Free cigar case just for entering. Grand Prize #1 (8) Pool Hall Packages each consisting of an Olhausen Monarch 8-ft. Billiard Table with pool accessories, an Olhausen Deluxe Monarch Pool Cue Rack, a Billiard and Golf Game and a check in the amount of $1,900.00. Includes delivery and set-up by authorized dealer, ARV $7,587.95. Grand Prize #2 (8) Home Entertainment Packages each consisting of a Samsung 50″ Plasma 1080p TV PN50B550, a Samsung Blu-Ray Home Theater System HTBD1250, two XZipit Home Theater Recliners, a Logitech Harmony 670 Advanced Universal Remote and a check in the amount of $1,350.00, ARV $5,445.99. Grand Prize #3 (8) Game Room Packages each consisting of a 4-in-1 Game Bar with 4 matching stools, a Crosley Radio Full Size Jukebox, a Viper Dartboard Set with Cabinet, a Pewter Mug Set of 4 and a check in the amount of $1,375.00, ARV $5,519.95. First Prize (27) a Sharp 32″ HDTV LCD TV, ARV $499.00. Second Prize (53) a Callaway Warbird X Stand Bag and a Callaway $250.00 gift card, ARV $379.99. Third Prize (262) a Logitech Harmony 670 Advanced Universal Remote, $149.99. Fourth Prize (125) a Viper Dartboard Set with Cabinet, ARV $129.99. Fifth Prize (444) a Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2, ARV $129.99. Sixth Prize (2,015) a Prometheus Trojan Lighter, ARV $69.95. Seventh Prize (350) a Pewter Mug Set of 2, ARV $59.98. Eighth Prize (1,720) a Boxed Playing Card Set, ARV $29.99. *Limit one prize per person. **Initial registration is kind of long because it’s a smoking site which is taking extra steps to screen out the underaged visitor.

Sep 14 8:40 am
  • lakeysha gilmore

    iwould like to enter the black&mild contest

  • i would like to be winner

  • shannom flournoy

    let me win



  • Thomas Carlton

    I smoke Black n Mild for 10 years!

  • P. P. Kidd

    Apple is my favorite and wine is my second choice.

  • I hope that i win something

  • I also like the cream milds

  • IF i can,t win first then second would be great.

  • I buy three packs a day

  • I would love to win something

  • It has been a while since i,ve won something

  • Please let me win something

  • BlackandMilds is my favorite brand

  • I use to buy them by the bulk (twentyfive)in a pack


  • IF There was a contest for a year supply i think i would win

  • BlackandMilds is my brand

  • I love the smell of BlackandMilds

  • I also love the smell of the cream milds

  • I use to smoke CherryBlends aswell

  • I they also smell great

  • The apple is good but not my cup of tea

  • I really wont to win

  • The plasma tv would be nice to have

  • I love to have my own pooltable

  • I have smoke Middleton,s products for years

  • kujuana

    i want 2 win

  • i love the blackandmild wine flavored at first i use to buy them just because i loved the smell then i smoked one and now i love the taste back then i was a none smoker now this blakandmilds wine flavor is all i smoke i want to win

  • Black and mild wine pipe tobacco cigars are great tasting and smell so good.

  • Love your cigars.

  • henry jones

    when i,m smoking the blackandmild wine its like almost every one around is loving the smell but i love the taste.

  • Terrell Rhynes

    I love to smell a black and mild in the early morning hours. Back in the day they use to smell kind of like freshly baked sugar cookies.

  • Olie Olsen

    Black and Mild ease the stress of the day, while enjoying the taste and aroma of a quality smoke!

  • jim boysel

    i love a good black & mild cigar
    i wish the price would come down a bit
    or get some coupons. and if i won anything
    i would go into shock. and would have to smoke a case of black & milds

  • Ronnie Everette

    Love the taste and smell of cigar

  • I just finished a mild a few seconds ago

  • I’ve smoked blacks for over 10 yrs. My wife loves the smell.

  • I’ve smoked blacks for over 10 yrs. my wife loves the way they smell.

