To enter, make a purchase at a Kohls store or online, OR, without purchase, send an email to  with “Kohl’s Dream Receipts Sweepstakes” in the subject line.

In-Store Prize: (32 winners) Sum of winner’s qualifying point-of-sale/cash register transaction at Store immediately preceding being spotted and contacted by representative of Sponsor, up to a maximum of $5,000. If winner did not make qualifying purchase at Store via point-of-sale/cash register, winner will receive a $75 Kohl’s Promotional Gift
Online Prize: (32 winners) Sum of winner’s qualifying purchases corresponding to randomly selected entry, up to a maximum of $5,000. If winner entered without purchase (i.e., via e-mail), winner will instead receive a $75 Kohl’s Promotional Gift

Nov 25 3:53 pm
  • Rafael García

    Good store

  • Ivana Tate

    Kohls Dream Receipt

  • debra l coffer

    Hope to win would make chrismas alot brighter.

  • Karen Scott

    I love Kohls

  • Love this store

  • Lupita

    Great store!

  • ann marie suggs

    Wonderful store, everything imaginable is at Kohls

  • Suzan parker

    Omg saved so much money at kohls this week!!

  • Karen Scott

    Love Kohls

  • Karen Scott

    Great deals

  • Diomaris Oyola

    I love this store, so easy to shop and great deals. :love:

  • Jane Van Egeren

    i love kohl’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would be wonderful to win !!!!!!!!! good luck to me !!!!!

  • Donald Zoellner

    We like shopping at Kohl’s because of the excellent sales!!!

  • :fingersx: i love…………kohls pick me :bowdown:

  • pick me :bowdown:

  • Love Kohl’s,even more now I purchased a wedding band in Septring had to go out to be sized when the ring was being delivered to the Kohl’s store in Brooklyn there was no store to deliver too due to the hurricane the store is closed indefinetly,spoke to management at another Kohl;s within 3 days they tracked down my wedding band.The customer service I received from that company was unbeleivable Thanks so much to Kohl’s I now have a wedding band for my Dec wedding :h5: :love:

  • Tina Shaurette

    :wavey: pick me. Thank u.

  • shoppin for the homeless khols is where we go prices is just right. thanks khols

  • jan salbashian

    I always shop at Kohls for Christmas and other gifts because it is so easy to return items if someone doesnt like it.

  • martha

    :wiggle: :wiggle: Love kohl’s :wavey: love the savings and always shop here!! Please choose me!! :love: need some Christmas gifts for my kids!!

  • I got purchases 3 times from 23to30 Nov.I donot know how to enter contest and fulfill dream.

  • I have purchased in store and the lady in the store helped me purchase online. I love Kohls but not sure how to enter.

  • barbara faber

    love store inglenview and very helpful workers

  • hi i love KOHL’s i always shop in your store for i love the cash back and of course quality of all your products are very good..hope you’ll pick me …………… :wavey:

  • Mookie

    I enjoy Kohls ! I spend money but I always get money back. Great discounts and plenty of Kohls cash.

  • Sandra

    Had a great time Christmas shopping at Oceanside Kohls

  • iona wilt

    i am always so happy when i walk out of kohls with great things and know how much money i haved saved. 🙂 makes my day

  • Barb Sanford

    Kohls is my favorite place to shop!

  • Shawna E.

    I made a huge purchase on 11/17/12. I hope I win so I can buy more stuff sooner than later! You have to go to It’s at the bottom of your receipt! Then send an email to the site shown and ba-da-bing your entered. Good luck to all! I really hope I win cuz I could use some household items. If I don’t win I will have to wait to get stuff and order a little at a time! I love you Kohls! <3

  • Sharon LecroneSharonbrooke

    It would make me a very happy woman! :wiggle:

  • I’m going back to Kol’s today. Third time this week! I love when I get the 30% off.

  • KOHLS – I love it. Always excellent service, has what I need and is consumer friendly . Who needs Macy’s when Kohls is available. :love:

  • I like Kohls for the great sales and for their return policy.

  • Bea Darris

    :kekeke: 🙂

  • Barb

    Love Kohls

  • Celene ramirez

    I would like to win to be able to buy gufts for my son this is a time of year that iappreciate becuase people give gifts from there heart abd im am thankfull for all..
    Thank you

  • I do not know how to enter

  • Deborah MEYERS

    I love shopping at Kohl’s, I do most all my shopping there…. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE ‘ KOHL’S

  • Lorraine place

    Love shopping at kohls

  • Trccey Tibbs

    I love Kohl’s they have great sales in every part of the store hope i win it would be really,really nice for me.

  • Connie

    This is my favorite store to shop for anything as they have everything I need

  • John Ahrens

    My number one store Kohl’s

  • Lillie Davis

    I Love, Love Kohls, it is my most favorite store to shop at and just to go to see what is on sale so a person can plan how to spend their hard earned dollars… a place that you are happy to spend your money. Love this store, love it, love it :love:

  • qadeer

    how to enter.

