water to use it. Not like most that are dried out or flooded when you open them. Cleans great and has a pleasant scent. Thank you #ProctorAndGamble and #Olay.

Free VDL Cosmetics samples

Jan 15 11:28 pm

Thank you very much VDL Cosmetics for our samples. Makes it easier to apply make up. Makes skin smooth and soft. Thank you very much #DVDCosmetics.

Free Living Proof Perfect Hair Day triple detox shampoo

Jan 12 2:31 am

Living Proof sent me a FREE sample of #LivingProof Perfect Hair Day triple detox shampoo. Very pleased with results. Makes hair feel really clean. Our water strip test showed we have hard water. Thank you very much Living Proof!