“Each winner shall receive two (2) tickets to a taping of one of Ellen’s “12 Days of Christmas” episodes at producer’s sole discretion. Winners’ tickets shall be valid for the assigned taping only and are non-transferable. Winners must arrange for his their own accommodations and travel to the taping.”

Nov 13 11:20 pm
  • traci pittman

    :bowdown: :pick me! pick me! gotta get out of this house… :run:

  • Jennifer Wittal

    omg i need to go would love to surprise my bff with tickets love the ellen show !!! canadian who has never been to LA 🙁

  • Selenna Hylton

    :wavey: Please pick me I would love to be in your audience and I would have to bring my sister we love your show. You are the best .

  • rita creech

    Hi ellen, my name is rita creech. My boyfriend and I love your show. We watch as often as possible between work and housework. We would be honored if we were chosen to come to your show. This would be a dream come true for both of us. Thank you for your consideration. Rita

  • sioux sharples

    Hi Ellen:
    I would love to attend a taping of your show with my sister and my best friend. We have been fans of yours since we first started watching you on “Duet”. We tuned in just to see your character. You are always consistant in your positive and happy attitude. We would love to be a part of the Christmas show taping.
    Love & Peace,

  • lourdes cepeda

    pls. pick me. i want to surprise my husband on his b-day 12-13-2011

  • lourdes cepeda

    pick me so u can see how i look now from the profile pic. 🙂

  • Please pick my daughter an I for your ticket giveaway. I was in a near fatal car accident in 2007 and had to retire early. Since then we have struggled and it would be such a blessing to be a guest at your show. Even if we arent picked I hope you have a great holiday season and God bless!

  • Sylvia Cristina

    Today is my birthday,11-15,and it would be a wonderful birthday gift!! Love your show and appreciates the laughs you give me!

  • Jill bollman

    Third day Ellen and crew that I am unable to submit form for tickets to 12days! Frustrated!

  • Kellly

    I have been trying to get tickets for 6 years, I am a student at 43 , Ellen gives me hope to overcome my RA and succeed , this would be a dream come true. Thank You

  • Leigh Anne Farley

    Hi Ellen, My parents passed away recently within a year and a half from each other. They had been together since they were 9. Christmas is the hardest time for me because it was their favorite time to get the whole family together. You were their favorite host and person. It would mean the world to me to be on your show at Christmas time. I always feel my mom is looking down on me so she would be watching also. Thank you so much for everything you do for everyone. you bring a light to everyone’s life that watches your show. Please pick me.

    Leigh Anne Farley
    Templeton, CA

  • summer cruz

    I’ve watched u since day one…and love to laugh with u…u are hillarious..portia is a lucky lady I hope the two of u enjoy the upcoming holidays…xo

    Summer cruz
    Whittier ca

  • You like to Dance, I like to Dance. Let’s Dance together!!! Pick ME!! :wiggle:

  • I would love to see your show and experience the uplifting spirit that you share with your audience. I have lived with Type I Diabetes since I was 6 years of age and had recently undergone a double organ transplant with the skill of the Doctors and wonderful staff of University of Cincinnati transplant division.Please invite me to come and see your show and experience the fun and excitment of the day. 😉

  • anthony

    please ellen pick me. ill ddo anything to go to your show. and by that i mean everything especially on christmas the suspense to know whats behind the gifts boxes is enormous omg so ecited!!!!!!! :bowdown: to ellen :fingersx: :noes: :noes: :noes: :noes: :noes: :noes:

  • Sharon ONeal

    Ellen, I love love love your show! I had to retire 2 years ago cuz of disability and I’m too young(52) to be home. As it turns out, my 83 yr old mom suffered 3 strokes in the past year so I take care of her which is much harder than my 20 yrs as a 3rd grade teacher. This year my husband and I celebrated our 30 yr anniversary. We always planned to have a “honeymoon” or a trip together, but we just didn’t get there.
    I tape parts of your show so he can see it later at night with me for laughs. The best anniversary gift would be to come to one of your 12 days of xmas shows.
    I would just love to come to your show and meet you. Can’t think of anything better. I mean that sincerely. Please consider my request. Please. Have a happy holiday Ellen!

  • kenya schumpert


  • Mozita Prince

    Hi Ellen. My name is Mozita Prince. I would really be homered if i could get tickets to your show.I am a single mother with four kids. I work every day of the week to support for my kids and it never feels like it is enough. I work so much that I never have time too spend with my kids let alone for myself. I just wish that I can have a weekend to myself and still have the funds to take care of my kids.My kids father is incarcerated for 15 years and it is hard. I recently just started seeing someone and I barely even have time to spend with him. So I know if I were to get the tickets it would be a blessing to me. Thank you for listening. God bless.

  • Robin McIntosh

    I love the Ellen Show and I would love to meet her and I would love to win prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce Wright

    Hi Ellen,
    I would love to come to one of your 12 Days of Christmas shows. My daughter and I were lucky enough last year to get tickets but my daughters son got sick and we couldn’t come. I tried to get the tickets changed to my name but no luck. Hopefully we will be lucky again. Have a great Holiday season and Keep Dancing.

  • Lexi

    Hi Ellen!! :wavey: I would love to be there to view one of your shows during this year’s 12 days of Christmas! I am a hard working university student and lover of LA, so a trip out there to see you would be a great reward for a tough semester!! Please pick me!!! :h5:

  • Jennifer Burbidge

    Ellen, my mom and I love you! I have been racking my brain as to how I could make my mom’s 75th birthday on December 14th amazingly, over the top, unforgettable. I promise if you pick me, my mom will get up and dance! :wiggle: :love:

  • Jessica

    Ellen!!! Me and my mom LOVEEE your show and we love christmas!! We have never been to any show anywhere and my moms getting older and I’d love for her to have the experience to go to your show before she is unable to anymore. We would be honored to see you in one of your 12 days of Christmas shows!!!

  • Stacy Talbot

    :wiggle: Please pick me. I have seen the give away sooooooooooo many times and would love to be there.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Please pick us. My wife and I have been huge fans and would love to attend your 12 days of christmas givaway. PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Monique Sands

    Hope to win tickets to the 12 days holiday giveaway. First time to see the Ellen Show.

  • Monique Sands

    :uh: Tried to get tickets for two years to the Ellen Show 12 days holiday giveaway show.

  • My birthday is Christmas…this would be an incredible gift.
    Have never been to her show, always wanted to be in her audience and just laugh….would be very grateful.
    Thank you!

  • kenya schumpert


  • kenya schumpert


  • Tina Maisenbach

    Hi Ellen, I love you and your show. I always feel good after watching. I wish you would pick me, I’ve always wanted to see your show in person and being there for 12 days sure wouldn’t hurt. Love watching!! Your new friend, Tina

  • Robin Dworak

    Hi Ellen: Would love to get tickets to your show. Your giving heart to people in need and the love you have for animals always puts a smile on my face whenever I watch you and just knowing that wonderful people do exist in this world!

  • jill bollman

    :io: i coming thru again requesting your consideration for 12 days tickets. My husband of 18 yrs has recently passed from lung cancer. 😥 Now I am single mother to our 12 yr old son…PLEASE :fingersx: pick me Ellen! My life as I knew it is gone, along with my future. I am struggling terribly, both emotionally and financially. I am 43, my husband was only 41. New beginnings, belief and hope could start with you! :kiss: Thank you.

  • Melinda McCulloch

    Please pick me and my daughter. She is 18 and soon to be off on her own. She’s been my best friend since I had her when I was 18. I would love to share this experience with her.

  • kenya schumpert


  • Melissa Matthews

    My mother and my 15yr.old daughter are obsessed with your show. I also think you’re awesome,I would love to give them tickets because my mom has always been there for me when I needed her and I would love to blow her away with a gift like this.And my daughter is only 15yrs.old so i don’t know if she would qualify for a car lol :wiggle: (just kidding) no on the serious side I would want to be there but i would have to forfeit my ticket to my daughter since there’s only 2 tickets and she’s a bigger fan than I. I also want to thank you for beings a great role model,I’d rather have her watch you any day than Jerry Springer lol. (Did I really just say that,lets keep that between you and I. :h5:

  • Jennifer McDonald

    Hey there! I am Just a hard working nurse and mom who rarely takes time for herself. I am always putting the kids and everyone else ahead of my own needs and dreams. What a treat it would be to have “me time”- with you!

  • lupe

    Hi Ellen, I would love for you to allow my mother, Rosario to be at your show. She recently began her battle with uterine cancer, she deserves everything in this world since she has always been there for her children…Lupe.

  • Annie Pizzi

    Employed, yes
    In good health, yes
    Have a roof over my head, yes
    Family drama, yes
    Want to put more happy into my holiday, yes
    Believe in miracles, yes
    Select me? YES!

  • :wiggle: :wiggle: Dearest Ellen I’m a single mother of four kids :love: last month i found out that my income was cut inhalf starting the month of december 😥 worst time ever so, i dont how i’m going to it this for xmas. i know im not deserving of anything but i would love to have somethng for my kids for xmas. is there any chance for me to be on atleast the last show of your twelve days of xmas. 😥 😥 can i can i until I here from you i’ll be :dunno: :dunno: 😥 :dunno: :confused: :confused: :confused:.P.S. Hope and Pray to here from YOU SOON !!!!!!!!!! :love: YOU…

  • Nancy krug

    I work at an outdoor education camp for sixth graders .I will have some time off for the Christmas holidays…what a great time to be in the audience!! I am 62 yrs old, love my teaching job & at this time of year feel like a young child hoping my X-mas wishes will come true. Forever young…Nancy

  • susan dunn

    Ellen I would love to come to your 12 days of christmas. This is my favorite holiday. I have cronic fibromyalga and am always in pain. The highlight of my day is your show. I would love to do this wiith my daughter. I don’t get out much because of my medications. Please pick me it would mean so much to me. Thank you hope to see you at you how

  • edith willis

    🙂 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    keep dancing ellen

  • Janice from Nova Scotia, Canada

    Ellen, I would love to attend one of your 12 Days of Christmas shows with my mom. We live in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, home of Sidney Crosby. We watch your show everyday and love the games and guests. Merry Christmas, keep on dancing.

  • Billie Meyer

    Hi Ellen, I realize that I have missed the bus for the 2011 12 days of Christmas !!! My name is Billie Meyer, a single mom of a beautiful 21 year old daughter Samantha. We love, love, love your show. Since my mom passed away from pancreatic cancer and my brother from lung cancer, the holidays, especially Christmas have not been the same. I would love for my daughter and I to be considered for tickets to attend the 2012 taping of you 12 days of Christmas. :fingersx: Thanks for all of the wonderful things you do and your humor is wonderful, much love and blessings, Billie and Samantha.

  • :wiggle: I would love to get tickets for me and my Daughter for your 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS giveaway. I’m 57 from Victorville CA. If possible Please pick me. I Love your show. Keep Dancing Ellen 🙂

  • :wiggle:
    I would love to get tickets for me and my Daughter for your 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS giveaway. I’m 57 from Victorville, CA I Love Your show You are the most generous person ever. I love my animals and I love it that you love animals too and are so passionate about helping them. I have 3 dogs an
    American Eskimo named “NEMO” was given to me because the people had pit bulls and he was always digging out. My other Chihuahua mix “CHASE” was adopted thru Petsmart and my “LIL GIRL”Chihuahua was dumped at my house God knew how much I love them and he sent them all to me.If you can, Please send us tickets to your 12 days of Christmas for 2012. Keep Dancing 🙂

  • Janine

    12 days of giveaways!!! :eek3: Ellen I love you and everything you do!! You make ppl smile and dance :wiggle: I would love to be on your show just to be in the same room as you!! please consider me. Thanks much love :fingersx:

  • Dorothy Russell

    Hi Ellen I watch your show everyday , I just love, your heart is just full of love of people, I am asking you to please pick me for 2 tickets to your 12 Days of Christmas. I am a perkey 75 year old and never have been on a show befor, how great is that. Please think of me . Thank you Ellen , if not I will still watch your shoe and great smile.

  • Dorothy Russell

    ELLEN, I forgot to tell you I can dance right along with you and I would love to dance on your show. Lets cut a rug.

  • Donia Hickerson

    ELLEN!!!! My Name is Donna and I am a BIG FAN of your show! I try to watch it everyday, I Laugh and I Cry you are one funny loving person and I really admire you.
    I don’t do holidays because I lost my Lil-Brother, Grandmother and Father years ago and stay depressed, not only every holiday but throughout the year and spends most of my time alone. I have been trying for the last past few years to get on your show. PLEASE PICK ME TO GET ME OUT OF THIS HOUSE!! 😥 😥 😥

  • Teresa Zaragoza

    You are a warm hearted person and that is what I love most about you.I have worked in the Medical field for the pass 17 years plus and I to have gone that extra mile to be warm, kind and considerate to my patients .I was diagnosed with a Liver Disease and I am now on the other side of the tracks I have never gone on vacation because I have been so dedicated at my job and now with having this disease with extra dr bills I really wont have a vacation! With you picking me would give me the perfect excuse to ask for vacation to see you in person it would be a great pleasure and time well spent….pleeeeease pick me Ellen 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!

  • Marco

    My wife and I TEVO your show and watch it at night during our me time. My wife is Superwomen she somehow manages to work as a nurse, goes to school and take care of our 6 children. She has been asking me to get tickets to your show. If there is any way you can make this happen on the 12 days of giveaway that would be a dream come true.