  • Michael O’Rourke

    :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :h5:
    I had a great time at Kohl’s. The deals were great. I saved so big on my gifts I bought myself a great watch. I will be going back befoe Christmas.

    Merry Christmas all and to all a great deal at Kohl’s.

  • ana

    I love kohls i be cleaning the store because its just like a big closet thats why the #1 store

  • Carol

    I just purchase a Kitchen aid mixer for my daughter…
    she loves to bake, but a Kitchen aid was always so expensive..
    Kohl’s was having a great sale,
    I had to sees the moment.

  • Cathy Scibiur

    Customer Service at Kohl’s was great. Since the all the dishes I wanted weren’t in stock, I purchased a different color so I could exchange them later. There was a substantial rebate which I couldn’t claim if I exchanged for the color dishes I wanted. Customer Service gave me “Kohl’s Cash” instead of the rebate AND I got the color dishes I wanted.
    Good for you & me.

  • Tammy Jackson

    I Love Kohl’s.

  • Tonya

    My freind Tammy in Florida won last night. The register went black after her purchase. Spent $169 and got for free. You don’t have to enter by email that’s just another option. She did not even know about the contest

  • Sheryl Agostini

    I would be “THRILLED” if I won. I have never won anything in my life. Love Kohl’s, Love the sales, have shopped there for years! Just purchased a Kitchen Aid mixer for my daughter at a great price. She even named “HER” Ursula! LOL!

  • laura

    I Love Kohls. I shop there all the time!! :wiggle:

  • mark simpson

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  • kathy barber

    Love the store always a good deal..winning would be so helpful this season..times are tuff for all so whoever wins Congrats !!

  • Nancy williams

    Visiting my son in California. What a wonderful experience to shop at the Kohl’s in Valencia. The cashier as well as the manager were so helpful and friendly! Am from New York State and seriously can’t remember the Kohl ‘s there being so friendly. Love this Valencia store!nan

  • Virginia winter

    Always have a great experience at Kohls. I can usually find everything that I need….one stop shop!

  • Melissa Cady

    Thanksgiving shopping at Kohls.. the best! Christmas shopping done..Check!

  • Sherry Hohensee

    I love shopping at Kohls! When I travel if the city has a Kohls I just have to go check it out. I buy for myself ,my hubby,or one of our four kids.Im always picking up something cute for my four sweet grand kids. They always have a good selection an great prices!!! Thank u so much!!!

  • Dana Mcphail

    I was never so happy when I went to Kohls on black Friday made a purchase of two things thinking I was going to spend 140.00 and save a little….Bam I saved a lot more then what I thought, When I got in the car I told my husband go go go I think they messed up lol… I felt like I was making a commercial lol not really I just love there sales! Kohls always makes me SMILE 🙂 THANK U!

  • Carmen Tipps

    I really would enjoy shopping back at kohls for my grandkids but at the end of this month my job is going out of business for good. So please pick me and help me to make my grandkids Christmas a great one. Thanks Carmen 🙂 🙂

  • Tina McAninch

    I received the very best deal at KOHL’s! Would be a dream come true to WIN!

  • Tina McAninch

    I’m back. Thought it would be a GREAT IDEA to make a person from DES MOINES, IOWA a WINNER. Please make it ME! TINA MCANINCH!!!!!!

  • Raul ferrer

    There’s no place to shop like Kohls with our family

  • kathylambirth

    I would love to win. It would help us alot – really struggling. Thank you

  • kathylambirth

    We could really use some help this year. We are struggling.Thank you

  • kathylambirth


  • Marie fuentes

    Just want to say I lov my Khols forever and ever

  • Marie fuentes

    Lov my Khols

  • Marie fuentes

    Someone on Arizona needs to win correct and that should be ME 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝

  • sandra

    My daughter turned me on to kohl’s. I’m so glad she did I Love it. :love: :love: :love: I would love to win I would give it to my daughter for Christmas as a T :bigthumb: hank You :h5:

  • Melanie Burt

    Please pick me…. Student loans are killing me and I need a new wardrobe for my new job!

  • Melanie Burt

    :bowdown: Please pick me…. Student loans are killing me and I need a new wardrobe for my new job!

  • Deann Olin

    I love shopping at kohls! More peaceful than the
    Mall! I find great gifts for my friends and family.

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    Kohl’s Win A Dream Receipt Sweepstakes • Free Stuff Times Contests mulberry bags new

  • frbotah

    Everyday is a Blessing,& giving is better than receiving. Jesus is the season. Would Live to be a winner to give a gift to my12 grands God had BLESSED ME WITH. May everyone have Blessed Season & Prosperous New Year’s Amen Love Kohl’s

  • Kelly

    Oh… a real dream for me this Christmas;)

  • Kelly

    I need this dream….;)? Pick us!;)