  • jessica

    how do i enter to win?

  • Ms Tara

    Today I got the Black and Mild holder. Thank You! I hope to win more! Smile!

  • rosemary mcpherson

    i need to know also how do i enter into the sweepstakes?? my husband smokes a pack a day. thanks rosemary

  • Juan Harris

    I have been smoking Black and Milds (wine) for years and I definitely would like to win a pool table for my basement where I do so enjoy smoking my cigars.

  • BLACK @ MILD 4 EVER!!!! nothing else matters.

  • Eric Evans

    I use 2 smoke reg blacks then went 2 mild now i smoke wine and fell n love wit em smoke bout 2 packs a day

  • Loved your cigars for over 15 years even
    with the high Oregon taxes.

  • Chance L. Bolden

    The most relaxing taste after a hard day of work.

  • Ken Tollison

    When I light up a Black&Mild wine,I can count on someone asking for one.

  • Freddy Pevar

    I have been smoking Black and Milds since the price was 79 cents a pack you know before it was cool to smoke them.Still enjoy them today.Smell great tast great.Thanks

  • Rodney Michel

    I enjoy the Wine flavored and look forward to the free stuff you promise to send.

  • Allen Spivey

    I have been smoking for years now i like the milds most of the time sometimes the cream.Its all good thanks.

  • Troy Chaney

    I just wanted to say thank you for the free cigar case and i been smoking them for years now. If i win this, i would be smiling from ear to ear like the kool-aid

  • Roger Woodruff

    I would like to enter you contest. Yes, I am old enough to enter. I was born in 1951. My favorite is the wine flavor.

  • michael hengerson

    i would like too enter the bkack and mild contest and love blackandmild.


    i would like to enter your contest. i love the taste of black and milds.

  • gkbutler

    Pleae enter me in your contest and put my name on your mailing list for coupons and other offers.

  • gkbutler

    Thank you. I enjoy the flaver of Black and Milds

  • T Baby

    Please enter me into your contest. Black and milds is the smokes and “Thanks for the cigar case!”

  • terry

    I love the taste of you cigars

  • Shawn Daniels

    I’m not a black and mild smoker but my friend is one but i love the smell of a good black and mild most of the ones he buy they smell very good he’s favior is black&mild mild he use to buy just black&mild but now that the wine favor is the best he get both.thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Floyd Newton

    Nice club, drinks, great people, beautiful woman, music pumping! Now you gotta make that choice. Shall I stay inside the club and enjoy a great night or do I go outside to smoke my Black & Mild-Mild and have a great smoke. Well the night is young, its a beautiful night outside, so I’m thinking there gotta be some ladies out side smoking also. Outside I go to get my smoke on and chat with the woman smokers.

  • rick graninger

    winner rg

  • dave grogan

    When it’s time to relax,I have a black&mild mild and a cold drink.Anyone who is around generally comments on how they enjoy the aroma.

  • olivia morris

    I love black and mild i only smoke them nothing else

  • Boo Johnson

    Enter me in the sweepstakes. I smoke nothing but Black & Mild Milds.

  • Edward Upton

    Ive been smokin black n milds for almost 15 years!!! They go great with a couple beers!!!

  • Mike

    I would like to enter & win the BlackandMild Sweepstakes.

  • Mike Wilkerson


  • Lisa

    Quit smoking cigarettes in August of 08, started smoking Black&Mild in September of 08. Tried all the flavors at first, but the Wine is by far the best tasting, best smelling, and smoothest smoke. I buy mine 10 packs at a time. Love your product

  • lisa henry

    i sincerely love your product i purchase two boxes per day. keep up the good work

  • danny keogh

    ineed that tv

  • danny keogh

    i need that tv

  • jeanetta smith

    Love blackand mild original, been smoking them since 1999.

  • brandon pontremoli

    i rec. a free pack at texas motor speedway on04′ wine flavored are the best!
    i would like to join the contest.

