UPS brought this today.. included was a scrub top, brochures, VHS, DVDs, Coloring Books, Toothbrush, Band-aids, Splenda, Aveeno Baby packets, Pen.. It is a very nice package!!

  • ann

    do you have a link?

  • megan

    I couldn’t find it.. I will continue to search for it.

  • maranda

    let me know i would love one in school now for medical assistance

  • chris
  • Kara

    I like the scrub shirt they gave out

  • Megan

    Thanks Chris! I do believe this was the link.

  • kathisierra

    I like the flashing ink pen.

  • krissyg89

    I got this last week ^_^ I didn’t think I’d get it because I requested it when someone else posted the pics of what they got. lol I think you had to email someone to get it, but I never got any reply. I was so excited when it came!

  • SRRummell

    I got this one last week too! Don’t forget about the Neutrogena and Tylenol samples, and the pin! I gave the scrub top to my SIL who’s an RN, and coincidentally, blue is the color they are required to wear.

    Such an awesome package!

  • Megan

    I just received another package (the exact same stuff). Don’t know why I got 2, but can use the contents! YAY! :wiggle:

  • those will come in handy im going to school as anurse.starting next friday. i really can use those items. thanks

  • very nice very useful

  • Beth, RN

    How did you sign up for this?