Johnsons Buddie Bars

by Tracee - Samples
May 9 11:05 am

I found a coupon online for a dollar off of any Johnsons Buddy product. At my local store the soap bars are 99 cents.

She speaks

by Tracee - Samples
May 4 1:15 pm

I did a survey about carseat latches, and they sent me a dazzler tippy cup.

Marie Claire Beauty Box

by Tracee - Samples
Apr 26 3:46 pm -first 1000

3 makeup bags, full size Olay exfoliating body wash, Mascara, and mineral blush. Everything was wraped up and tied with ribbons.

Free Blizzard

by Tracee - Samples
Apr 23 9:25 am

This was for Minnesota residents only.

I got one for myself and one for hubby.

Turkey rolls

by Tracee - Samples
Apr 22 11:57 am

This is the forth thing that I have gotten from zootoo. My dogs really like the gifts.
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by Tracee - Samples
Apr 21 6:19 pm

Cosmogirl terry tote

by Tracee - Samples
Apr 21 3:18 pm

Blood Glucose Diary

by Tracee - Books
Apr 21 3:18 pm


by Tracee - Samples
Apr 21 3:18 pm

25 dollar check

by Tracee - Gift Cards/Certs
Apr 21 3:17 pm

From my Bed Bath and Beyond registry.

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