Ok so I posted a couple weeks ago that I was one of the winners for the lg skin sweeps I had won the 26 inch monitor well The man from lg corporate called me and they were out of stock at the office it was shipping from so instead they are sending me out the 32″ lcd hd tv w/ built in dvd and they told me I could also hook my computer up to that ..The model # of the tv is 32LG40 and he said it will be here sometime next week :wiggle: im am so exited

  • chris

    that’s awesome, congrats again :bowdown:

  • Carina

    Congrats :h5:

  • Elizabeth

    Wow So Happy for you Wish I could win something….anything :eek3:

  • JMoney

    Congrats,man. That is indeed a big win.

  • strawberrieshk

    I have a tv like that too! Are they including the cord for the computer or does it come separately with urs?

  • TrueBloodFan

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • Melissa

    Wow! what an awesome win!
    You’ll have to post a pic of it when you get it.

  • Cyndie

    this is the winningest bunch of peeps I know right here on FST :bowdown: last thing I won was the Pringles ROFLMAO

  • kathisierra

    woo hoo congrats on your big win,

  • :h5: :h5: :h5:

  • chris

    if it does you can pick up good cables cheap on firefold.com

  • Bella

    AWESOME! :bowdown:

  • Sonya

    WOW!!!!! :) CONGRATULATIONS! :) Can I have it? ROFL.

  • Sonya

    The winningest? ROFL!

  • jackie221


    Congrats!!! :bowdown:

  • strawberrieshk

    Thanks because we’re thinking of getting one for the sibs

  • David

    WOW thats fantastic!, :bowdown:

  • Cyndie

    yes, winningest…the art of winning..ROFL

  • Sonya

    ROFL Cyndie hahahaha!

  • Sonya


  • soupbean73

    That is AWESOME!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WTG!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :h5:

  • Heather E.

    Congrats! :h5:

  • Michele

    You Rock!! that is AWSOME!! Way to go& enjoy it!!

  • susan

    Awesome – congratulations!! A sweet upgrade. Excellent.

  • Katie Rose

    That’s incredible! Enjoy your win!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: