Perfect Match win, coupons, Pssst etc.

Towle spreaders (win from David’s Bridal Perfect Match sweepstakes) (exp), Nestle Crunch coupons, Recyclebank coupons, Glad forceflex sample, Stim-u-dent sample, Smead folder sample, Pssst chocolate Cheerios + coupons, $5 Panera gc from survey. Thanks Chris!

$10 in CVS gc’s!

Gift Cards/Certs
Feb 5 11:36 pm

(2) CVS $5 gift cards

Healthcare Scoop, Amsterdam pen

Got a nice little package from Healthcare Scoop: “You the Smart Patient” book, thermometer, ice cream scoop ( :dunno: ), little bandaid packs, and notepads. Also a rebate, coupon, $20 Target gift card for P&G surveys, and a nice pen from Amsterdam Printing with my name on it :wiggle:

Tigi, Mypoints, Bounce, Mariani, National Guard posters

Tigi lip pallette, Panera gc from Mypoints, bounce sample, Mariani sample, Home Depot gc from Wendy’s IWG (exp), mag, coupons, and two National Guard art prints (those got shipped in a huge cardboard box, very nice!)

$10 Home Depot gift card


More freebies this week.

100_1650Gillette razor, 2 free mousepads from Artscow (really nice),  $5 Panera giftcard, and the first 3 Nestle Crunch coupons.

$22.10 Visa gift card

Gift Cards/Certs
Jan 25 11:19 pm


$50 JCPenney GC from IWG

Gift Cards/Certs
Jan 25 2:31 pm

from the contests page

2 – $5 CVS gc’s

Gift Cards/Certs
Jan 24 1:42 am

Woot! $10 in CVS gc’s… 🙂

Delallo, Lipton, Magic Dragon, Juicy Bunch, Airborne

Delallo calendar + coupons (exp), Lipton green tea samples (exp), Magic Dragon “smoking herbs” samples (from NZ, customs sticker said “incense”  :rofl: )  (exp), Target GC from Juicy Bunch, 2 tubes of Airborne for friending them on facebook (exp), magazine. Thanks Chris!