Hot Dog Party Pack

by mistymayem - Kits
Jun 11 7:43 pm

I got my hot dog party pack in the mail today. Looks cool!

My 1st house party!

by mistymayem - Kits
May 27 5:50 pm

I got an email today saying I was selected for the Oscar Mayer house party!
I’m pretty excited. It says you get 20 Oscar Mayer free hot dog coupons,20 $1 off Claussen pickles, 20 whistles, 25 plates, 25 napkins, 1 coupon for Grey Poupon, 1 coupon for ranch dressing, an apron, serving platter and condiment server.

My first win!!!

by mistymayem - Contest Wins
May 24 9:01 pm

I have played sooooo many instant win games and never won ANYTHING! I saw everyone winning this one so I tried it too and I won on like my 10th try!  :run:  :run:  Thanks so much for this website!“daily-diaper-giveaway”-promotion/

Petsmart Birthday Party!

by mistymayem - Samples
Apr 21 8:43 pm

Woo! Look at my lovely gift bag from the birthday day party @ Petsmart.

My puppy also won 3rd place in the “Musical Sits” contest. She got a $10 Purina coupon.

QVC Starlamp

by mistymayem - Samples
Feb 4 6:54 pm

My snazzy new $.59 cent pink starlamp on display! Yay for QVC!


by mistymayem - Gift Cards/Certs
Jan 30 9:27 pm

$10 Starbucks card!

Not sure where it’s from… The letter said Standard & Poor’s Compustat survey.

Purina Dog Food

by mistymayem - Samples
Jul 8 6:21 pm

6.5lb bag of Purina One Dog Food- Link
$1 with the coupon they sent
My lovely model Lucy is enjoying all the fancy dog food I’ve been getting for her!

Callaway Golf Balls

by mistymayem - Samples
Jul 8 10:34 am

6 Callaway Golf Balls- Link
A dozen of these are $45 at Dick’s Sporting Goods!

Dog Food, Cat Food and NBC Buttons

by mistymayem - Samples
Jul 7 4:36 pm

5 lb Bag of Nutro Dog Food- Link
4 lb Bag of Nutro Cat Food
NBC Emmy Campaign Buttons- Link EXPIRED
I only ordered the Believe in Steve button but they sent me all of them! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them all…

My 2nd freebie post

by mistymayem - Samples
Jun 18 10:03 am

Bottle of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce- Link
Print Candies- Link EXPIRED
Celine Dion Sensational Fragrance- Link
Crocs Rivets- Link

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