Free Dove & Globe pin

Feb 22 9:46 pm

I was originally going to give this to my friend. But, somehow it got pinned to my purse…..

Free Organ Donation Pin: Green Ribbon & Heart with Card

Feb 22 11:02 am

Johnson & Johnson Pins

Johnson & Johnson Pins

Call 1-866-565-2229 and press 1 -it’s an automated call

This came in a kit with tons of things….Call!

Boniuk Center Lapel Pin

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Nov 7 9:49 pm

Boniuk Center

I liked this lapel pin, it says, “Tolerence, Respect, and Compassion” Something we could all be reminded of-  πŸ˜‰

2008 Australia Olympics Pin

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Nov 5 9:40 pm

Australia Olympics Pin

This has to be where I got the pin, this is the only Olympic registry I signed up with-they sent me this (Australia) It’s pretty nice actually-

Free Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Pin

Oct 23 11:31 am

I just received my free Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Pin πŸ™‚