  • tamaina

    I am not going to lie like some people and say I buy a certain amt all the time or other a** kissing statements. All you need to know is I do buy your product and I am a woman who would love to win that pool table..

  • jose crisostomo

    I like black and mild the flavor special wine: and wood tip is someting diferent.

  • black and mild cream is the best….

  • enter me in your sweepstake.

  • Carl

    Love to join the contest & win something for smoking the best cigars period.

  • jerry heflin

    black and milds are great smooth and enjoyable at any given time or place! whether im collecting my thoughts . talking with freinds . or working on a project . a black and mild in any flavor just makes it all the better

  • david burk

    tryed one have not stoped smoking them since the first one.just a grate tatesing smooth cigars

  • arthur brown jr

    i love al black &mild,s brands an i love the teast an the price of thme an hope they keep making new brands an i wold love 2 try a strawberry cigar keep up the good work an i an my dad we love them an what yall offer thanks

  • cindy dockins

    I would love to win either prize. enjoy black and milds.

  • Marsus williama

    I enjoy the cigars, and the many flavors you all have to offer. i like the taste and smell of them.

  • I Have enjoyed black and mild for many years and hope to enjoy them for many more

  • I have always loved a good cigar, and there’s nothing like a Black and Mild.

  • max anderson

    I have been a customer for 10 years. I would love to win something from the best smoke in the usa.

  • Linda Cromwell

    I am a true lover of Black and Milds. I would be overjoyed if I were to win any of the prizes, but I will remain faithful either way.

  • brandon freeman

    i have smoke black mild for 10 years. and i will alway be a black mild smoker. because i love smokeing black mild is the joy in my day.enjoy everything about black mild.

  • Clifford Johnson

    I would love to be a winner of the black & mild entry
    I been a Black & Mild smoker for some time know I should be
    in your files or club already..
    the wine is my usual brand great taste and smell the best
    Middleton did great with this brand!
    win or no win.
    please email me about any promotion or coupons..

  • DB

    i am a black and mild fanatic! Wines are the ish!!!! I’m in illinois peoria (PISTOL COUNTY)to b exact. i wolud love to enter any contest u may have.

  • John Fuher

    I was a camel smoker but a friend gave me a black & mild and now I have found a new brand it has a nice taste. It would be nice to sit around and drink a beer and have a black & mild and play pool when I get home what a way to end the day.

  • ive been a black smoker for 8 yrs now and i love em. the wine is my favorit. it starts my day and i got to end it with a wine blackandmild. its funny cause im smoking one now. i hope i win. thank you middleton’s

  • george rogers

    ilove blackandmilds

  • Nicole

    I think that I made black -n- mild the number one seller by how many I buy a day.

  • robertscott

    Black smoker for 7 years, only smoke them “freaked”. That is when you emty them and take the paper out and re-pack them.(can tell the differce in taste) Why do you glue the paper in the cigar? Alot of people do the same. A version of an already freaked “Black” may be a good sales point. I can’t believe that you are not already aware of this…….that’s all

  • Mike the king martin

    I just love the way black-n-mild taste only thing that would be better would for me to enjoy it as a winner

  • marlon julian linton

    i like black and milds/ when are you all gonna make electronic black and milds?

  • Robert Scott

    Is this for real? I’m starting to have my doubts. I read all about who wants to win something. Took me several times to just get registered. Just asking. Is this for real?

  • Michael Harwood

    The best cigar i have ever smoked.GREAT taste.The only one I smoke after years of cigars.



  • aubieclawz

    when is the drawing and how do get a copy of the winners

  • Kristoffer landaker

    I love ur product and strictly enjoy them.

  • kevin waters

    I smoke a box a day I love blackandmilds. I should win and I want 2 win so blackandmild can I win something

  • Porfirio Flores

    Started smoking original blacks for 2 years now.Used to smoke cigarettes but have since quit.Original is great.

  • I have been smoking “Blacks” for about 7 years now and loving the taste and satisfaction. Let me win something!!!!

