Today I got the DKNY Be Delicious Perfume & Lipgloss Set from the expired facebook promo, it smells great and the gloss lasts a long time!  Also got the Revlon lipstick in Raspberry Brite.  I also won ANOTHER Allure contest from April – the Tarte Park Ave Princess matte bronzer ($29 value!) I feel so spoiled :)

  • Dreamer

    :h5: I got the DKNY too. It smells nice :)

  • carrielarry

    Too bad they didn’t give out the a grape smelling one, or cherry! :yum:

  • instantkarma

    I think I’m the only one who did the FB thing and didn’t get the perfume :dunno:

  • vivala$herry

    I got the DKNY too. It smells great!!! :wiggle:

  • carrielarry

    :( I hope I get me Revlon lipstick! Today’s is when I should get it!

  • carrielarry

    nope I didn’t get it to :cry: :dunno: day

  • scasolari

    I got the DKNY too, it’s a nice little set.

  • kb

    what FB page was this from? :confused:

  • Melissa Bowman

    I would like to get the free perfume sample

  • Christina Fisher

    i would love a free perfume sample,thank you!