Free Post It’s

by Grayce - Samples
Aug 16 8:58 pm

I went to Walmart today to use my $1 off coupons for the $1 Post It notes. I didn’t have a problem last time, the cashier was more than happy to ring them up. Today I got 24 and the girl started freaking out after ringing up 6 coupons and called the manager. First they tried to tell me that I copied them and I wasn’t allowed to use them. I explained the PDF file and that they weren’t copied. Then she said I could only use one per transaction and I said so I go through the line 24 times and she said yes. So I did just that and as you can see they used about a roll of receipt paper to ring up 24 transactions for .09 cents tax. Anyway, I got my Post It’s lol. :)

Free stuff!!

by Grayce - Samples
Aug 13 7:59 pm

These are the items I got for free today at Harris Teeter with my E Vic specials and double coupons! I also got tons of other deals, $90 worth of food and cleaning supplies for $18!! :) Yeah!

2 Freebies

by Grayce - Samples
Aug 9 7:11 pm

Got the Avoderm coupon for $6 in Bark magazine. Petsmart had the bag for $5.99! I can’t remember where the free bag of Evo came from. Still sad I couldn’t get any Post-Its. :(


by Grayce - Samples
Aug 3 11:24 pm

I got 6 Softsoap dispensers for .33 cents and the Special K bar in the mail.

Free Sobe Lifewaters

by Grayce - Samples
Aug 2 8:05 pm

Got 30 Sobe Lifewaters for $1.90 at 2 different CVS stores. I was surprised I didn’t have any problems. My neighbor and nephew are going to be very happy!


by Grayce - Samples
Jul 30 8:12 pm

I got the Softsoap free at Publix today. The Ravioli, Vaseline lotion and Bic pens at Target for free and the dog food at petsmart. The pantene shampoo and conditioner came in the mail. The Wonka chocolate came out to .29 cents each at Target.

FYI When I went to Target today the cashier let me ring everything together. The only problem I had was trying to use the Con Agra $1.50 off 4 items. It only rang up for .92 cents so I took it to customer service after having the cashier take it off my receipt and they gave me cash back. I also tried to get a rain check for the Bear Naked Granola that was on sale but sold out but because it’s a vendor item they don’t give rain checks on those. The girl in customer service told me locations of other stores that still had some left and said that was my only option to get the product while on sale. That was weird.

Que Rica Vida – mail

by Grayce - Samples
Jul 20 7:32 pm

Got this in the mail today from Que Rica Vida. Can’t find a link other than one for a magazine but I’m sure this is the site I registered at to get these samples.

In the mail today

by Grayce - Samples
Jul 19 7:42 pm

I think this is the link to the All-Bran thing and I have no idea where the coupon came from but if anyone can use it I won’t need it so let me know. :)

My first post!!

by Grayce - Coupons/In Store deals
Jul 18 1:17 pm

I’ve been wanting to post for about a year and just now got up the courage. I got these items today with the $5 off coupon from The Body Shop found on this site.
Cherry Body lotion – originally $16, Body Polisher – $5, Bath Lilly – $3