  • kennydowell

    I would like to enter the BlackandMild contest thank you kennydowell

  • kennydowell

    Ihave been smoking “Blacks” for 10 years andloveing the taste and satisfaction. Iwould like to win something!!!!! thank you


    I like the original back&mild I guess I’m oldschool.

  • tammy richards

    My husband and I just recently stopped smoking. Hasnt been easy, but we started puffing on black and mild cigars and it definetly helps with the craving. The wine flavored tastes great!

  • Ron Westling

    To win would be wonderful!

  • Everett Warzecha

    I visualize watching old westerns on my new plasma tv set as I enjoy my B&W creme cigar.

  • I am a 53 year old woman &I’ve been smoking black &mild 4 15 years and love it and all ways will thank u guys 4 making them need and luv them

  • bryan waits

    black & mild apple is wheere it’s at.

  • joseph timmons

    put me in to win so i can kick back an smoke a black


  • Don Collier

    I thourghly enjoy my Black & Milds

  • roland hamilton

    to win would be great

  • eric neufelder

    ladies and gentelmen i love black and mild wood tip wine cigars i have used your product for 5 years and would like to enter your contest. thanks eric

  • whoever wins wins good luck to all of us

  • Black-n-Mild at night,black-n-mild at noon,black-n-mild’s all over this room!! sure been waiting too be a winner soon. Love my wine! “ALWAYS GOT IT”

  • I started smoking the oringal black&milds at age 18 now 34.I tried the other flavors but I can’t let go of my first “LOVE”.

  • steve norconk

    regular blackandmilds are great-10-15packs per week purchased

  • I would like to see a variety pack?

  • ashley crawford

    i love em i smoke them everyday

  • Hi,I just wanted to take the time out to take a chance on the weekly grand prizes and free gifts that the company that are hosting, I’m not asking for such just taking the time out to apply so thanks for the chance.

  • I purchase black and mild cigars for my husband.they are not stinky like those old folgy stogys.

  • tangela edwards

    i just love the taste and smell of black and mild wine

  • belinda grosskopf

    people love the aroma, besides, cigars(black and mild cigars) are not just for men anymore.

  • robertstroud

    I love the rich flavor of da milds. feel me you mild smokers. stay wit me now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronald Simpkins

    Nothing like smoking a Black&Mild blunt during and after a Gig. The lady’s love the smell and I enjoy the taste. Keep on rolling them and I will keep on smoking them. True Dat!

  • I’ve loved my blacks for more than 10yrs. and I have converted over 45 PEOPLE to smoking blacks instead of cigs. we all give thanks!

  • Iove my blacks!

  • Lee Johnson

    Please enter me in the contest THANK YOU

  • I like the taste of all of the black&mild cigar and the ones with the wood tips

  • kolar john r.

    Black and mild pipe tobacco cigars are and is just as smooth and smell as if I was smoking a real pipe. The decidsion is up to you.

  • everytime i buy black&milds and theres a contest why is it always 2 years behind the dates that i buy them everytime i want to enter your contest it says enter by 2009 last time i wanted to enter your contest was 2010 but the contest ended 2009 and now again i want to enter and its 2011 but the contest ends again in 2009 so just how old and stale are these black&milds i really enjoy the wine flavored but would also like to buy a package thats up to date so i can enter the contest your loyal black&mild smoker Kevin Smith

  • jonathan damron

    I would like to enter the contest I have enjoy black and milds for years I like each one that I try and have not found a cigar any better

  • connie clark

    I love blacks, always have and always will, and thats all i gotta say……

  • Victor Patino

    I’m smoking a Black&Mild wodden tip rite now, Who ever came out with the black & mild wooden tip, amazing, I love the your cigars. πŸ™‚

  • i been smoking blacks for 15years now,i’m never buying a pack of cigarette ever again.thanks for having something a hell of better than fogs!!!!!!

