Money Makeover $10k Sweepstakes Winner!

by saintlexi - Contest Wins
Mar 30 11:26 am

I won $10,000 and the help of a financial planner!!! Thanks so much @Bankrate!!!  Thanks FST :D

Lucky Eight Contest – Won a 7 Day Cruise to Antigua and St. Croix!!!

by saintlexi - Contest Wins
Sep 23 4:53 pm

It’s basically a music festival at sea! And Lyle Lovett was just added to the lineup!! Thanks to FST I have one a trip a year for the last 4 years!! Thanks so much!!! :D

Steak n Shake Birthday Winner!

by saintlexi - Clothing, Contest Wins, Cups and Mugs, Gift Cards/Certs, hats, Pins
Aug 18 6:19 pm

I was one of the Steak n Shake birthday winners! Got my prizes in the mail today – a hat, tshirt, pin, paper hat, milkshake glass, and $100 gift card!!!

Archipelago Winter Delight Sweepstakes Win!

by saintlexi - Contest Wins
Jan 29 12:03 pm

Runner Up – AOLEveryday Heroes Sweepstakes

by saintlexi - Contest Wins, Gift Cards/Certs
Sep 26 3:11 am
Got a UPS envelope today with a $100 amex giftcard and a note saying I was a runner up in this contest!! :D Just in time for the trip I won to Arizona – we leave tomorrow!!!! Thanks sooooo much FST!!!! :D :D :D

Change The Cycle Wise Woman Contest Winner!!!

by saintlexi - Contest Wins
May 19 11:20 am

My advice won the grand prize – a trip to Sedona, Arizona including airfare + $600 worth of spa treatments at the resort! This is amazing and I am so excited to go!

Tell Us What you Love to SMASH Giveaway Winner!!

by saintlexi - Contest Wins
Apr 16 2:18 pm

Had a fedex box waiting for me when I got home from work today – had no idea what it was. When I opened it, there was a letter congratulating me for winning, and all these awesome SMASH scrapbooking things!! Awesome!! I almost like it better when they don’t email you to tell you that you won! It’s like a surprise party in your mailbox!!!!

Won An iPad!!!

by saintlexi - Contest Wins
Feb 14 12:37 pm

Couldn’t find the original post, but was from a radio station in San Diego!! :D Thanks FST!!!!!!!

Lucky Breaks $250 Gift Card to Tulle!!

by saintlexi - Samples
Nov 10 10:12 pm

This win couldn’t have come at the right time! Thanks to this prize, I was able to do a lot of my Christmas shopping! I just recently started going back to school – which means lots of expenses PLUS less hours at work – so I was really worried about presents this year. I had warned people it wouldn’t be a super present heavy year because of it and of course they totally understood. But I love giving gifts so it was totally bumming me out! Yay! Thanks FST, you totally saved Christmas :)

Pics from the Jamaica Trip I won!!

by saintlexi - Contest Wins
Mar 4 11:53 am

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