  • Tasha Allen

    Leeeeeeeeeeets see here, My daughter and I have been watching your show for, well, every season, and we love it! I am 100% sure you hear this from everyone but it has to be said, we think you are the BOMB DIGGITY, THE CATS MEOW, THE SHIZZZZZZ NIT, WOO WOOOO, OUR HOLLA BACK GIRL, THE DANCING QUEEN, and just all around AWESOME! We would very much like to be invited to your twelve days of giveaways

  • Tasha Allen

    And it just cut us off so we now have a two part letter…. Woops! Anyway… We Love ya we want to see ya, it would make our day, our months, our year! And as much as we’d lke to come fir the twelve days, we’d be just as exstatic ti come on another day. Keep on rollin like a rockstar and thanks for making not only t.v. better but the world as well!
    We love ya
    Tasha Allen, mom
    Kylie Jooris, daughter

  • Cyndi Branciforte

    PLEASE select me for your Christmas show! My 10 year old son and I watch you every day – – we tape each episode! You are an inspiration to all! Your love for humanity is endless……. Thanks for all you do! :hs:

  • Nicole Grant

    I love your show and DVR it everday. I work two jobs and am a mom too…I look foward any free time I can get to sit down and watch your show, which is an awesome way to get some time for me! I would love any tickets to your show, and especially to the next 12 days! Keep doing what you do, I think a lot of us need ya! AND I will so continue to show at JCP even more now 🙂

  • Deb Ellens

    Hello Ellen,
    I would love to be able to give my sister tickets to your 12 days of give aways. She is a dental assistant. Her name is Linda, she is single and works very hard for her money. She scrapes by on the money she makes. She is such a very kind person. She is alway there for me, to listen to my problems and support me in my discisions. Linda spends alot of her spare time helping out with her grandchildren. She is alway there for us and I would love to be able to suprise her with this very special gift.
    Thank you for your consideration:) :kiss:

  • Jazmin Chavez

    Ellen my aunt and i watch your show everyday. Sadly to say my aunt doesn’t leave the house very much do to her legs and breathing problems. She watches your show everyday till the very last minute where she just has to say anyways with you. It will mean so much to me if i could take her to just one of your Christmas shows, that’s all she ever talks about is going to one of your shows. So please help me make her wish come true. Wishing you all the best.

  • Joyce Smith

    Good Evening Ellen..I Throw Everything Back At Ya 10X..Hope very much to be on your show. :fingersx:

  • Joyce Smith

    HELLO Ellen,my name is Joyce and I want to Throw Everything Back at Ya 10X more than what you do for your fans.I have a job,good health and one thing i try to remember is theres always someone worse off than iam.I tape your show every day.Thank You for your kindness.Please pick me for your 12 Days of Christmas. :fingersx:

  • Joyce Smith

    Hey Ellen its me again.Im just gonna keep trying until i make it possible to see you in person..Nothing wrong with that right… :fingersx:

  • Dee McRae

    My husband and I would be so happy to be able to attend your show, thank you so much!!!!

  • Nadine Yearsley

    Hi Ellen. First I want to say how much I love your show. It is so much fun to watch. I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV due to working full time and raising 8 children (3 are mine, 3 are my boyfriends, and 2 are my grandchildren). Needless to say I am very busy. I would love to see your show live with my mom whom I treasure. She is a strong, wonderful, caring, giving woman who also loves your show and would be thrilled to know she is going to see you in person. She has overcome ovarian and breast cancer without a single complaint and is now healthier and stronger than any of us. Please consider us. It would be the high point in both our lives…next to our children of course and I think we could both use the break. Thank you. :run:

  • Karen E Dardis

    Hello Ellen

    I am asking for tickets to the 12 days of give aways for my partner… It will be her 50th birthday this year & she deserves it so much… It has been a few years of hard times losing family members & others things.. She works so gard sometimes 50, 60 or more hoyrs a weeks during certains months of the year… We have been together almoat 15 yrs & I married her 3 times already….. I know u understand when you find your soul mate I means everything.. She is so generous & such a good person… For my 50th birthday she took me to Boston to see Barbara Striesand which was on my bucket list at the top.. Now I would love to cross of at the if her bucket list to come to your show… We everyday & it would be a dream come true for her… Thank you so much for reading my request.. You are the most amazing person & admire & respect you so much… Have a groovy day.. 🙂

  • Jodi VanHandel

    Hi Ellen! My daughter and I watch your show everyday. We would love to come to the show. It would be a great gift for x-mas. Thank you! :h5:

  • Delleshu Davis

    Hello Ellen, My mom love and I watch your show everyday it airs. OMG.. it would be the greatest wish come true to meet you and be on your show. I have never had much money to ever give my mom anything,but being on your show for christmas would be one of the greatest gifts you and I could both give her.
    Hope to see you this christmas!
    We Love You Ellen!

  • Josselyn Turcios

    3 years trying to get tickets to this show and nothing 🙁 please make my dream come true. I watch your show every week and I’m just a couple miles away from the studio. I would love to take a day off from school and drive down to watch you live!

  • Evelyn Arroyo

    Olass…. Elle I’m excited just writing on your wall. So I really would like to surprise my mom with tix. She’s amazing mom always a helping hand we have had a tough one this yr but going strong!!! 🙂 she, me WE love your show… Im from the Bronx NY and would just pass out if we won tickets lol

  • Debbie

    Hi Ellen!
    My co-worker and I would love to win tickets to your show. We watch it EVERYDAY! :rofl: We think you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, please pick us :love:

  • Doralyn Belmar

    Ellen I have watched your show for years always wishing am one of the persons in the audience I will just split my pants if am pick for your Christmas show. Please pick me.

  • Brittney Patton

    Hi Ellen I truly wana win i’ve always wantd to see how it would feel to meet someone so successful as u your show is great please pick me n my family thanks

  • Janet Gaught

    Ellen, I would love to get to travel to see your show. My friend, Suzy and I would love to attend one of your tappings and it would be awesome for us to see you in person. Please give me this opportunity. I am disabled and stay in the house most of the time and I would love to have the chance just to get away for a while. Thank you in advance and God Bless.

  • Michelle Mason

    Hello Ellen,

    First let me say that the world became a better place on January 26, 1958 and 1973…because of us…I am lucky to say that we share the same birthday! I’m currently celebrating Michelle Gras…turning 40 next year!!

    Words cannot express how much comic relief you have brought to my Mom during her care of my Dad, who was left in a semi-coma after suffering an aneurism. My mom cared for him in her home for 3-1/2 years and watched your show during the “Morning Routine” and his physical therapy.

    My Father passed away in 2010, and my Mom is slowly getting used to having more flexibility to come and go.

    I have been trying to plan a trip to take her to see your show, first for her 65th birthday, then for Mother’s Day. It would be such a wonderful gift to see this show and bring my Mom some more smiles and happy memories.

    Your laughter and spirit has made a difference in my Mom’s laugh…sounds crazy to say, but so true!

  • never happen never will however,my congrats to who ever the lucky person is an just happy to be able to say hello an merry chsistmas to you an your staff! :dunno:

  • hi ellen,im marylou.i was forced to retire 3yrs. ago,i was at work then gone forever the next. i have always taken care of people since i was 6yrs.old. now my docs, say its time to take care of myself. its been very hard for my family, because now i have to slow down.i am a cna, worked in nursing homes for 10yrs, and childrens hospital in denver for 9 1\2yrs, swedish hospital for 5yrs.i have seen and learned alot, bad and good. a sixth mon. old baby, heart transplant, to working with childen in pyc. i have held a cild til last breath, and old alike. i had 2 strokes, lung surg. heart surg. everything taken out that i could funtion without. i cored on the table 2 times and i have cored once in a ct scanning, but im still here . its not my time, but i would like to see three people befor that, one, johnny depp, you ellen, and cher. please if u can spare tickets, i would cherish them. i would like to take my husband,he and my family are life to me. love u and yours

  • Hi Ellen

    I m a parapalegic n I’ve been in n out of the hospital having spine surgery, but I put u on n u make my day. I forget all the pain n the bad news that I get from the docs.

    Please give me a chance to meet u n be on ur x-mas show.

    Will b waiting for your response.

    Sincerely your true friend,


  • Iva Trevors

    Hi Ellen
    I would love to attend your show
    just becuz
    I Love ya

    Iva Trevors
    Palm Desert, Ca

  • Doralee Duran

    Ellen I would love to win tickets to one of your twelve days of give aways shows just simply for the fact that I think you are great n I would really love to meet you ! You’re the best in my book either way ! Thanks :-()



  • EvelynSPerez

    Dear Ellen, youre so wonderful and kind to others, you have a such a big hearted soul.I watched youre show almost all the time.Over three years ago i e-mailed you to ask for a couple of tickets to on your show, but i think i didnt do it right, cause i dont know much about how to use my computer.On 2006, my Grandson was diagnosed with AcuteLymphoBlasticLeukemia,he was ill for three years, he had three Bone Marrow Transplant,had lots of chemotheraphy and last but nota, Stemcell.Wew helped took care of my daughter,cause she was a single mom, and going to school as Paralegal course,she finished her school on 2006, but wasnt able to attend her Graduation Day cause of her son.she has aStudent loan and not able to finish paying off, we paid some of it,but thats it,so on 2009 of February her son went to be with the Lord.I been dying to see your show and be in it, but i could”nt.Me and my husband was took turns to be in the hospital for my grandson, while my daughter was at school,whenever he wants something to eat, i would cook for him and then rushed the food to hospital while its hot,cause live closed by,about 15 to 20 miles distant were we live.I’m from San Bernardino Area,buy Loma Linda Hospital.I been in this country also for over 35 years now and went home to visit my family only once on 2004.To make my story short cant afford it,Ms. Ellen, i would love to ask for 3 tickets to be on your this year.Like i said i been in this country for years, and i dont go anywhere,took care of my grandson when my daughter was working, took care of him when hes ill, and i will do it again for as long as the Lord wanted him to be around. And now, i’m taking care of another grandchild, her son,while she’s at work,a man of her life now,is the father of her child, he is very nice person, but him too his mom, her life was cut short..Thank You so much Ms.Ellen so much for being so kind, i highly appreciate if you granted my request.Like You said, Love One Another. :wiggle:

  • EvelynSPerez



    OMG….lOVE YOU AND THE SHOW …. :h5:

  • EvelynSPerez

    hi, ellen, i really, realy do want to be on your show.can i please ask for a couple of your 12 days of Christmas tickets. thank you so much for your wonderful and kind heart.

  • Lorena Robertson

    Come on Baby make my year.

  • Lenora Mills

    :fingersx: I would :love: to be on your show I always wanted to but I just could not get there. your 😎 your :wiggle: your :rofl: your:fun: :bigthumb: and I :love: you and your show it is Great just like you Hope to see you on your 12 days of chirstmas it wou;d be the best chirstmas ever for me :wavey: Lynn :bowdown:

  • wanda .l. payne

    Hi ellen show i miss you on t.v. for the summer .my birthday is 9/30/67 and p.wilson to. i wish for the hoilday that my dauther will have the best hoilday.and my dauther son who is 2yrs. she need rent moneys $2;000 doller for rent. my have pt work.dauther man do not work. she payment all the bills. buy foods for son.i will loove see help for domini for hoilday i geit sick money prom for .she is good mom.but i love my dauther domini payne. i need help with my birthday powerball lotterys number.domini payne. love mom wanda

  • Teneisha Tyler

    Hi Ellen, my mom and I Love your show and I would Love it if you picked me to come to your 12 day give away this year. It would be the best Christmas present for my mom because she has been threw so much in her life as far as being molested and abused for most of her childhood life, and loosing her youngest sister to a deadly disease an and she has been so depressed since then and on top of that she lost her house so now she staying in a tiny apartment with my youngest sister and brother. I just know this will help her get out of her depression so that i can have my mom back. Please Ellen help us. She has always wanted to share her story with other women and try and write a book, but we don’t know who can help us with that and i know you make dreams come true. I just want to see my mom smile again. Please have us on your show.

  • Tanya Anaya

    Please pick me. This will be my first show I have ever been to with you and I think it would be a wonderful experience for my first time.

  • Robert Proscia

    Ellen your show rocks and has made lots of familys dream come true i wish for my kids dreams come true last year we lost my mom and then 1 month later my brother in law took his life rocking my kids life being on your 12 days of christmas show would make a great christmas for my family and my two kids are my world

  • Melanie Katusa

    Dear Ellen,

    My sister and I have been through a rough two years. I lost 2 of my best friends 4 months apart! My 2 dogs! Then the following year on Oct. 15 we lost our mom unexpectedly! She was the light of our life, never missed your show! Then on April 19th, my sister lost her husband. She still cries every day! She’s a teacher and she tapes your show because you make her laugh! We would really like 2 tickets to your Christmas Show! I would like to surprise her, she so deserves it!

  • Shanda Conley

    Hey Ellen,

    I would love to come to the show with my bf of over three years. We havent had a vacation in over 2 years since being busy with school and work. This would be the greatest Christmas gift ever! Love you and your show!

    Shanda :wiggle:

  • Marylin League

    I live in Dallas. But right now I’m visiting my sister in Birmingham. We are watching your show and we both said at the same time ” I wish Ellen was my neighbor”. Realizing that will probably never happen, we thought the next best thing would to be able to come to your show. And what better show to come to than the 12 Days of Christmas. So please pick us to come to your show. If you do we will be able to mark it off our bucket lists. And by the way, we are really good dancers.

  • T DiGiorgio

    Ellen, I record your show every day and watch it while I’m cooking dinner. I could cook dinner for you. Christmas is my favorite time of year and would love to spend part of it with you. I could bake you some of my favorite delicious Italian cookies if I could be so lucky to get tickets to your Twelve Days of Christmas.

  • wendy rohland

    :bowdown: Oh Ellen please please pick me. I would say Ive never won anything in my life if that helps LOL!!! I love your show and you are really are such an amazing entertainer… I would be so excited and my kids would never believe it if they saw me on the Ellen Show… Please Please.
    Lots of Love, :love:

  • Suzie Christensen

    Hi Ellen, my daughter an I love you’re show, you brighten my day everyday.. I don’t have a sad story, we’ve had some hard times but nothing compared to other families, just would love to come and enjoy you’re show, sincerely a loyal fan!!!

  • Stacie Creel

    Hey Ellen, love ur show. I’m not in any kind of need except to come see ur show. I am now a Packers football fan because of u. I’m a 36 year old mother an wife an have never been out of the south. I love the south an my home an ur show would probably be the only reason i would venture out. Thank u for all u do.

  • Virg Renteria

    If you should have any available tickets I would LOVE to be a part of this show!!! :love:

  • Would love tickets to the Chistmas show of your’s. Lost a couple of family members this year and maybe this will ease the sorrow

  • Michelle Basilio

    My kids and I watch your show everyday…after work. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to actually be at one of your shows!

  • angela clement

    Hi ellen recently my mom died of cancer. It was a dream for her and i to make it to one of your 12 days of christmas .even though she has past she lives in my heart and i no it would make her happy .i have been trough alot lost my job. But the one thing that was good about that i got to take care of mom as much as i could. Wanted to spend as much time with her as i could. I only get 261 a week for unempliyment. I want to get my mom a headstone someday. Please ellen help me.

  • Judy Genenbacher

    :kekeke: Love your show and new it would be a hit from the beginning. You are the best and so funny. Working partime hope to retire next year, love to bring my daughter to show for girls bonding.

