Freestufftimes Stride & Trident Gum Contest Win!

by lilibeth - Contest Wins
Mar 8 9:27 pm

Orginal Post:

I was one of the winners randomly chosen for FST Stride and Trident Gum Contest!

I just got a box of 12 Stride Gum packs in the mail today! Thanks Chris, Stride and Trident gum!

Marie Claire 911 Book Contest Win!

by lilibeth - Contest Wins
Mar 7 9:21 pm

Contest win

by lilibeth - Samples
Sep 8 9:01 pm

Signed poster. Don’t know the band though!

First wins!

by lilibeth - Samples
May 8 7:16 pm

Won  one of five 5 free swagbucks during the Tuesday Twitter of the Day Phrase (or however its called) and then today I won my first contest. I can’t find the post for the life of me but you had to design a helmet for Tylenol/Nascar. I won first place (I just found out today in the mail) and got a prize pack. (it’s funny because I thought my helmet was really really ugly.) It has a see-thru backpack, a red shirt, a poncho, ear plugs and two keychains! Yay! And I recently redeemed my amazon giftcodes from lightspeedpanel and keynote and got me some Minnetonka mocassins!