Rockhead’s comic/gaming shop drawing prizes

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Aug 24 11:44 am

i cannot beleive i won something?!!? i was not even at the grand opening party! someone put my name in the drawing! i owe them big time. there are several games there and the dragon music box(plays chariots of fire? kinda odd)and the little bags are candy with a die in them!! i am so excited! i have not won anything in soooooooooooooo long! wow contest winner, Laura Bryna CD

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Aug 13 5:22 pm

I won a Laura Byrna CD from the givaway under contests.  I got it today but don’t know where my camera is at the moment.  She supposed to be an up and comming Country singer.  Anyone know anything about her?

Lucky Breaks Winner!(Styli Style Cosmetic Tools)

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Aug 13 3:28 pm

This Came in the mailbox today, it’s makeup remover, lip liner, eyeshadow, eye liner, sharpener, etc. Thanx for posting all these great contests/opportunities to get more great freebies!!


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Aug 12 11:01 am

this is just awesome I was amazed at all the items in this package
4 shirts, squirt guns, 5 gallon pail, tattoos, noise makers, ballons, plates, cups, napkins, frisbee, apron, hat, floor mat, spongee lighting blots, ball streamers I am sure I left some stuff out this is a HUGE package.

Reusable fold up tote and coupons

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Aug 9 10:16 am

From the Wish bone IWG on the contest page

Today’s mail

Tighty whities from Hanes Wedgie-Free Wednesdays contest (I swear I did NOT sign up for that particular style!):
Engraved key chain:
Free V8 Fusion coupon:
Free Blue Bunny Ice cream coupon (SO curious whether I’ll be able to use that at Target):
Attune Bars I bought at Whole Foods with these coupons

Contest Winner

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Aug 8 11:17 am

The Wonderful FED EX man delivered this to me today.
My kids are sooo excited LOL


My son was so excited for these today. thanks

Free MTV hat from Do Dibs IWG

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Aug 5 1:54 pm

Won this from the Do Dibs instant win game