So I’ve never even done a survey on this website before…..because you have to qualify before you take a survey. Well, on top of that I’ve only actually tried to do a survey 3 times on here. Well if you don’t qualify for a survey, you have an option to do an instant win game, for giving your time to try. So I did the IWG option and won $50…..and I’ve never actually even done a survey haha. Talk about lucky! I like this site!

  • Vicki

    WOW! W2G :h5:

  • Suellen

    :h5: yay!

  • copycat215

    I love this survey site. One of my Favs :h5: Wtg

  • Melissa

    Wow, I never got lucky but I usually donate on there.


    Maybe I should pay more attention to Opinion Outpost. I usually delete their emails/survey requests because I thought it was a bit scammish. :uh: Congrats!

  • I tried to upload pictures with this…..did it not work? I was sort of confused on the process….anyway, if you want an invite, here is my referral link

  • Yeah so did I! It never seemed worth it….but this then happened haha

  • lisa farner

    love opinion outpost last year I receieved $150 for completing survery for them.

  • lisa

    I won 50 bucks about a month ago from them,I have made the most money with opinion outpost,this site is #1 and well worth the time. trust me. congrats on your win :h5: