Complete one of the following actions (the “Game Play”) for a chance to be an Instant Winner (“Instant Win Chance”). By entering through the application, completing registration and your first Game Play (which will not result in a winning or non-winning message), you will receive a digital coupon. For any additional Instant Win Chances (up to five only on the first day of Game Play), you must complete one of the following actions:
Game Play Actions:
1 Interact with Demo under Suspects
2 Play Forensic Mix-up game under Clues
3 Play Photo Analysis game under Clues
4 Play Word Scan game under Clues
5 Watch (1) of the (2) videos under Witnesses
6 Interact with the Decoder game piece under Evidence
 Limit one (1) digital coupon per person for the entire Promotion Period. Limit one (1) Instant Win Chance per Game Play per person per day, for a total of six (6) Instant Win Chances per day, except the first day of Game Play which has five (5) Instant Win Chances, regardless of mobile vs. desktop Game Play.

 All Game Plays are available via desktop. Game Play 1, 2, 5 and 6 are available via mobile also. If you receive an Instant Win message, once your Instant Win Chance is verified, you will either receive an on-screen link to redeem your digital prize or (if you have won a Dove® product prize) your prize will be shipped approximately 6–8 weeks after on-screen notification.

 Prizes:Instant Win Prize Quantity ARV Odds
One (1) Sponsor selected music download 10,000 $1.20 each 1: 30
One (1) Sponsor selected mobile device skin 150 $20.00 each 1: 2,000
Two (2) movie ticket vouchers 500 $24.00 each 1: 600
One (1) $5.00 Sponsor selected online gift card 2,495 $5.00 each 1: 121
One (1) $10.00 Sponsor selected online gift card 1,000 $10.00 each 1: 300
One (1) $25.00 Sponsor selected online gift card 200 $25.00 each 1: 1,500
One (1) $50.00 Sponsor selected online gift card 75 $50.00 each 1: 4,000
One (1) Dove® free product coupon 5,500 $6.50 each 1: 55
A one (1) year supply of Dove®, awarded as 18 Dove® beauty bars and one (1) Dove® branded towel. 100 $48.20 each 1: 3,000

Feb 21 5:00 pm