  • Stephanie Altizer

    Hi Ellen my husband and got married in February and haven’t taken a honeymoon yet even though I work for an airline. He’s been in and out of the hospital and haven’t had the extra money to take a trip. Attending your show would be an awesome honeymoon for us! I hope we are considered for tickets. Have a GREAT DAY!!!

  • Brittney santana

    I wanna go!!!! Please!!!! :wiggle:

  • Heather Dudek

    Hello Ellen my name heather of Fresno California 28 year old single parent of an 8 year old boy my child is a hand full he’s not like the alleged 8 year old he’s in an ED CLASS which is emotionally disturbed he’s very angry and has psychotic episodes where he’s cursing yelling at me hitting kicking screaming crying tries taking over me he was suspended half of of year last year since the age of 4 i’ve had to make myself a stay at home mom i can’t work i can’t have others watch him and he’s hard to manage in public due to his episodes i know millions of other parents say its a parenting issue but its not i need to get out i need help i don’t know if this is your field of interest but i’m desperate i don’t even know if you are the one to check the messages but anything is worth a try i’ve got to get some help some professional help PLEASE HELP ME

  • Hi Ellen, I would love to see your show like alot of fans it would be a great to see you live my daughter and I are fans and have never been to California her birthday is October 16 and would love to see your show if thier are enough tickets for 12 days of giveaways would be honored best talk show ever. Thanks,

  • Zelda Froese

    Hi Ellen I love your show and would love to come for the 12 days of Christmas as I work 5 days a week and babysit my grand babies 2 days and haven’t had a holiday in about 5 years so would be awesome. Thank You

  • Dear Ellen My mom does’nt know I’m sending this but she had her last vacation before she was married in 1979 they went to Florida she’s been no where since she a great mom friend and everything else she always there for the family to see your show would be would blow her mind my dad and mom are renovating their house and it’s been needing it. The giveaway would be a nice touch for her I love her very much. Thks Ellen. :rofl:

  • Hey Ellen,My name is Shannon Jodie Rains is my cousin she told about the 12 days of Christmas giveaways my aunt Vicky has been awesome my mom passed away last april 2010 she has always been like a mother to me and has been there for me it would be great if she could see your show I hope if it’s possible if all three of us could be there I love her very much and if anyone deserves to go she does. Thks Ellen and we all love your show. :h5:

  • Eva Reyes

    Hi Ellen , How Are You & Portia Doing When Ever I see Photos Of Both You, You look very very Happy & I’m So Glad To see that. :love: … Anways I’m Taking A Chance Here On Hoping That I could win Tickets to your Christmas Show I would Love To take my Husband ,sister-in-law & brother-in-law Also … Take care & God bless 🙂

  • Thomas wilson

    Ellen, I would love for you to choose me not for myself, but for my soon to be wife. Every day your show comes on your show is all that exist. That is why I hope you choose my wife for the tickets. Thank you and have a good day.

  • Sally

    Hi, I live in Maine and have always been a huge fan of ELLEN. It has been a dream to be part of an ELLEn audience just once. It would be even more fantastic if I could attend a Christmas show. I plan to be in LA for 10 days in December and what would make my trip complete but to attend a show. THANK YOU THANK YOU

  • Deborah Fairall

    ellen hi my name is deborah fairall and i watch your show everyday and i would love to come and see your show for your 12 days of Christmas. my daughter and i lost her sister and we have had many traumas in our lives. from being homeless and eating out of cans and finding money on the ground to working our way up. we have been through it all. your so inspiring and we love you so much and would REALLY love to come see you. :hs:
    love deborah fairall and torri pike

  • Sally

    I pray I am chosen. Please Please. I have been a huge ELLEN fan for years. I plan on being in LA around that time and what would make the trip the best is to see ELLEN. Thank you. Please Please.

  • Good Day to you Ellen :bigthumb: , I’am a fan of your show :bowdown: nothing makes me happier than a good laugh :rofl: and danicing while wating your show :wiggle:.
    My Family will be out of town for another christmas and I will be alone again :cry:. Last year I had you and your show to keep me company(Thanks). In sted of spending a nother christmas by myself I was hopping maybe I could spend it with you and the other Ellen Fans :fingersx:.

    Thank you.

  • jeannie dare

    Dear ellen
    My daughter passed away in 2004, my mother who i took care of passed in 2008. now my husband of 51 years has altimzers. i was hoping to come to your show for a little cheering up. i watch you everyday you are a wonderful role model for my 25 year old granddaughter because you see she just came out of the closet. i have been helping her thru this. she is a lovely girl
    your fan and admirer jeannie dare
    by the way i am 70.

  • Violet Soto

    Hi Ellen I would love to go to your show I watch all the time ive had a rough yr lost my job my house and my husband and me and my 3 kids are now homeless. plz pick me I think I deserve to go I need something good to happen this yr plz plz pick me

  • Brenda

    would luv the opportunity to attend the show with my boyfriend he has given me so much would like to give back to him please pic us to attend

  • :io: Aloha Ellen! pick me i would love to bring my 71 year old mother in law on your show. We both watch you everyday. It would be a wonderful surprise for her. You are great Ellen! So fun to watch..and even funner to see in person!! :h5:

  • dear ellen,
    my name is jada zavala,and i am 11 years old and i have 4 brothers . i am writing to you because i would like to win some christmas tickets for 2 important people in my life ,which is my grandmother and my mom. they both like watching your shows at 4 o clock.they watch it everyday.i like watching it too,i always watch it with my mom and my grandma i love your shows because it is funny and entertaining.i will love to win these tickets for my mom and my grandma because i want them to see you in person i want them to see who you really are i want them to see you dance,make jokes, and bring in pop stars in too talk to you.i would like to win these tickets for them because they do stuff for me and i would like to win these tickets for them.please choose me ellen i would absolutly love to win those tickets for doin this because i love them. :kiss: i would love to see them laugh at your jokes :rofl: please ellen please!!!!! :bowdown: thank you.

  • Rebecca Perry 661-477-4600

    WOW Im so in hopes of getting to come share in the Christmas showing with my x ha ha I promise this will be all good we are friends and are from the seventies group and know how fun you are and would be honored to come share in the Christmas of 2012 12 days of Christmas It is so funny watching you because I feel as if you and I habeas met or something your great anyway could u present me those tickets to your show 661-477-4600 THANKS

  • mary wilson

    ellen i would love to come to your show. the problem is i am terrified to fly. I have never flied before. I am 43 years old. Anyway i love your show and i love all of your xmas give aways. Is there anyway that i could enter to win your viewer giveaway. I live in kingstree south carolina. thank you in advance.

  • Love the show you are the best :uh: :uh:

  • Ellen I would love to come to your show and love all of your Xmas give aways is there anyway that I fluid enter to win your viewer giveaway olive in cantorial coast thank you ellen xxxxxx 🙁 :wiggle:

  • Chris Schultz Ryan

    Ellen you are truely the biggest hearted person the world will ever meet. I would give anything to meet you in person. I live in upstate NY where the Tropicalstorm Lee left its mark. This catastrophic disaster left us much like your people after Katrina. It is 1 year later and still trying to put our lives back together. The 12 days of giveaways would help us all! Please consider me for this opportunity. Hopeful Chris (607)759-0631

  • Delores Cloutier

    Hi Ellen, My name is Delores I have been disabled since 2002. I love watching your show. when I see you dance it makes me want to get up and dance with you. I hurt my back taking care of people I am a nurse and now I can hardly take care of me. I am broken hearted but at least I get to watch you have fun on tv. I would love to get to see your show. please pick me for your christmas show I would be there with bells on and we could ring them together. Love Delores PICK ME PLEASE!

  • Hello Ellen :wavey:

    My name is Kat and we live in southern CA. I am a teacher who was sadly laid off in 2008. 🙁

    My husband was a resort manager who suffered a head injury :uh: after working 54 hours with no sleep. He was then terminated from his position while on medical leave.

    Well…..After years of struggling financially we have created a cage free dog boarding facility on our ranch. We call it a doggie dude ranch.

    My 13 year old daughter volunteers for a Pet Rescue Center in our area. we like you have a compassion for pets. We always offer adopted pets discounts. Owners who adopt can bring their furry friends for doggie day care at a discount.

    We love all dogs and cats.

    We would like to ask if we could attend you 12 day give away :love:

    I would like for my daughter to have a great holiday and we are still recovering from our financial set back.

    We are growing our business and would love for you and your dogs to come visit.

  • Christine Zigray

    Hello Ellen,

    I was wondering when you will be giving away tickets to the 12 days of Christmas giveaway showings. My Company just sold a majority of their business to an out of state Company so 50 out of 60 employees were recently laid off. My time is soon. They said it will be sometime in mid Nov or as late as Jan. Perfect timing for the Holidays!! I look at it as a good thing. I get to enjoy the Holidays without worrying about how I am going to get all time off to see my family. Plus it gives me a chance to come to the show. I have never been to your show and figured why not go during the holidays.

    Please keep me posted! Thank you for all you do. When I get the chance to catch your show I always laugh and dance.

    Thanks again!

    Christine :wiggle:

  • Jenice Ware




    jenice :fingersx:

  • Lynn Hargreaves

    :wiggle: you are a breath of fresh air everyday. I would love to come 2 your show with my mom for her 87 birthday

  • Ellen, I have emailed your website asking for a ticket awhile ago. After a 40 year horrible marriage, I escaped. Lost everything.Had no where to go with my 2 weenie dogs Princess (passed away) and my beloved Brandy who is my world. I am disabled. They (social security) took $300 out of my September check. Now $100 every month for medicare. I wasn’t even covered for an eye exam. Please Ellen. I am 60, starting over. Please help and pick me. :love: :love: YOU !!!

  • Nelly

    :kiss: Ellen, you are the most wonderfulest & giving person ever!
    You are an awesum dancer & I cant wait to dance with you on stage!….WHATS UP??

  • Heidi lohr

    Hello lovley Ellen, me and my 4 month old son Trey boogie with you everyday. We really need to get together with you and work on our routine. You probably won’t be happy about this, but I believe you are my soul sista! Hope to see you soon;)

  • I am Italian !!!! no one can have fun and dance and be so so excited like me !!!! I am in need of so much. or anything !!! one thing ! anything ever you you want to throw my way !! I am a survivor ! I LOVE YOU ELLEN !!!!!! THANK YOU !! LINDA CAPPITTI WORKING HARD @ SURF CITY OBAMA 2012 HUNTINGTON BEACH !!!!

  • :bowdown: :bowdown: :love: :love: :love: :wiggle: :h5: can’t say enough !! me and my weenie dog Brandy say……ELLEN ! ELLEN !!! ELLEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING ! HONEST !!! BIBLE !!!! I LOVE YOU ELLEN ! I CAN DANCE (EX- SONG /CHEERLEADER ) I CAN SCREAM ( I AM FULL-BLOODED ITALIAN !!!!!!

  • Veronica

    Hi Ellen – Would absoutely love to see you in person and just have a great time.

  • Tiffany Hinton

    Please, please please pick me. My husband is in graduate school and we live solely off of student loans. This would be a great blessing for us to be able to come and a wonderful surprise for him. Please pick us.

  • Jennifer Romo

    Dear Ellen, I have always wanted to see you in person and have been a fan since you did your first sitcom I was pregnant with my daughter now she is all grown up. Last Christmas my father passed from liver cancer so the holidays were very sad and quiet he was 63. I want to have a good holiday this year for my daughter and and myself she now has a five year old it’s just us. I hope we could be considered for the twelve days of Christmas . Jennifer romo fountain valley california

  • Heather Vinson

    Hey Ellen! I just love you to pieces!! I would LOVE for my mom to be able to come to one of your 12 days of Christmas give away shows! In my opinion no one else is more deserving than my mom! My dad passed away from cancer when I was 15 (I’m 30 now) and she has been the best mom anyone could ever ask for! I have never had to want for anything, she has sacrificed everything for me and has always put herself on the backburner! And you could say I haven’t always been the easiest to get along with! Shes an amazing woman and it would be soooo awesome for her to be able to experience something like this!!! ya lots!!!

  • Ana Rivera


    I would love to go with my 9 year old son Marc Anthony Rivera to the 12 days of Christmas Show. We’ve had a rough year, I’ve had surgery and Marc has SVT a heart condition that can be very annoying. He had an ablation in May, 2012 but unfortunately it hasn’t been very successful! If it continues to be annoying we may need to repeat the procedure he’s been so good and has been wearing a heart episode monitor for another month. I stay amazed with him and am so blessed to have him in my life! Because of the medical bills all I do is WORK! It would mean the world to both of us to spend some M & M time together. Mommy & Marc time:)

  • Kathy Thiesmeyer

    Hi Ellen
    I enjoy watching your show so much. It brings me joy and lets me escape the real world for the hour. I am a single mom with 2 adult children who suffers from depression and has had many discouraging things happen to me over the past 31 years ranging from divorce, demotion at job for a nephew to take my position, salary cut by 700 a month, i could go on but i just would love to be on your 12 day of Christmas show. I am blessed for my life but would love just once to have something great happen instead of bad.
    Thank You

  • Drew smith

    Me and my fiancé have been engaged over 2 years now unable to set a date because of financial situations. We are helping my parents with bills and such as well. We were finally able to afford to buy a newer vehicle earlier this year and in the span of 1 moth both that vehicle and our older car were totaled. One by a drunk driver and one by a mattress falling off the back of a truck. There are far worst stories I’m sure, we are just 2 mid 20’s adults whom have had bad luck. But things will get better! We just really love the Ellen show! Watch it every day, to surprise her with this would be incredible. Either way we thank you for everything you do and look forward to continuing to watch you every day!

  • Elizabeth Stamas

    Hi Ellen

    I am a grandmother of two, Layla 2 and Jackson soon to be 4
    I take care of them 11 hours a day and would love a break to come on your show. Myself and my husband have never been on any show before. I watch your show all the time and when you start dancing Jackson dances with you and has a great time. We live with my son and his wife, and we would like to help them as much as we can.

  • Yolanda Rivas

    Dearest Ellen,I lost both of my parents in a house fire two years ago,I am an only child and am heartbroken while I try to put my life back together, your show has made me laugh when I needed it the most.I would love to be a part of the 12 days of Christmas…Thank You for the laughs hopefully I can laugh with you at your taping of the show..With warm regards Yolanda Rivas

  • Barbara Garcia

    Ellen, my Name is Barbara I just love your show you are such a nice person.

  • :

  • Kathy Etterley

    I am a 46 yr old single Mom.disabled due to MAJOR hip/knee surgery… w/arthritis in all major joints…I’m not able to do a lot anymore but WANT to do more for my kids.Dustin-28 yr old son w/T.B.I., who lives with m e. Cory my 25 yr old son who is expecting.& Jayden- my 4yr old. XMAS IS HARD. THEY DESERVE BETTER. PICK US. I LOVE YOU ELLEN

  • Megan Brown

    I am a 37 her old nurse who works with Oncology patients. Taking care of sick patients I truly appreciate how precious life can be. But I have time say I am truly blessed to have met and treated some of the most amazing people in the world! I believe I need them as much as they need me. You are so generous and and you inspire me. I love when I am caring for a patient and they are watching your show. I get to enjoy it with them. My job has taught me so much but most of all to live for each and every moment. I have a bucket list and you are part of it! Would love nothing more then time meet you! Please pick me! You will make my dream come true!

  • Maria De Los Angeles

    Hi Ellen,

    I LOOOVE your show!!! Your genereosity and kindness is one that one only wishes would go viral across the globe. I have been a fan of yours since your show started.

    I would love to win tickets to your show to take my son who has been a HUGE HUGE fan since he was 11 he is now 20 years old and to date his favorite movie is FINDING NEMO. All he wants for christmas is to attend your show.

    If you picked us we would be forever greatful.

    Love, Maria~
    Be Kind.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    I would love to see the show and bring my mom! Love your show.. Hopefully I can see u dance in person!

  • Ariana Alfaro

    I would love to go to your show, I’m such a fan.

  • Dinkinesh Tao

    Ellen i always wathch your show and i have kids and they love to dance to your music. i would love to be on your show.and i always wondered if you would chose me? please :bowdown:

  • Dinkinesh Tao

    Ellen i always wathch your show and i have kids and they love to dance to your music. i would love to be on your show.and i always wondered if you would chose me? please

  • Audrey Thomason

    Love your show! Would be the best Christmas gift ever to attend plus I’ve never been out West! We love you at my house.. Hope all is well:)

  • Judy Murday

    Ellen, I LOVE you and your show! If I won tickets to the 12 days of Christmas I would bring my mom. She’s always been an inspiration to me. She has been a girl guide leader for 35 years. My parents just had their 50th wedding anniversary and she turns 70 in the new year!They’ve never had a lot but have always given so much. To be able to bring her to your 12 days of Christmas give away show would be an amazing gift for her. :bigthumb:

  • kristine smotherman

    Ellen, All I can say is “WOW”. For the past 3 1/2 years you have been an amazing inspiration to me and at a point in my life when I didn’t think laughter or even a smile was possible you were there to prove otherwise. Almost 4-years ago, I went for a very simple meeting with my doctor to be released after having my second knee surgery. Who knew that appointment would change my life, forever. That day there was a freak car accident that caused a power outage at the hospital, anyways I fell in the bathroom at the hospital, treated by the physicians in the E.R. and sent home. Within 48-hours I was back at the hospital and in the operating room due to infection that had set in the small cut on my right hand. Nobody could have ever imagined what would come from this: 60+ surgeries and almost 4-years later I am alive and infection free, for now. During this last 4-years I have spent a lot of time in the hospital and at home in bed and at some of the most crucial times in my recovery you, Ellen showed me that a smile and laughter was still possible. I tape your show everyday just in case I’m sleeping, I won’t miss you. You ALWAYS make me smile no matter what is going in my life. I wish I could sit here and explain everything that has happen, but that would take forever. I would love to come to any of your shows, especially your 12-days of christmas show. The last 4-years have not only been emotionally challenging to myself and my family but a very financially challenging time as well. After 3-years in our home we could no longer afford the high rent and had to move, my car completely quit so I have NO car to make my regular doctor appointments, my husbands work truck has almost 300,000 miles on it and is on the verge of breaking down, if that happens we have no way to replace it. I could desperately use some help, but if not I understand, I’ll keep watching your show and I’ll keep doing my best to live, love & laugh. Ellen, love you, love your show !!!!!!!

  • wendy rohland

    Ive been such a fan for so long and have never been to the show. This would be such an amazing gift to come and see your show during Christmas. You touch so many lives and to be a part of that alone helps make the season brighter. I hope to be able to share in the season joy with you.
    Best Always,
    :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle:

  • Maricela De Leon

    Hello Ellen
    I am writing you because I love your show and I wanted to take my mom with me to one of your shows. My mom is the best mother in the world and I would love to take her to your 12 day giveaway show. She deserves so much and I just want to make her smile. This would mean alot to both of us.
    Thank You

  • Lin Estrin

    Dear Ellen,
    I am 65yrs. & have followed your journey from day one. Blessed w/parents who both just turned 90, I was taught tolerance being raised, taught my two kids tolerance, and my grandchildren are raised knowing tolerance. You have shared your journey with the world and given joy, laughter, hope and above all the freedom to be who “we” are.
    Yes, it is no mystery that I too would love to be invited to your 12 days of Christmas show. Regardless I meant what I wrote, & thanx for sharing you with us.
    Cheers for all seasons!
    Lin Estrin

  • Tracey Hill

    Pick me please! I would love to be on the show! I love Ellen so much and I just want to show her how much!

  • Mary Lou Ross


  • Marsha herfurth

    Hi Ellen I need your help see I don’t have a job and its been really hard for me and I would love to surprise my mom to coming to the taping of your Christmas give aways she loves u she never miss your shows on TV when we sit here and watch like the 12days give away she cries so please help us thank you love marsha

  • Penny Penno

    :love: Hi Ellen I love your show. I would love to be picked to be in your audience. I am 51 years old. The last two years I have been unemployed. I have had interviews but nothing has come up yet. To be picked for the 12 days of Christmas would brighten up my mood. I love your show because I love the laughs you bring to me everyday.

  • Hi Ellen, My husband and I love your show, we hope you pick us cause we could really use a vacation from home, we support a big part of our family that be a awesome time for us to spend some much needed time by ourself and being on your show would be so awesome!!! WE LOVE YOU ELLEN!!!! :love:

  • Iletha Chavez

    Hi Ellen with no doubt I would loooooooove to be invited to your 12 days of Christmas giveaway show with 6 kids and my last 2 being 11 months apart :uh: it would fill more of a getaway then giveaway.
    But this is not for me,I have always thought of ways to show, tell, or find ways to appreciate my sister Martha.She has always been there for kids she has never judged me for my mistakes she’s been there throw all my struggles, my lost, financially and so much more.I would really appreciate it if you would invite my sister Martha Rios :love: :kiss:

  • Lori Elfstrum

    Hi Ellen. I have lost my spirit for living and carrying on with this life. My Christmas’s are all nightmares. I have continued bad luck and I never have won anything nice. It would be a blessing from above to be on your show and try to lift this old ragged spirit up again. Pick me so I can regain hope for a better future. I have nothing now. I used to spread love now I spread sorrow. Please pick me! :uh:

  • Latonya Wilson

    Hi👯Ellen jut writing to let you know.That I have been a fan for many years. I am a single mother of two my daughter is 20 she in the United States Navy Serving 6 years. And my son who is 9 years old 🙏I was just wishing that me and my kids can come on your show to have some family time .When my daughter come home it would be a beautiful blessing for me and my family thank you Ellen for listen And thank God for you being ELLEN ❤❤👯Love You always (Lets👯👯😊👯👯Dance❤🙏🇫🇷✈🌟😜

  • Wendy Kapiolani Finai

    Aloha Ellen, I am a total fan. I am from the Island of Hawaii and now live in California and I am fun and love to sing and dance and I will do my Hawaiian dance and song for you if you pick me. Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka :bigthumb:

  • Jennifer Cyr

    I was hoping to get tickets to the Ellen Show 12 Days of Giveaways however I would die to just have any tickets to the show! I have been trying for 5 years to get tickets. I have a bucket list and the only BIG thing left on my list that would fullfill all my dreams would be to see Ellen and be a part of the audience! If not, no worries…thanks for all the laughs and smiles you create every day to everyone who watches your show! I simply adore you! Peace and chicken grease lol! Xoxo

  • Jennifer Cyr

    Love love love love Ellen! Thanks for making the world smile! I would stand on my head in a bucket of mud to win tickets to your show of 12 days or any day! Xoxo

  • Leah Arnett

    :wavey: Ellen,Goddess of humor and entertainment please :bowdown: pick me.

    I am watching your show right now -curled up in bed with a bad cold but watching you and your guests makes me laugh and laughter is the best medicine. There are alot of deserving people :h5: and I am not special in any way 😉 – I am just inspired by you and want to laugh my way into my golden years. 😀 One of my favorite Ellen shows was Russell Brand with Sophia Grace – what a pair! And of course the cat video with Morrisey! My husbands birthday is Dec 20 and mine is Dec 31…would be so great to get out of the cold and head to sunny California! 😎



  • Aaron Marcum

    Dear Ellen DeGeneres,

    I write this with a heavy heart, my mother and father were married for over 35 years before she passed away on oct 6 2012 after battling breast cancer for 6 long years. My father now is coming to terms with the fact that he is alone now and i feel that it’s gonna be rough around the holidays for the next couple of years. My wife and I watch your show every evening when it airs with our now 4 month old baby Chauncey. He loves your show it appears. What I’m asking is not for me it’s for my father. Though he isn’t home in time to see your show, my mother was a big fan when she was here with us. i would really appreciate you giving my father a little bit of sunshine this holiday season in our dark times, just one day so I can see him smile like he used to. Thank you for your consideration. We love your show and hope its around for another 10+ years.
    Aaron Marcum

  • Ellen, You are unbelievably the most caring loving human being and would love to meet you and your wife. :love: So if all possible for me to come to your show for the Christmas give a ways it would make the life I live seem better. :uh: You are an inspiration to all people :bowdown: Love you and what you do for others.
    Sincerely :kiss: ,

  • Laura Cardenas

    Ellen! Mi and my daughters love your show!! Your a loving, caring, sweet person. I would love to win tickets to your show. I was laid off 3 yrs. ago and I’m finally spending time with my family.. God bless u!!!! P.s. my daughters love Justin Beiber….

  • venus vazquez

    Hey ellen, I’m finally able to watch your shows again. I’ve recently been layed off but I’m always in good spirits. Feel alil bettter when I watch ur show. Love how ur so positive & always such a free spirit to help so many ppl. I’ve written to u yrs ago but I could imagine how hard it is to read everyones letters. Anywho!!! It would be such a pleasure & a dream come true to be on ur show. Hope to hear back from u…;-) godbless

  • venus vazquez

    I just want to experience your show once in my life. It would be an honor to meet the person that brings smiles to so many ppls faces…they say I’m lucky because I always win tickets and if I was to get a ticket for your show that would just really put me on the top of the awesome list…lol!!!

  • Gabriela Franco Sanchez

    Pick me please! I woiuld loooove loove to attend a taping of your show. I Love you Ellen! It would be the best x-mas present ever and My husband and I have been through soo much this year, this would b an awesome thing for us. We have a 2 year old son and with my husband always working and me attending college we havent had a date since February! This would be the perfect date to end the year so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease you will make me oh so very happy! :fingersx: :fingersx:

  • Amy Howe

    Im sure Iam writing too late. However, I would love to take my daughter to see your show. She is a very high functioning teen. Megan has Down Syndrome and her 3 crushes are Blake Shelton, Justin Bieber and Taylor from Twilight. She is “Team Jacob”.. I have had a really hard time staying healthy the last few years. I would give her the world if I could. A trip and/or meeting you AND just one of her crushes would be a dream come true. She also cheers on a Special Needs Squad and they need Real Cheerleading Outfits with Real Pom Poms. Its so rewarding to see just how special Megan is. She is gorgeous! I also want your Vegan tips and Covergirl tips because you look so good Ellen! Lets dance…..pick Megan and I please. <3 Thanks, Amy Howe

  • Candace smith

    HI ELLEN!!☺ I would loooooooooooooooooooove to have tickets to the show for my grandmother and I. We watch the show everyday together. My grandmother is 73 and is the funniest person you could ever meet!!! Because of you I am comfortable with my sexuality… THANX GIRL!!!!’

  • Candace Smith

    For some reason it would not let me type anymore … My grandmother retired and every month bills are a struggle just to stay above water… What she really wants is to give her younger grandchildren a great Christmas to make it on your show would be a blessing.

  • Nicole Montemurro

    Hi Ellen,

    Born and raised in the bronx. I”m gay and I live in Los Angeles now. My parents keep calling me to make sure I tried to get tickets to your show. I am a huge fan and you have been inspirational to me and my family. Please give me tickets. Thank you. :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :love: :love:

  • i would like some ticket for my mom she would have a great time it’s been a tough year this would start the new year with a bang for her.

  • i would like some ticket for my mom she would have a great time it’s been a tough year this would start the new year with a bang for her.

  • Aaron Marcum


    My husband Aaron Marcum wrote the email about his dad. He had no idea that I’m writing as well. I have spoken to my father in law and my heart breaks for him. Today on Facebook he was bargaining to see his love, Joy one more time. What my husband didn’t mention was that his other who passed on oct 6th, her goal was to see her grandson Chauncey born. I invited her into the delivery room that day. She said it was the most magical moment of her life. My inlaws are tremendous people. My father in law is a good man who only has sunshine when his grand kids are around. Cancer has took their 401s and have put him in debt for a long while. His quote was” cancer is disgusting, my best friend, my wife fought this for 6 years and we still lost! But maybe she won, she is in the hands of God.” Dearest Ellen, please make his holiday a bit brighter and invite him to your show. My heart aches for my family, especially knowing that my 4 month old will never “know” his Mema. I just hope to put a ray of sunshine on my family, to get us and my father in law out of the dark for just a while. Sometimes life can bring the greatest sunshine. That what my mother in laws goal was, seeing her grand baby born. But right now shadows is all my family sees. I ask you with all respect and upmost care to consider my father inlaw for one of the 12 days of giveaway show.

    With love,
    Georgeanne marcum

  • Keri Rae Johnson +6 kids

    I’ve tried to figure out how to make my letter stand out..I just don.t know how to other then tell you that I’m A single mom with six kids My child support is fifty dollars a month.Thats all I get sometimes when I’m lucky.I have worked everyday I mean everyday for eleven months.I work from eight am till noon leave work pick my son whos 17 up from high school.I take him to college.He is a 4.0 student.Just today I got a letter in the mail from the National Honor Society he has been excepted.. Despite having heart surgery and real bad asthma It does not hold him down!!Im so proud of him.Anyway I pick him back up at 245.Take him to work cause he also has a job.Then I go back to work @ 5pm.I get off at ten pm. leave my job pick him up at ten thirty.Everyday I do this.Not to mention I have younger kids that I take care of..Christmas is coming I dont know what to do.I work work and cant get then what they need much less what they want.Every year watch how people receive those real nice things you give away.Me and my kids are amazed and been a few times when I had to get up and leave the room with tears in my eyes.I could only dream about giving my kids those things…Please ellen we watch you eveyday we love you.Everyday at four on whiz tv Zanesville ohio..I dont know what else to say I would love to been on the other side of the t.v during your twelve days…Did I forget to mention I have a ford 95 explorer and it keeps breaking down on me..Like everybody else times are hard..But I sur do try!!!

  • Debra castaneda

    :wiggle: would be so blessed to beagle to go to this, I have a girlfriend who’s been here for me thru thick thin she would be the one I would take, she has moved me, gave me a cell phone, bought food, taken me out to have fun, made me laught thru my hard times, divorse, short sale, lost job etc, her name is Lisa and she’s been my personal angel!

  • ricky

    Hi Ellen, would lovet come to you show nd bring my 82 year old mom

  • Harry Forker

    Hi Ellen,

    I would love to be on your 12 days of XMas show with my elderly mother. She would be so surprised. She needs a Handicap Scooter as she has a bad leg and walks slow. I took her car away from her so she is not allowed to drive anymore. Thats where the scooter comes in. Thank you for listening.

  • Melanie Hugley

    Hey Ellen! I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do. You have gotten me through some ruff times. Between my major surgeries, losing our 2 year old grandson, and just life stresses in general. I want to thank you for making me laugh until I cry (happy tears). My husband and I were married last December 3 and we were not able to go on a honeymoon. We both promised each other we would take one on our anniversary, but money is tight. I would love to spend our honeymoon coming to your show. If you have any spare tickets to your 12 days of Cheistmas show. I would hold you in my heart forever! Thank you for considering us.

  • hi ellen i am so glad that u r a survivor like me u have never been ashamed or least never showed it like me i donot want u to think this is a pitty tex but i will be straight to the point hope u have time lol i was molested beat and that unlovable child i thought it was normal was being molested at age 9 by step father beat by mom i felt i deserved it took me on years of self blame and suicide attempts i am 48 yrs old and have 2 adult children of my own they have been through hell and back my first hubbs ronald wayne sigler commited suicide 2 wks after he turned 35 donot even imagine that it was not about the pain i caused him once again i blamed my self my 2 kids even though i was so beaten i brought them in to my pain i never thought that i was good enough fr anyone but yet i am a care giver by heart i was told 2 days ago i might have cancer want to give my hubbs kids and step kids something that i feel they deserve they a worry less christmas and fr me a real weddind a dress and my family thank u i will be blessed even if iam not picked their are always worse off then me god bless

  • Debra castaneda

    Hi Ellen, if I get picked I’m taking my BFF, who is more like a sister, she has been with me thru thick nthin, always heaping me and I have never been in a position do do something wonderful, when I had to move and had just gotten a diviorce and coundnt afford anything she helped me move with her pathfinder,lol, mattress on top. I was so broke she filled my refridgerator full, she gave me a cell phone to use for a year, till my credit was back on track, she has been an angel in my life, even helped when my daughter need clothes for high school! Her name is Lisa a redondo , thanks debra

  • continuing i just want to do my last dance w u and get jiggy with it this dream is all i ever will and have asked fr help me shine in my families eyes i am proud how far we have come it is woman like u who give me hope love u ellen

  • Gracie Allaire

    Hey Ellen! I have always wanted to go to one of your shows! I always watch the 12 Days of Christmas Ellen special with envy of all the people in the audience! I have never been on a plane (and by the way I’m 12 years old) and my mom said that if I got these tickets she’d take me on one! I know what your thinking. “Ew a 12 year old! She probably won’t be able to sit still! She’ll ruin my show!” But I’ll have you know that all my teachers think I’m very mature for my age! I promise i’ll only laugh with the crowd and I won’t get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the show…… Just please tell me how I can get the two tickets (and I don’t mean buying them 😉 so please LET ME COME TO YOUR SHOW!!!!! P.s even if you don’t read this its ok, I still had fun writing it <3 Luv Gracie

  • Dawn

    Hi Ellen,
    I would love to be on your show. I have been so depressed due to Hurricane Sandy. My family grew up down the shore. My parents live 5 minutes away from Seaside Heights which is now destroyed.It is heart breaking hearing all these stories of people that have lost everything.I have been home with my kids and have been without power for days, and it would be very uplifting if I could get out of this house and be around someone fun like you!I think your show is great! :wiggle:

  • Albert Herrera

    Hi Ellen I love your show and I would love to be there for your 12 days of christmas show in person and be able to get up on the stage and dance with you if all is possible. So please pick me and lets dance and have some fun..

  • Estela Lopez

    Hello Ellen <3 ! My name is Estela && im a big fan (: . I've been ur watching show from as little as should remember . I've always wished to go to one of ur shows meet & see you close up in person . Being in the same room as you & just feeling the love '& peace , with all the happiness i see you spread and give all of uf fans. I could really use some of that <3 . Ive always wanted to be there for the twelve days of christmas because during the time of my birthday $: . Im 1& years old

  • Estela Lopez

    Hello Ellen <3 ! My name is Estela && im a big fan (: . I've been ur watching show from as little as should remember . I've always wished to go to one of ur shows meet & see you close up in person . Being in the same room as you & just feeling the love '& peace , with all the happiness i see you spread and give all of uf fans. I could really use some of that <3 . I lovr dancing & i eould absolute love to dance with you <3 .Ive always wanted to be there for the twelve days of christmas because during the time of my birthday $: . Im 15 years old, my parents ruined my birthday 15 when theh told me they were getting a divorice. & i haven't been happy ever since /: i hope you pick mr because a day with you would sure brighten mh new year. So i Hope You Pick Me i Would Really Appreciate It <3 . God Bless You <3 .

  • merry xmas

  • Andrea molla

    hello my name is andrea me and my 4 kids wach your show ever day id love to winn tickets id bring my 11 year old becous he tells me every time we wach the show hed love to meat ellen so I thought id
    give it a shot to try and winn


  • Debra Torres

    Ellen,My husband has been watching u .When i get home from work all i hear is ur name ELLEN .I would love to send my husband Allan to ur 12 days of Christmas…….

  • Emily bowman

    Ellen, im from kentucky and im 13 and me and my mom watch ypur show everyday after school and i would die if i could come and see your show. So please pick me to get some tickets to 12 days!!! Your shiw us all i watch i skip reba to watch ELLEN DEGENERES!!!! I love you ellen!

  • vanessa

    :fingersx: hi ellen my name is vanessa my sister and i we r a huge fan of urs we would love to go to the 12 days of giveaways. you are so funny and u always have a smile on ur face even when u were sick on the show. i really would like to meet u !

  • Dorothy Patterson

    I would love to be on your show and bring my daughter–Patricia (30) and grandaughter–Ella (2) because we DESERVE A GET AWAY!

  • A 73 yr old grandma with14 grand kids and 17 greats would love to be on your 12 days of give aways show. watch you every day. so cheerful

  • dear you and your show is hilarious..would love to be able to take my sister to one of the 12 days show’s..she’ been through alot..had a stroke last year and while she;s doing ok unfortunatley one of the affects was with her kidney;s..dyalisis 3 days a week for the rest of her life..she is only 65 and it would be a thrill to see her have a fun day..please consider my request..if not i’ll still love you and watch you religiously because if not me i know you’ll pick someone who is deserving…your fan terri michel..857-236-4307

  • Esperanxa Jaime

    Allen I would love to come on your show, so give me this big break, I’m in a wheelchair if that’s okay right… .5622008357

  • :i have 5 daughters very beautiful i am 69 years old and i have never been able to give them very much for christmas i would love love love to have tickets to your show this would be something they could always remember i love your show

  • hi ellen this is gail davis again good news no cancer just ulcers on esophagus please pick me this would be the best fr me to see all kinds of laughter and survivors havin one day of pure freedom i live n carson city nv but i was born at burbank memorial see the connection lol

  • tjuana somerville

    Hi ellen, my name is tjuana somerville and I am a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 3 and I work 5 days a week and 3 hours on sunday and saturday (days off)and i know that don’t sound like much but when I only make 26,000 a year and I have to take care of all above including myself it can be overwhelming. I wish you would pick me because i really can’t afford to buy anything for my son or my grandchildren and you are my only hope right now. although i do pray alot and that gets me through to the next day I really wish you would pick me, just so that I can see the smiles on christmas morning would really make my year. love you ellen bye

  • Julie Van Vliet

    I have written you many times I am a caregiver my mother has alzheimers she does not know me
    My father just passed away they both have lived with me for the last 4 years. We lost everything after opening four stores 6 years ago – but life goes on –the franchise took all four stores back when my husband got sick
    But my husband is fine we are trying to make a life for ourselves again at 60 years old. We really thought those stores would be our retirement. Losing my father was very hard he was so mentally with it and doing so well at 95 but don’t send anyone to the hospital and think before doing any procedures at 95. I really could use a fun day out – I come home every day to your show and watch it with my mom and get a little smile out of her.
    Thanks Julie Van Vliet
    39 Towhee Ct.
    E. Amherst. NY 14051

  • stacy connelly

    Dear Ellen I would love to be invited to your 12 days of Christmas show! I’m having major surgery next week and I wont be able to work or Christmas shop this year for my 3 children and husband and our 2 dogs! So a great time at your show and seeing you in person would Greatly lift my spirits for this Holiday Season! Yours Truly. Stacy Connelly

  • Lorelei and David Wyrick

    Happy Thanksgiving Ellen and Porsche
    My Husband and I would love to attend one of your “12 days of give aways”, show. We just celebrated our 1st Anniversary and this would be so awesome for us and to enjoy together. Thank you for what you do, you bring tears to my eye’s every day with your amazing heart and the love you show to Humanity. With all our love and support for the Holidays….. Lorelei and David 🙂

  • Lori Young

    Just moved. Not much for Christmas. Do not need presents. Just want to dance with my son on your show. He is seven and and loves to dance. Would be the ultimate present. Thank you for the joy you bring to us every day of the year not just the holidays!

  • Debra castaneda

    Would put a huge smile on my BFF s face if I could take her:)))

  • Debra castaneda


  • Dona Martell

    Ellen n Crew,
    Love your show my girl friend Cat n I DVD it daily watch it, laugh and then laugh our asses off again as we discuss the show! It is so nice to come home from a hard day and have a real FEEL GOOD show to view. Would love the opportunity to surprise her with tickets to your show. Keep it up you guys.
    Dona Martell.

  • Kathleen Norris

    :kiss: Can’t wait to get home from work to see your show. It would just wonderful to be able to attend your show and visit my niece at the same time and make my christmas a little less stressful. I’ve never been to California and this would be just the best. Please, please pick me I can surprise someone in my family with the extra ticket.

  • Alex piper

    Hey :wiggle: :
    I Am only 14 Years old. And i would love to win these ticket to surprise my mother with this tickets. Also her birthday is near Christmas:3 ~Thanks Ellen :3
    ~~From one of your young fans <3

  • Lindsey Blades

    No sad story, no I am not a hero, just a social worker home on maternity leve…. let me repeat, I am home all day with my baby OMG, get me out of here! I do love spending time with my son of course but Momma needs a break! While home on leave I have really gotten hooked on your show and would love to come in person!

  • Evelyn Goertzen

    Hi Ellen!!!! I would love tickets for your show…it would be awesome! It would be great for the 12 days of Christmas but I think I would just love any show or to just hang out for a day because you’re hallarious and I love all your practical jokes….a lot of it reminds me of myself actually. I think we would make a great team and have a blast! There’s so many very deserving people that have commented and I hope they get to come see you. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to make it to this year’s 12 days because of my very busy work schedule working with beautiful standardbred harness race horses! Love these gorgeous animals with such big hearts! Well and winters/Christmas are always tight in the money department. But I really hope one day in the future I’ll be able to meet you! I admire you and all you do for others especially those effected by storm sandy right now. They need all the help they can get so that they too can have a Christmas. I too often take for granted even just having a home and my family at Christmas. But then we are quickly reminded how fortunate we are and that it doesn’t always matter if you can buy and receive tons of gifts….but I do loooove giving! It’s a gift in itself! Thank you Ellen once again! Your great! Ps. I would love to see YOU do a dance “gangnam style” behind someone of my choice….hmmmm! Think about no pressure…but seriously! 🙂 xoxo

  • So many deserving people, I don’t envy you who has to choose! Would love to see the Ellen show in person. Fingers crossed!

  • Shannon Pape

    Dear Ellen,

    My name is Shannon and I am married to another female. I would give up anything to come to your 12 days of Christmas. Here is a little about me. I am twenty-nine years old going to be thirty in Febraury. I have never had an easy life. I had to be grown up at the age of five and take care of my little sister after my mom died and my dad had no clue what to do. At the age of six until twenty one I was in foster care and ophanages. I have not had it easy at all. I had a miscarriage at twenty five and at the age of twenty six I found the love of my life. I watch you every day because you make my life much much better and happier. I hope and pray you pick us to come to your 12 days of Christmas. Thank you very much and GOD bless. Happy thanksgiving to you and Porsche. Sincerely Yours,
    Shannon and Jennifer Pape

  • happy thanks givin and porchea love u guys

  • :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: your show

  • Maryleen Santos

    Hi Ellen, very short and sweet. I’m a retired teacher assistant. I see your show all the time. I would appreciate a chance to be in your 12 days giveaway show. Thank you in advance for the joy you bring to people always. Por favor pick me. Gracias

  • mindy gladden

    Hi Ellen, I would have a blast coming to 12 days of Christmas show and I can even bring my beautiful Golden Retriever if you would like, I know you would love him just like everyone else does. My daughter watches you all the time and loves when you have Justin Bieber on the show. Thank you for giving me a chance to win tickets, oh I almost forgot I can sing for you to if you would like.

  • Jessica

    I love your show! I would to be part of your show ” 12 days of Christmas”. My girlfriend has the same birthday as yours . January 26th. Please make this Christmas a special one!

  • Tim

    Dear Ellen,
    I’d like to reward my son as he nears his high school graduation with a trip to California and top it off with tickets to your 12 Days of Christmas. He’s an honors student who is also actively engaged in volunteer opportunities in the community and a terrific baseball player, coming from a completely biased dad. :h5: We watch your show and enjoy the zany antics you and your team create for our entertainment. We hope to see you soon!

    Tim from Ohio

  • Mary kooklin

    🙁 I missed out on getting holiday tickets. :uh: I looked everywhere :run: for them. Me and my family :love: :bowdown: :love: :bowdown: you!!! This fall my 90 yr old grandma had a stroke and we’ve been caring for her full time and would sure love a break. 😥 what do u have to lose? :dunno: :fingersx: :fingersx: please, please, please pick us :h5:, we luv u!!!!

  • Rita Silva

    It’s Rita Silva from Downey I watch your show everyday since i’ve lost my job early this year I don’t have to record & watch ltr I Watch on time & enjoy I have been trying to get tickets but no luck😞😢 I bug my daughter everyday to help me try I tell her to write you & tell you her story about her jalopy she had & her new jalopy she’s borrowed from her dad to get her to school I don’t know if she has lately but it would b nice to get tickets for the 12 days even if you don’t choose me hope you consider my Daughter Laurie she deserves it!!

  • Jessica Ruiz

    Ellen your awesome and I want to meet you for Christmas. If you pick me to receive the free tickets then I promise to dance like you do for the entire taping of your show. Oh YEAH!!

  • Rachel Toby

    Hi Ellen,
    You are first in line when it comes to being genuine. I couldn’t love you anymore than I do, and I mean it. You are so darn funny, just hearing you laugh makes me laugh. I have the driest sense of humor, it would be a waste of money to go to any comedy show. I have tried several times to come to your show just to come. I would LOVE to be a part of your 12 Days of Christmas Give Away. I live in Norco, California and my mother lives in Vancouver, Washington with Parkinson’s. I have been unemployed off and on since 2009. I am at the point where I am exhausting all benefits. I have three senior dogs and my mother needs me. I only have one income coming in, I feel like sticking my head in the sand. Ellen, I need help!

  • Janet Betancourth

    First and foremost we are not daytime television, until we found you… We must record your show everyday dear lord…however you make our day honestly…forget comedy forget anyone else this is where we get our fix for everything, crying, shock, miracles, knowledge, most of all laughter thanks for helping people who most need it and for just doing what you and your staff do…jeep it up…and yes we want tickets to 12 days of Christmas…but meeting the beiber…is my girls dream that would be even better…let’s do this we want to see and meet you…pick us for anything…we clean good too…so even for that…

  • Ohhhhh Ellen, you have inspired me beyond ( I have been a giver all my life, always wanting to give instead of receiving, so I see why you like doing this) what I ever thought was possible. I work for a non-proft organization who feeds, cloths, pays utilities, helps get there state Id and birth certificates and so much more. The web site is above and also the thrift shoppe were have been employed for two years and finally were making a little profit. But it seems never to be enough. I talk about you at the store and when any of our donated tv/s are working and we can get the channel without cable or very good reception its a blast…I even dance…woohoo. Well, thats not such a big deal except you should seeme…I’m 64 years old female. I am so blessed to help others. I wish I could send you a picture of all the volunteers that help me. But today is my day off and I’m watching you making peoples life better. ASK PLEASE PICK ME FOR CHRISTMAS THE GIFTS YOU GIVE I COULD MAKE MANY FAMILIES/CHILDREN SO HAPPY. I CAN ONLY GIVE INEXPENSIVE GIFTS FROM DONATIONS, SETILL FEELS GREAT, BUT I WISH I COULD DO MORE FOR CHRISTMAS.


    Ms. Leellette
    Saint Petersburg, Florida

  • Nancy Kasunic

    Hi Ellen, How are you. Here doing fine. I would love to come to your 12 days for Christmas. I love your program and everyone that helps it make it fun to watch. This has been a hard year for my family. Its hard to find a job and pay bills. My husband works so hard and I would love to do something special for him. My youngest son goes to college and I would Love to give him something so special too. My oldest son is always working and I hardly see him but he always calls to see how I’m doing. I hope you pick me and to meet you would be the greatest gift. Thank you. God Bless you and your family. Nancy Massillon,Ohio :hs:


    HI ELLEN..OMG!!! HOW I WOULD LOVE TO RECEIVE 2 TICKETS TO ONE OF YOUR 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS… I WATCH YOUR SHOW ALL THE TIME …YOU’RE VERY FUNNY, CARING ,GIVING, AND I LOVE TO SEE YOU DANCE!!! I JUST NEED A LIL GETAWAY AND A TRIP TO YOUR SHOW WOULD MEAN ALOT! I am a very hard worker I work with mental health and mentally retarded children and adults. I have been doing this for 15 years so you know I love to care for people ,well you don’t know but I’m telling you lol… The pay is not great$13/hr but that’s not what I’m there for I’m there for the care of the clients… I even went to nursing school and now I am an LPN …its hard to find a job because I need a year or so experience! it would be wonderful!

  • Charlene washington

    Hello there Ellen, how are you? You take care of so many people, someone has to watch out for you. I have followed you from the first time you were on tv, and when they took you off the air I was pissed. I just enjoy watching you help of all races, with whatever problems they are going though. I just want to say thank you for being there for the little people. As you can tell I am not a single mom with small children, all my children are grown. Every one has a story, and so do I. Back in 2001 I had a breast reduction, that went wrong, up to this date I still have tears over it. But anywa I lost my job behind it, in the past years I went from job to job because I look. Now I am on disabilty and nothing to how for it. Watching your show have given me some solice.and help with mydepression, I would like it very much to come to your 12 days of christmas iy would give me great joy to be there and to see you Ellen, you have a good heart and soul …

  • EvelynSPerez

    hi,ellen,it’s me again, writting you, if ican get lucky for a couple of tickets to be in ur” show. I thank you so much if you granted my request. i know that thousands of people would love to be on your show,cause you are so very generous to mankind, that”s why your so succesful in life, people love you, i’ve been in this country for 36 years and only once went home to my country,only once i visited my 4 brothers and dad.Could’nt afford it, sends money to help them every month, took care of my daughter and her son when he was ill, with AcuteLymphoBlastic Leukemia, almost 3 years ago, he went to with the Lord (my grandson)He was only almost 7 years old when the left the earth.i’d love to help her with her Student Loan 0f 26.000 thousand dollars, i”m so sorry if i’m telling you this.Ms.Ellen May god Bless you and thank You if you pick me.

  • Dorothy Forneris

    :bowdown: :wiggle: :fingersx: :love:
    Happy Holidays! I LOVE you and your show!!!! It would mean the worlsd to me to come to your show during the 12 days of giveaways!!! How much fun would that be???????!!!!!
    I am a full time nursing student and mother of beautiful 19 month old twin girls and a big brown dog named Brooklyn at the good ol’ age of 43! I have been a good girl and working my tail feather off. Trying to stop waiting tables and become a nurse as I am meant to be but it is kickin’ my butt! :rofl: :rofl:
    It would be a very Merry Christmas for me if I could attend your show! Oh it would be an honor to sit there in a room full of joy. My daughters are so much joy don’t get me wrong, but the hospital and the sick poor patients have been pulling on my hearstrings. I am so greatful everyday for all of the wonderfulness in my life and hope you and your loved ones and staff are filled with joy too.
    It would be a lifetime memorable event for me. I have never been on a show before and I live in West Hollywood, Ca go figure! :uh:
    Hope to hear from you soon! Happy turjey day! 😀 😀

  • Janet Betancourth


  • Licia Heller

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ellen! I’m looking forward to watching your 12 days of Christmas giveaways. I always cry watching it because you are so generous

  • adraine

    please pick me I have been trying to get tickets to the show for years!!! 😥 my daughter who is a big fan also, when i finish my last chemo I put to see Ellen on my bucket list 😉 lol . My daughter who was very young when I got sick and promised she would be a nurse because of what I went through, I would really like to give her something for all she sacrificed for me. she is 22 and I owe her the world!!!!!! I love her so much just to see her smile would make me so happy

  • Darlene Lucado

    Hi Ellen. I would love to be in your audience for the twelve days of Christmas giveaways but, I would rather request something for our son. Our son was diagnosed with prostate and testicular cancer last year at the age of 39. We were not told until after he had gone through chemo and radiation, etc. he didn’t want to burden us because we care for his 88 year grandfather who lives with us. Also much to our surprise, his wife asked him for a divorce. He has two little boys ages 5 & 6 (now). He gave the home and equity to his now ex wife to allow for the babies to stay in the home where they were born. Jamie, our son, took the van that has over 200,000 miles on it and started over. He has since met a wonderful lady and settled into a relationship. Our son needs a new van or SUV that will comfortably hold himself and his 2 sons as well as his new girlfriend and her 13 year old son. I don’t ask for help for myself. I ask for help for my son who does so much for others. Raising money for cancer awareness etc. Please if there is anyway possible. My son needs a reliable vehicle to carry our precious grandchildren to visit us 3 hours away. Love your show. Thank you so much for all you do. Darlene Lucado

  • Jamie Thomas

    Hello Ellen and staff ive read afew of the other request and of course they all sound great idnt want to sound needy or crazy iwatch your show even when ur not on im 33 1/2 single mom of 3 sons ages 15,14,&12 yes its astruggle maintaining but it makes u who you are irun adaycare out of my home and the boys and I have alawn service to make ends meet ihave never really been internet savy ijust pay for it for the kids but whn ifound out ireally needed it for ellen purposes is when ibecame more interested idnt even have facebook,twitter,instagram or any thing else internet but inow have email so ican recieve ellen stuff so botom line ilove everything ellen shes really inspirational iwould love tickets to the twelvedays or tickets to any ellen show doesnt matter iwould be honored to dance with her shes got spunk!!:-)

  • natalie gutierrez

    Hi Ellen! My mother(heralda) just got out of surgery a few hours ago. When she told me she won’t be able to afford presents for the family It didn’t bother any of us because her health is more important to me and my little brothers. Her surgery will costed a little over $5,000 and truthfully I wish I could help her with the little money I have saved. I am 17 years old and I have 3 little brothers. I want to give her something special to give her thanks for all that she has done for this family as a single mother. My mother has always wanted to go watch the Ellen show and I would be more then happy if you granted her wish. We love you Ellen.

  • EvelynSPerez


  • Meredith Clark

    Hi Ellen! I would love to win tickets for your giveaway show!! I am a huge fan! 🙂

  • Andrea King

    Hi Ellen. I just love you and your show. I love shows that inspire me. You fill my life with joy everyday. I am a 41 year old single mother of my 10 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. I am without a home or a future at this point. My husband is incarcerated and I live with my wonderful sister and her 4 kids. She just lost her husband a year ago Feb. She has been so good to me she has let me use her car to get around. We are scared facing life without spouses and would love to give these kids of ours a good Christmas. They miss their dads and we are doing our best to just get through the holidays. I would love to surprise my sister with tickets to your 12 days of Xmas show. It would mean the world to us. I watch every year and I just cry like a baby to see how happy you make these people in your audience. I always dream of a day I could give so much to others in need. It must feel so good. And that’s all I really want. To give joy to my sister and these kids. Thank you Ellen for all you do for my soul. Keep up all your good work. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Gerri B. Gibson

    I will be 63 years old in January! It is on my Bucket List to attend one of Ellen’s Twelve Days of Christmas before I die! Love her and all the wonderful things she does for others!

  • Jenny zuna

    Hola Elena am so exciting just thinking to get to u show am New Jersey and I hope I have change and good luck to everyone ….you are the most funny Pearson in this world and god bless u and thank you for make everybody smile 😄 am getting married finally…. am in engagement for 3 yeas and finally a get married in 2014 in love my fiancé we never travel and I want give him a surprise thank u so much Ellen

  • I am writting and requesting the tickets for my Mom. She is in her 70’s and since retireing hasn’t had it very easy. My stepdad has a anxiety issue going outside the house, leaving her with a very limited existance, missed Holidays, Weddings, vacations, family. The economy managed to just add more burden on her but shes a wonderful woman who I am so proud to call Mom.
    She loves your show and said how much joy it’s brought into her life so I would like to request the tickets for a little Christmas miracle for her.

    Lisa Snyder

  • Kat Todd

    MeHi Ellen

    We have a cage free dog boarding facility near Palm Springs. I would like like to bring my teenage daughter to your 12 days of Christmas. She volunteers her time at a no kill animal shelter.

    We have had a challenging year. My husband suffered a head injury.
    I have supported my family by pet sitting and building up my business

    We have converted our home into a doggie dude ranch.

    I would love to reward my daughter for her hard work and good grades. She assist me with our business.

    My husband is getting better but cannot return to resort management due to memory loss.

    We hope to meet you soon



  • Tami Gorman

    :wavey: :bowdown:
    Hi I would Love to send my Aunt & Uncle to your show. They have never missed an episode of your show. They make dinner every night to the recoding of your show. Not to mention they are very deserving because of their amazing support to me and how loving and giving they are … I at the beginning of 2012 needed a kidney transplant in the San Diego area where they reside. Not only did they give up there vacation pay and pay loss from business to help me recover they then supported me at the end of 2012 through my husbands affair and our marriage of 15 years come to and end, they took me in when I then gave up my place in Palm Springs to save for the removal of both my 8lb each kidneys just this last September. They then did it all over again.
    Every day that I watch the Ellen show with them I wish that they could come to your show, especially at the 12 days give away.
    I understand This time is very popular but they are very deserving people.

