Don’t know why I received this.. ehh

  • Anon

    One of these days, your gonna learn not to sign up for absolutely everything. :kekeke:

  • :rofl: Even then, I’ll probably still sign up… thinking

    “Hmm… I think I may know someone who uses this..”

  • MWalsh

    I don’t know how this website works– sorry!

    Is this something you don’t need, and if so, how do I go about contacting you?

    ((feeling stupid))

    This coupon would be very useful to me though.

  • MWalsh

    oh, these are things you’ve gotten, not things that people can ask for :( shoot.

    sorry for being slow on the uptake. oy.

  • You can ask people for things, in the Forum using a PM. I don’t need this coupon I posted so you can message me there, I go by the same screen name.