NDIC diabetes pamphlets

Apr 14 4:08 pm

7 pamphlets about diabetes and an inspirational magnet!! very nice came with a cardboard box to store them in. was not from THIS site i scored this, sorry chris

Free Gooseberry Patch Raisins & Dried Fruit cookbook

Apr 12 12:46 pm

Freebies received since January

Here are all the freebies I have gotten since coming to Freestufftimes in January (except for some freebies I’ve probably forgotten or the South Beach Diet package I already ate =) )

Free Shrimp Recipe Book from seapak

Apr 7 10:18 am

Getting to No,how to break a stubborn habit book

Apr 2 4:56 pm

original post:

is all this freebie hunting a bad habit? eek

How to break a stubborn habit book, Real Theater Popcorn, Tatouage, Glad ForceFlex

Books, Samples
Mar 31 6:24 pm

Today (Monday) this is what I got:

Getting to No: How to Break a Bad Stubborn Habit Book


Whirley Pop Packet of Real Theater Popcorn


Tatouage Design Sample: I got a fish, flowers and an apple. (I still don’t know exactly what they are used for)


Glad ForceFlex Trash Bag


Today I also got my Bamboo Cutting Board from the Linens N’ Things Registry by FedEx. They tried to deliver it on friday while I was away at the Chiro. Didn’t include the picture since there are already a few posted today.

Free baby diary -EXPIRED

Mar 30 3:23 pm

Free egglands best coupon and recipe book

Books, Coupons/In Store deals
Mar 28 11:46 am

after email to egglands best, they sent coupon and recipe book

Free 2008 Consumer Action Handbook

Mar 24 12:18 pm

Free Carnation Family Favorites recipe booklet

Mar 23 8:59 am