  • Rhonda elkins-lanclos

    I wanna join yall club. I smoke black n milds like crazy

  • jeffrey merry

    thanks for blacks dont know what i would do with out them

  • sexxy

    I have been smoking Blacks 4 alone time. I would like yall try new flavors like grape and peach, just to name a few. Ms.Sexxy

  • Porsche

    I Started Smokin Black Nd Mild About 2 Yrs.Ago….I Have Tried D Wine Nd D Wood Tip…..Nothing Can Compare 2 D Original….Mmmmmm…Mi Favorite…Thanks Black Nd Mild!!!

  • I need to win some thing,I,m getting older by the minute

  • :uh:

  • Donald Wenzel

    I think your product is better then Swisher Sweets.

  • I like black&mild better then any other cigars. πŸ˜‰

  • Anita Burnett

    I’m recently trying to stop smoking Newports and switched to Black & Mild. I enjoy the way they smell. The aroma it gives reminds my sister in-law of her father. He used to smoke a pipe when she was younger.

  • bob-o

    i love the black & mild mild….

  • bob-o


  • Missie Reed

    I love the cigars black & mild they are the best. i smoke cigeretts normally but when i get extra money i buy me a pack of them. I’m going to try the whin cigars they sound like theyare pretty good. thats a bit all.

  • johnie coy

    I smoke black and mild have for 11 yrs. Use to smoke marlboros but switched to black. Would be honored to win sweepstakes thanks for your product. Love black and mild cigars

  • :fingersx:

  • Novis

    I have been smoking black&milds for a while now and o was a none smoker. Something about this cigar. Love the smell and it puts me at ease. Out of all my friens i am the only one that smoke black&mild one a regular basic. I smoke the original and wine. I cant stop smoking them.

  • Danny

    Id like to enter the BlackAndMild sweepstakesHowdy yall im a big fan black an milds i smoked them for 2 years now….

  • :h5: :h5: :run: :run:

  • joyce cravens

    I would love to win the b&m sweeps and I have fun playying them.

  • irene marroquin


  • Marcus watkins

    I love black&mild need to one to win

  • kren

    Win Schwinn I just enjoy black and mild.

  • Jmoney

    Black an mild wine is tha shit

  • Crystal dean

    Black an mild wine has a good tast to it

  • Craig finn

    I have been smoking blackandmild products 4 about 15 years, and i must say its da best smoking experience ive had yet. Lately i have been smoking da wine flavor and i love them the most. Keep the gud work guys!

  • Ashley Mason

    I’ve been smoking black and milds for about 17years and I must say it’s the best smoking experience I’ve ever had. Good job guys!!! I enjoy the cream.

  • mark videc

    I love black and miles I want to enter the sweeps I’ve been smoking for 16 years and I.want to be a winner

  • Tiffany mclean

    I really want to enter tha blak&mild contest I like tha dark blend blacks please put them bac on tha market they hav such a smooth taste perfect for tha name black&mild!!!!!!!!



  • Darrien Allen

    I switched from newports to black and mild in 2003 and never looked back. I know I can get some love back!!

  • Dr. Danny MonHollen

    I quit smoking regular Marlboro in 2004 Feb., starting smoking regular blend Black&Milds in April 2006. I enjoy the Blacks way better. plus thier cool looking too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rudeboy

    I love black&milds. I would be nice if they made them with out the paper inside the mild. We take the paper out of the milds and put the tobacco back in the mild . In cleveland we called that freakin a mild. Sometimes the paper is hard to get out.

  • Black&Milds are the best cigars. Please enter me in the contest.

  • Mike Nuse

    Pweze enter me & send me the free cigar case….

  • shanilla mosley

    Wine wood tips r tha best if only sum of the other flavors cum n tha woodtip. Still tha best cigars hands down!!

  • van Johnson

    I smoke blackandmild wine for eight da smell and taste. I even got some friends off cigarette and dey switch to blackandmild.dry love it.

