Yay fun stuff! (from Influenster).

  • Lauren

    Waiting on mine to come in the mail still! :noes: can’t wait!!

  • Vicky Miller

    Cool :bowdown: ,I’m still waiting on mine to get here,hopefully it gets here soon :wiggle: :fingersx:

  • Gaby Fernandez

    I just signed up for influenster last week, so i didnt get it, but im really excited for next times. :D

  • Lauren

    Just checked the mail and I came! i love the B & B fragreance!!

  • Savanah

    Ive been a member for a while but I have yet to get a vox box. Any tips on how to make it happen?

  • VBrown

    I wish I would have gotten this voxbox instead of the love voxbox.

  • bella

    hmm i don’t think i did anything special (except do those badges on their site). Good luck!