For each Drawing,
twenty (20) winners will each receive a fifty dollar ($50) IGA gift card,
redeemable at any IGA store in the US. ARV: $50.

Jul 26 12:25 pm
  • bobby c barker

    good store

  • bobby c barker

    good store to shop at

  • Janice Stancil

    I shop at the Coats,NC store more than others because it is more convient to my home and the prices&weekley sale items are about the same as local other grocer stores. The service is more-the emp. are more helpful&friendly-you feel more at home at the Coats IGA-Really. They are there to help me when I look like I can’t find an item I need. Thanks Coats IGA.


  • Darrin anguish


  • I shop cooks iga in columbus ohio they are really polite and have real cook meat. MY only complaints are that their sale starts on mondays and if i go on monday to get something in their add they don’t have it and say it will be on the truck tomorrow which happens alot and you also have to watch when they ring up there items some time it don’t come up the right price which I have had to go back lots of time to get refunded which luckly they are not far from me but it is a incovience but the store is always clean and they all are real friendly thanks
    Kelly Myers.

  • Well i’d like to start out by saying,every since i can remember “IGA”has always been my favorite shopping center,here in Cut Bank Mt. until it closed its doors which stunned the community. all in all were hoping to see IGA open its doors in the near future. My Utmost Thank You. :io:

  • I like iga stores because prices are with in my means due to me being on budget. Also it is real close to me in the area.

  • I shop at IGA all the time because the prices are more reasonable. They also carry a wide varity and fresher produce than our other store. I live in a small town and we have two choices or drive fifty miles to another store.

  • ron salo

    I like IGA food prices!

  • nice neighborhood store with friendly employees – November 4, 2011 – got what I needed

  • I was satisfied, and so was my daughter.

  • :wiggle:

  • :bigthumb:


    I shop at the IGA in Mt. Vernon, IN. I have been shopping there for 20+ years. Have always been satisfied by the way it is run and the customer service.

  • I like shopping at IGA and have shopped there
    for over 40 yrs., it’s a friendly, clean
    and customer service is great.

  • our iga store in rushford, mn. was up and running ina very short time after our devestating flood in august of 2007. we are fortunate to have this great grocery store,in our rural town of 1800 people. every thing is up to date, and we don’t have to travel 20 or 30 miles for a gallon of milk !

  • Marjorie Colby

    I visited Bracketts IGA Store in Bath, Maine today and was very satisfied with the service as always. It is a friendly place to shop and gives caring service to all customers.