  • Curt Patterson

    Ive been smoking black and milds for over eight yrs this is my brand of cigar nice and smooth and I love the smell

  • Mike

    All blacks baby!


    freak dat black dawg πŸ˜€


    freak dat black dawg πŸ˜€

  • CheeChee

    Black and Mild where r you??? Gotta have them …


    Smoke them everyday. Yummy cigs

  • Sheemy

    I smoke Black&Mild cigars, I don’t need the flavors or wood tip with the sweet taste just regular Black&Mild and I’m happy lol winning a prize would be nice but I just want the cigar tub lol I’m a true Black&Mild smoker

  • middletons black and mileds are my smoke and lots of people comment on how nics thay smell when thay gat a wiff standing down wind 😎 😎 😎

  • c.jean brower

    I want my free cigar tube…..03ll2ba

  • TINK85


  • LevonDickens

    I have. Been smoking black and. Milds. For20 yrs!


    I would like 2 enter your contest.Been smoking your cigars 4 along time

  • jody gay

    they r a wonderful change of pace

  • jody gay

    would love to enter contest

  • demarcus carter


  • lester guidry

    I like the wine wood tip It’s the best

  • Rhonda Jones

    I tried cigs bfor,I never could get use to em,but after switching over to black&milds was a good decision for me!!!!its been over ten yrs and I’m still in the game!!!cmon now show a Sista some love please!!!

  • vertis beavers

    great taste

  • sheldon barnes

    I smoke black and milds everyday my favorite is the original plastic tip I can’t and I won’t smoke anything else plus the smell of the cigars remind me of my grandpa



  • Rosamaria garcia

    I would love to win some thing I dont ever win anything

  • Travis grant

    I luv everything about black&milds good taste and smell

  • virginia brown

    I dont enjoy many things better than a regular black n mild πŸ˜‰ :yum:

  • Vincent Brown

    Black and Mild Mild is one of the best cigars I’ve ever smoked ; with that rich & smooth pipe tobaco . I have recommended it to others.

  • john w

    AWSOME that’s all i can say about black & mild love your cigars. Black & mild will always be the cigar for me ….simple plain AWSOME AWSOME ….

  • Kenneth Richard Payne jr

    I take my Blackandmilds every where I go. Weather it be fishing, a date, to work or were ever. I never know wene I’m going to have that taste for the best cigars I have ever tasted. A tasts u never get sick of. Great cigars!!!!!!!
    I would love to be the winner.

  • lovethesmellblackandmild

  • :wiggle: ilove smoke black and mild wine is my flavor

  • :wavey: ilove smoke black and mild

  • :h5: ilovesmokeblackandmildwineistheilike

  • Maria

    I would love to enter the black&mild contest! I’ve tried entering for it on the black&mild home page but it doesn’t work. πŸ™

  • tried site could not get on

  • Jackie givens

    How do u enter this contest??? There is no entry form…if sending this comment am I automatically entered? If not how do I enter?? I want a chance to win too!

  • Laura Loflin

    Tips for leisure — weekly pursuits. I enjoy the free gifts & tastes of Black and Mild. Trying to enter instant winners daily!! Thanks!

  • Remona Edwards

    I been smoking since 2005. And I hope I win something. Thank you

  • steve

    :uh: :run: :noes: 😑 :bowdown: πŸ™‚ :wiggle: :yum:

  • Balkiss

    Black&milds wood tip wine are AMAZING!! Just wood tip alone are awesome!! Keep it up!! I’m a fan!!

  • Shannon Martrich

    Love the wood tip wine blacks!

  • Michela Cher’y

    I LOVE me some blackandmild!!!!!!! I smoke about two packs a day. When the day is going the wrong way, blackandmild saves the day!!!!!!:) πŸ˜‰

  • danita

    I love me mild like no other

  • Phyllis

    I would love to win! Cherry, or vanilla are my favorite black & Mild cigars! Thanks!

  • bonnie.brignac

    I hope I win something

  • david

    win,,BIG !

  • miainky

    I won alot here 2 wallets , 2 nice glasses, a set of sun glassees, a deck of cards and a lighter

  • Borediam2

    I didn’t win a thing

  • deborah walker

    I got a wine bottle opner

  • patrick adams

    I won a block of wood with several openings. What is it?????

  • Patsy Leech

    Sure would be nice to win something.