    Thank you
    Gratefully yours

  • belinda

    Dear ellen I watch ur show as often as I can I recently seen your show of a young woman who had nmo well I believe this is what my sister n law has but no one will listen she has recently lost her hearing then ability to walk then her eye sight and now numbness in her hands she recently went to ucla medical center because she is getting mucch worse but her insurance denied her to be treated and refuse to treat her any further please I would like to be on your show I need help saving my brother wife please that’s all I want please help

  • mindy

    Dear ellen i am a single divorced mother of 2 kids. We r loving in a small 2 bedroom where there is no room for individual space. After leaving my husband i had a hysterectomy (medical) due to medical bills was forced to file bankruptcy. I worked two jobs until recently because i never had time for my kids. I do all i can gor them soccer baseball whatever i can but leaves not much time for me. I go to tge gym and workout because i just found out im hypoglycemic. I never take vacations and would love to come to your show

  • Rebecca Perez

    Dear Ellen I am 62 and I love watching all the positive things you do on your show! I was laid off 3 years ago because of budget cuts to the schools and it has been difficult finding a job! I have four wonderful children and six grandchildren. It is tough times for everyone and I would be so greatful to have a couple of tickets to your 12 days of christmas. I know that just having our health should be sufficient but how do you explain it to your grandchildren. My daughter and son-in-laws business is terrible because of the economy everyday is a tough day. Two years ago my daughters house caught fire. It was two weeks before Christmas. She went shopping early to get the sales but, everthing was destroyed. My daughter is my strength and always makes me think positive. My daughter was in the shower when she thought she heard something but was not sure so when she turned the water off it was the smoke detector and the house was full of smoke! I thank the lord that she was able to run out of the house and her children were at school. It took about a year to rebuild! She has reminded me to take it one day at a time! I wish I could help them out and I know that a little christmas cheer will help out my family. Thank you for all you do!

  • Teshonder

    Hey Ellen
    I’m not sure if you are reading your on comments or if your assistant is but I would like you to know I think you are so funny and I try my best to catch your show everyday but what ever I miss it I can found out on you tube or your web site. I would love to get tickets or be a guess on your show.Why a Guess? well my brother passed away 8 months ago and he left behind 4 kids and 2 step kids anybody who knows my brother his kids was ever thing to him and I know its going to be hard for them to be without him this Xmas as they aunt I just want them to have the best Xmas ever. On behalf of there dad and plus I would love to come and dance with you.

  • :h5: hope u have a wonderful holiday u deserve it i watch your show all the time u r just awesome :bowdown: :kekeke:

  • Amanda Stewart

    I’m am inspired by all who put together your show together, to be the MORE of ‘me’. I am grateful to be considered for Tickets to the 12th day of 12 days .. I am booking a flight from Atlanta to LAX for that day. I will go standby if I get tickets for an earlier day. THANK YOU!

  • marguerite johnson

    :love: :love: :love: your show! You put a smile on my face each day. Thank you

  • Sinnell Kyles

    Hi Ellen and staff I have been waiting along time for this. I would lobe to get picked for the twelve days show. My 11yr old daughter would love to come and dance on the show. We actually watch yo twice a day at 3 then when she gets home from school at 4. We love you Ellen. You are the funniest talk show host/ comedian of all time. Hope to see u at the twelve days.

  • Sinnell Kyles

    Please pick us

  • Roberta Fields

    Hi Ellen, Love you show to DEATH. I would love to be able to come to your chistmas show. Things in my life have gotten harder and harder. Over the summer i was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer, which has come from from breast cancer 6 years ago. Two weeks ago i go in for a check and the dr. says i think we should do a MRI, becasue i was having tingling and numbing in my face left side. So off i go only to discover i now have brain cancer and need radiation and chemo. What a shock it was. All i could think about was my kids, Sarah who is 15 and my son who is 26. Also my husband who has been through so much with my illness already. I would love to be able to come and sit in your audiance for the show. You are on my bucket list. You always bring a smile to my face and make me laugh each day. Thanks for reading my letter. Hope to see you soon. Roberta

  • Amanda Stewart

    :wiggle: Dancing My way to the show!
    Send those tickets! Please?! Thank You.
    You bring a smile to my face everyday..


    Hi! Happy holidays:).. i would love to attend yout show.. my husband and i have had one bad year! We had been building our home august of last year and our plumber came to finish up on jan 13,2012. When i got the call at school that our home was burnt to the ground. It set myself and family back! Then in may i almost lost my husband. We found out his illness was that he was diabetic. We over came that hump. We have went through lay offs due to health. My husband and i had a small wedding in may wasnt what i wanted but it worked. We also didnt get a honeymoon. My husband and i would GREATFULLLL to have a day away! Pick us please…..

  • Tammy Rosenbaum

    After reading all the comments and stories my reason to get tickets seems selfish . I would love tickets just to see you . I am a fan and enjoy your show .
    Merry Christmas & Hope you have a great New Year

  • melody c

    Ellen, i just wanted to say merry xmas and happy new year to you and your wife….i would love to meet you someday…you are a very thoughtful and giving person and always make people happy….someday i would like to attend your show around the holidays with My daughter..or the twelve days of christmas..keep the dancing and laughter coming…always a fan

  • Gwendolyn Peterson

    I have been following you sence you started. I just turned 50 a few weeks ago and my husband had a surprise party for me. I told him i wanted to dance and that is what he helped me do. Spent much of the afternoon and and all of the night dancing. I have pleadged to dance the rest of my days in joy. Hope to dance with you on your show. Please pick us to come on your show it’s been a journey, a long journey for us this year and it would be great to be on your show. Thanks and if i don’t see Have a Merry Christmas!
    P.S. we are both nurses and would love to represent the great profession of nursing on your show. Of course my mother wants to come. So.. pick me so i can piss one of them off by taking the other. Thanks again

  • Alejandro Jimenez

    Hi Ellen I’m trying to win tickets for my girlfriend, she recently lost both of her parents at the same time and she is an only child. My girlfriend and her mother always loved watching your show together. She has always wanted to see your show live and I wanted to surprise her this Christmas. Please consider my request, THANK YOU!

  • :love: :love:

  • EvelynSPerez

    Dear Ellen, i’d like to Wish you and your love ones a Happy and wonderful and a safe christmas May God bless You All. even tho i know that i didnt get my request for tickets to be on your show this time, maybe someday i will.THANK YOU”

  • Monica McEachern

    Oh, you finally found me. Of course I’ll join you for your give away. I’ll drive, walk, crawl, even run to it (and I hate running), whatever it takes. I’m so there, just say when.

  • Dr. Beverley A. jones

    Dear Ellen, I am writing again this year to ask to be SELECTED FOR TICKECTS TO YOUR ANNUAL 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SHOWS FOR 2012! Whatever is required to attend, we will raise the money somehow! My husband and I have been devoted fans of yours since you first began stand-up comedy. You bring such joy to your viewers, and we call you “our hipe girl!” Your care and concern for the well being of others is to be commended, and we appreciate your respect you model for your mother and Portia. I am a disabled, retired, former teacher who was highly qualified and student dedicated until on the job injuries forced early retirement in 2007. My husband has again been laid off for the 11th time out of 12 years with the company. My social securiy and retirement income is all that is keeping us off the street. All kitchen appliances except the refridgerator has quit, and even it is leaking at the freezer door. We are unable to replace at this time. Our 1994 & 2001 cars each have over 175,000 miles and stay in need of repair. We barely are able to cover utilities and food, and my meds have ecome an issue. We are no longer able to provide clothing and gifts for our daughter and 13 & 10 year old grandsons. BEING LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE AUDIENCE MEMBERS FOR YOUR 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SHOW(S) WOULD BE A MIRACLE COME TRUE AND SUCH AN APPRECIATED BLESSING TO OUR FAMILY! If we are not selected, we will still eagerly watch each entertaining show and offer our appreciation to those who were blessed by your warm, generous heart! We wish you and your family many blessings during this holiday season. We’ll be dancing in our hearts as Tony plays while you dance with your lucky audiences. Love, Dr. Beverley A. Jones (Nashville, TN)

  • Rachel

    Hi Ellen my mom is a really big fan of you and watches all of your shows! She never misses a show And can’t stop laughing when she hears what you say! My mom has a big heart and never lets me down please give her a ticket to your show so I don’t let my mom know! Thank you so very much and please give her a ticket to any of your shows she will be the happiest person I have ever seen!!! TRUST ME! 🙂

  • Kathleen LeMay

    Ellen, My husband and I just love Ur show. We are just average people that live laugh and love.We have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. ALL U NEED IS LOVE Soap and water takes care of the other needs.

  • Kathleen LeMay

    Oops,,,,,,!,,,,,, We are from Goffstown,NH

  • Rachel

    Hi Ellen I am writing again and I just want to tell you about my mom! First of all my mom will always try to make your day better even if it’s the best day you are having! She has the best of friends that she has kept since she was in high school this is because she is a kind woman and a great friend to have and be around all the time! My mom is currently unemployed and my dad is always working full time for me and my younger brother. She never lets anyone down making all her promises come true! She is the best mom anyone can have and makes my day with her big beautiful smile! All I was wondering is if you wouldn’t mind giving me and my mom a ticket to either the 12 day giveaway or any of your shows! I will greatly appreciate it if you do and by the way we absolutely LOVE your show with all of our hearts! From Rachel (12 years old)

  • Jonell anderson

    Hey ellen i really need to come see u im a single mom when a 14 years son who has austim,and a 11year old daughter.while we were watching your show my kids suggested i should try to contact you since we never win anything lol…i luv u peace

  • Laura Loke

    I would absolutely love to come to a taping of your show with my Boyfriend SSG Owens. We live in Bakersfield, CA. (Only a two hour drive for us, and it would be our first live taping of anything!) My boyfriend is still inlisted with the Army National Guard reserve, a full time crane operator and wonderful dad to his three year old son, and really a wonderful step-daddy to my five year old first grader! (He will be six on Saturday, yay!) We are a busy blended family that has huge dreams and ambitions! I am very lucky I get to stay home with our boys! I love being a Mommy…… oh but how fun a day in Burbank with my honey would be, whileandprents spoil the Grandkids!!!

  • Laura Loke

    While the Grandparents spoil the Grandkids for the day!!!***

  • Carole Serras

    No interesting story. My daughter and I are just CRAZY FANS of you and your show. We’ve been watching since day one. Oh and we dance.

  • Holly Adalian

    Ellen.. I absolutely love your show and am looking at trying to get tickets to your 12 days of Christmas show with my 23 year old son. His birthday is 11/29. He has had a really rough 5 years. He had a baby at the age of 16 with a girl that has done nothing but make his life miserable for the past 5 years. He has been to court over 75 time in the past 5 years and never gave up even after all the attacks from the other family. A few weeks ago he got full custody of his son, my grandson, all he wants to be apart of his sons life. I am so proud of him and he would love to be at your Chistmas Holiday show.

    Thank you for all you do and I hope to see you in December:)

    Thank you Ellen…


  • Norma Marshall

    Dear Ellen, Thank you for your daily humor in my life each day & especially your humanity. My Beth got Stage 4 colon cancer at 40 yrs old. I quit my job immediately to help the family. Now after numerous chemos & operations she is in remission at age 46 through divine intervention. She has a bucket list and so do I. Mine includes for her & her husband who has been her Rock to go to your 12 Day of Christmas show. She also has 3 teenage children. She loves to dance like you. These yrs have been so hard on them. God has been good to her and I will pay for their transportation if you give them this wonderful gift. God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and your family and staff. Norma Marshall, Pennsburg, PA

  • Meesh Simard

    I do not get to watch your show very often, but I enjoy it so much and I am so excited when I know I can watch your show. It would so awesome to hope on a plane from Bozeman and come to your show. Thank you for considering me!

  • Brandi Shawley

    I would love to take.the time off work to join your show. I work 2 jobs and have 3 kids 2 of which are in college so I really don’t have the opportunity to get off work for a lot of things. Please consider me when your giving away your tickets.
    Thank you for
    Your time,
    Brandi Shawley

  • I really love to watch ur show. U keep me company for the one hr> u are on. I love Sohpia and Rosie could u have them on at least one time each month? Before my husband passed away 12/31/2004, we always watched u together, but he’s gone now and I always watch u by myself. Hope u and ur partner have a nice xmas and new year, mine is always sad because my partner died on New Years Eve. tu for everthing Kathleen Guthrie

  • Lynnae martinez

    Hi Ellen been trying for six year’s to get tickets my husband said the only talk show he will go to is yous. Please pick us we just got married in September with no honeymoon so maybe we can go to your show instead. Love you we watch you everyday. I’m hoping I’m lucky this year. Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones and happy New years.

  • hi ellen, Been watching you for,looooong,time. I hope and pray you pick me tocome,on your show,for 12 days of X-mas giveaway. GOD Blessyou and family. Terry Bitner

  • yomna

    Hi Ellen I would love if you would pick me to attend your show. Me and my sister would love that we always watch your show and dream of being able to see you and be there to experience it. thank you for taking time to read this.

  • Lisa Lueneburg

    I don’t want to compete with a sad story I just want to stay please..Please and Thank You For all your kindness to others. I would love to see your show live. Again thank you for your consideration and the opportunity to make this happen for us..

  • Lisa Lueneburg

    Please ++

  • Please my mom had 11 children and im the baby of the family im 12 and i want some of them to go so please i love your show

  • latisha Salinas

    So am a mother of 3 and never really done anything for myself.have mt kids young I’ve always had to put them I like to do something for me and my sister and go to your show.we love your show and watch you all the time.

  • Alyssa rash

    Hi Ellen, i would love to surprise my mom and dad if you could pick me. We’ve had a really hard time lately. With money. We would appreciate it if you would pick me so I can give it to my mom and dad. We watch your show everyday! I love it. Thank you for the things you do.

  • violet ashworth

    Omg my son and I absolutely love ur show. We watch u every day that we can. It would be one of our best day ever if we made it to one of ur tapings!! 🙂

  • EvelynSPerez


  • Celina

    I would to get tickets for my mother am mee!! We love your show and you Ellen 😊

  • Mary Rediesk

    Hi Ellen, I would love to come to see you but have to much on my plate. We need alt of prayers of my Daughter Kimberly. She needs a double lung transplant very soon. like yesterday. Kim is on oxygen 24/7. Her heart is working so fast that her Dr. told her 4months ago that she has 6 mo.this before her heart would quite. Kim needs a pick me up and I thought of you. Would you be able to call her and just talk to her. That would mean so much. my name is Mary Redieske and I am her mother. We live so far away from each other. When Kim has her surgery I Will be moving down to Cleveland for a few months. Please say so prayers for her as I don’t want to loose her. Love you Ellen and Thank You. my phone no. is 608-289-5254

  • Cynthia

    Hi Ellen my name is Cynthia I Love your show here in Va my husband has been ill sent May 2012 it’s been. So hard on us we don’t have much money after. We pay bills my husband is in pain all day we need to get away for a day or two I would love to come to see your show please!!! We are haveing a hard time Thank you (Cynthia)

  • Samuel

    Hello my sister and girlfriend love your show I if I would they would receive your tickets they’re both fans and woul die if I got them tickets my sister lost alot of weight and my girlfriends been stressing as a student and tickets would be a nice gift /stress reliever please pick me

  • Peggy Achille

    Dear Ellen, I love you and your show. Everyone is always laughing and happy.:) I have a friend (Bev) who is so down on her luck I would really appreciate it if you could make that happen. God Bless, Peggy

  • yolanda .c

    I would love 2 be in your christmas show.I love your show n how wonderful you are . I cry everytime you do something good for granddaugther tell me why I see your show if it make me cry . I tell her I cry cause I’m happy for them .But if u pick me it have 2 be for next year show .cause I dont have the money 2 travel for this year show. soooooo see u next year. pick me please :wiggle: :wiggle:

  • Debby Ford-Garber

    Please please pick me!!! Would love to see you, absolutely love you, have all your books, your lovely Portia’s book and so relate to you. You are amazing and would love to share time with you!!!

  • mia magallanes

    I love your show your the best my bestfriend is a big fan to be on your show would complete her holiday and be stress free for a day 🙂 pick me thankyou

  • joanna

    Hi Ellen I would love to attend to your show I can give you so many reason why I should get tickets to your show .

  • Ashley Greenlee

    Hi ellen i love your show i watch it 24/7 i wanna win one of the tickets cause i have a neice who has down syndrome and she had cancer and also when she was 5 months old she had open heart surgery and she had to go to little rock my brother had to use different cars its very hard i just wish my family can have a good christmas cause were behind on everything we need help

  • donna olivencia

    Hi ellen, I would always watch your show like forever and dreamed what it even feel like having all those 20 dollar bills even smell them. I am not a wealthy person and never thought of it since my husband lost his job but anyway my family never ask for anything but always wondered what it feel like to just go and buy stuff without seeing how much it would cost, lets just say I would kiss the floor you walk on forever and cry at the same time never had anything like that happen. love you forever

  • Gina Nutting


    I would love to come to your gifts show, for lots of reasons!
    1 my mother has had a new roof put on the house, big $ and had to have surgery for a Aneurysm. And I’m off of work having corrective foot surgery. So we as a family are having the not Christmas. Me , mom & dad and pappy & Tilly ( the dogs) which is no gifts cuz we are broke. 🙁 but we still all have each other ! But I wish I could help them out and give them some gifts and they wouldn’t nag me that I spent $$ and would be crazy happy or was your $$ !!

    2 I’m Board at home and I’ve been watching your show, and make sure I don’t miss it , cuz it’s my bright spot of my day!

    3 I didn’t get any birthday day gifts which was 11-16 because of the being adults and not spending $ and kinda got lost in the moms surgery craziness .

    Merry Christmas
    Ciao ciao

  • Shawntrell Branch

    Ellen long story short I Adore You Theres already a place in Heaven for you rather I get tickets or not just keep swimming just swimming 🙂

  • Shawntrell Branch

    just keep swimming lol

  • Robert baccari

    Hello my wife is in love with your show and my favorite is classic joke Tuesday I never know what to get my wife for Christmas and with the recent loss of my father this Christmas I know is gonna be tough . He was a father figure towards my wife and we both are going to miss him very much . Trying to get tickets and make my wife’s year . I know tickets to the twelve days of Christmas would be asking a lot so any show would be awesome. Will continue to watch everyday I can . Thank u and hope to hear from u

  • Shelly Diaz

    Hello!!!! Ellen i watch ur show everyday. I think u r an amazing person and a very generous person .I love who u r and the things u have done for alot of people. U r the best. I hope that u pick me because i would love to come and be a part ur audiance during the12 Days of Christmas give away.

  • Lemyza

    Dear ellen
    Heey!!! 🙂 me and my sister woould love to be in yoour show it would meaan the greatest! Thing in the world…PLZZ..!!!! Pick me i would love yoou forever and be yooiur biggest faaan:) <3333 ELLEN DEGENRES <3

  • uziel barravino

    Deaaar Ellen!:)<3

    Ommmg! Im thaankful thaaat you have the time to read this…!!!! Your sooo awskme and cool plz pick me i kind if have nothing fir christmas and i would just cry and cry and cry and seriously just cry allll daaaay!! Uf i found iut u won tickets:) thank you,

  • veronica popoca


  • sally briggs

    Hi Ellen my husband and i are going on our 2nd yr of marriage he and his family have been a blessing in my life and also ny chikdrens lives. My husband and i and my 2 daughters had to move in with his parents they have been wonderful to us times are a little tuff right now but we manage we wiuld loce to see your show our daughters are wonderful they never adk for anything we would live and would be blessed to give them an awsome christmas and alsi give something back to my in laws for being so gracious and caring thank you Ellen <3

  • Cheri Robertson

    Hello=) Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to Ellen and everyone who makes the ELLEN show happen! I am a 28yr old mother of two!! My son is 7 and my daughter is 2.. I have been a fan for about 8yrs! I would like to say Thank You EVERYONE for everything you do on a daily basis to bring smiles, laughter, dancing and pleasure into the lives of millions of people!!! I would be honored if choosen to be apart of The 12 days of giveaways! Non the less may god bless you all now and always! Happy Holidays xoxo

  • MaryAlice Gonzales

    We need 2 laugh & b happy. When cancer hits hard, Ur spouse has a stroke & Ur only child needs a kidney transplant, but can’t receive it even though the father is the perfect match. Being that the son May bleed 2 death b cuz of a rare birth defect. What can u do? Pray, pray some more. & maybe laugh at silly things that don’t make sense instead of crying over something that just PISSES u off! sorry, this isn’t about me & my family. Its just a good friend that needs laughter & a change of scenery even if 4 just a day. My husband Rudy& I would love 2 c their faces if u would please PICK THEM. We both enjoy watching u trying. 2 Give a lil bit of magic 2 try & help ease the pain of life. I have had half my liver removed b cuz of pre~ cancerous cysts also, & my husband has had a 5 level back surgery. So we’re both disabled trying 2 keep afloat & hoping to make it through the next day w this psycho economy. But, I c my friends & know there’s always someone else worse off. Thanks 4 being such a happy person a lil crazy but, that’s ok we need that n our lives. When I need 2 laugh I watch u or Lucille Ball.(I love Lucy) thanks 4 the smiles, keep em comin!!!

  • RonnicaSamano

    Hi Ellen me and my mother are huge fans and have been trying to get tickets for years… If I could get these tickets I would make her the happiest mother ever, hope you can help me out on this Ellen

  • john mark galloway

    hey Ellen I just wanted to say thank you very much just for being you..have had some rough times the past couple of years losing my father few friends and recently my grandpawo Christmas isn’t the same. I would really appreciate a chance to maybe be able to come to your show laugh and share the season with other fans hope all is well I wish you the best thank you for your time 😉

  • Sharonda Nobles

    Merry Christmas Ellen, Proud Mother of three wonderful children all with different strengths. My son Andre made honors his first year in high school in regular classes. Doubled his self esteem loving every moment!!! My youngest son Jamar is human calculator his problem Im not able to do:)And my girl Desirae artist she acts,draws,designs things and sings all day long. With all my gifts overflowing I really when to see Ellen live that will make my Christmas complete!!! Hope to see you lots of love!!!!

  • Ashley Greenlee

    Hey ellen i watch your show and i look up to you i wish i can come on your show that would be awesome and i don’t want gifts i would give it to my family cause there the ones who need it

  • karla patterson

    Hi Ellen, love ur show.. me and my sisters have had a really rugh couple years with loss of both are parents and grandparents.. the big struggle was worrying if my sisters would beable to keep my parents house so they would have a place to live… Long story shirt would love to come to 12 days of Xmas show and beable to give the gifts to my sisters… They deserve a very merry Xmas.. hope I get picked…

  • Rita Hippchen

    Hi Ellen! is it too early to try to win tickets for 2013 12 days giveaway? I think its awesome that your fav charity is humane society. I love animals! Charlie Batch had a dog named Roxie. She had cancer and beat it and it came back 🙁 She passed last week. I cried for Charlie and Roxie. I felt his pain! He is a great guy! In case you don’t know who he is he plays for Pittsburgh Steelers. Anyway my fiancee’ and I would love to see your show! You give me that warm fuzzy feeling every day when I watch your show! You make us smile 🙂

  • Alice Deranteriassian

    HI Ellen,
    My daughter has been in tears for the past six months, crying every time Justin Bieber is in town.
    we were unable to purchase the concert and Jingle Bell tickets. And now extremely upset as she can’t go on her school trip because that too is way too expensive. If you can please give us two tickets to attend your show on the 14th…you would be our Angel !!!!!!!!
    Please Help.

  • grace lopez

    Hey, how are you Ellen
    This is the first for me I’ve never wrote to a tv host ever I really don’t know what to say other then It would greatly mean so much to me to get picked for your 12 days of christmas show. Ever since I can remember I’ve never had a blessed christmas I have been struggling for many years I’m gonna sit hear n bore you with my problems all I would like is for my son who is 13 years old to have the best christmas ever he’s a great kid imma single mom livin on disabilaty and its hard really hard to give him evey thing he needs on my income I can really use your help it will mean the word to us.

    Have a wonderful and beautiful n bless holidays.

  • Ashley Greenlee

    hey ellen my neice wants to meet justin bieber really bad she will be so happy if she gets to meet him and also my boyfriends sister is a single mom she has a 1 year old daughter and she won’t be able to get her daughter anything for christmas and plus his sister is still in school and i was just asking if you could please help us please ellen we have no mon to buy tickets and plus i have a down syndrome neice who has been sick and me and my family has been struggl

  • Ashley Greenlee

    Me and my family has been struggling were behind on things

  • Denise BradburryPearlington

    My daugher is one of your biggest fans,she’s a mother of 2 and is trying her hardest to finish college to become a teacher here on the Mississippi gulf coast,she doesn’t miss your show-while she’s at school she records it,she would really love to meet you In person



  • kathy nichols

    Hi, Ellen. i would love to attend a taping of your 12 Days of Christmas. I would like to be there and have some fun!

  • brittney

    Hi Ellen my family and I love your show my kids love how you dance and always trying to dance like you it’s funny. I’m to get that opportunity to be in your presents and studio. <3

  • :run: Hello Ellen I tape your show every day, your so funny and understanding. I would love to have tickets to your show and meet you in person. I have a sister 70 years young.she has a granddaughter with four children she dont want them and has put all that stress on my sister. Could you please help us send this 4 children to their grandmother in Pittsburg where they will have a nice and safe home

  • Natalie


  • Christine hardy

    I never ask for nothing,and I’m always thinking about my family first,I bust my butt everyday at work for a little more then 8 dollars an hour,I would like to have something in life that I could enjoy,I’m blessed to have the family I have,they hardly ever complain about what we have in life,but I would be nice to let them have the things that teenager girls want to enjoy.Thanks for reading this
    Christine Hardy

  • Hi Ellen
    My names Kristine and my family and I like your show. My husband and I helped people in Rockford with food because the economy is really hard, and in 2007 I lost both of my adoptive parents so it’s been hard on me. I’m a mother of 3 and we can’t pay our sprint phones, I just want my family to be ok 😥
    Thank you for understanding
    Kristine. 🙁 😥 😥

  • I forgot to mention that my daughters love Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and 1D.


  • We are broke and wish we could get our phones paid 😥

  • I need a car to get around to help members in my family, and send my Nieces and Nephews back home to their grandmother so they can go to school and get their education. Their mother don’t want them.
    so would you please help me to send them to their grandmother so they can go to school and get their education Thank You Delores Brown

  • Lori Spurling

    Hello, Ellen my daughter and I really love your show. It would mean the world to us if we got to go. You are so funny. We always love watching your shows. I would really appreciate if we won this. Thank you.
    Lori Spurling

  • Morgan Spurling

    Hi ellen, my mom and I love your show I am just a pre-teen, but I love your show. I loved your show with one direction. Its funny how everyone compares you to Niall Horan from 1D. My mom and I would really love to be on your show. We wouldnt have to watch it through a screen anymore we would actually be there in person. Please Ellen pick us to go I would love to.
    Morgan Spurling

  • Morgan Spurling

    Hello Ellen, I love one direction most teens in my grade love them to if i got to be on your show and some how won tickets to 1D I would seriously be the happiest person in the whole entire universe. My parents cant really afford for me to go to a One Direction concert because there concerts are so far away from home. If I got to be on your show and went to a 1D concert I would cry so much I love one direction so much I watch there music videos everyday and I in large the picture to think I actually right there. So please Ellen please just let me have this im not really that good at winning things
    Morgan Spurling one directions biggest fan.

  • Lisa Alexis

    Hi Ellen,

    I am a huge fan of yours and I would like to be on your twelve days of Christmas giveaway. I’m a single mom and being on your Christmas show will be ideal, my son is now 18years old and I dedicated my all to him cause he is my everything, I had a few ups and down in life, overcome a lot so being on your show will bring me some joy….

  • Lisa Alexis

    Hi Ellen, I would be in awe if you will choose me for you Christmas show or even just to be one of your audience member….. I’m one of your biggest fan.
    Sincerely yours,

  • kay Coneal

    :love: please invite me to ur show…REALLY LUV u and the show…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

  • Sharon Cox

    Hi Ellen, my husband and I watch your show whenever we get the chance. We are 69 & 70 years old. We have only been married 5 years. We will celebrate our 6th on Dec 27 th. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon, but unfortunately, I was quarnteeed to our cabin for 5 of the 7 days and lost 15 lbs during that time. Needless to say, we didn’t have much of a honeymoon. We were highschool sweethearts. Engaged in 1961, until Tom went in the military. We then went our separate ways, both married twice before. After my last husband passed away, a friend if mine in Indiana, called a friend in Virginia, who called Tom in Florida, then Tom called me in California. I hadn’t seen or heard from him for over 40 years. The rest is history. We would love to come to your 12 days of Christmas to celebrate our anniversary and have the honeymoon we missed out on. Hope to hear from you soon and see you in Dec.

  • Dan Chaney

    Snince retiring in June I watch you every day here in our small town of Perry Park Kentucky. You are so funny and have great guests. I espically like when you give away items to everyday people that need help. That makes my heart warm and gives me goose bumbs. My wife and I would like to attend one of your Christmas Give aways because she has never been to a live show. I hope you will consider us for your show. Thank you Dan Chaney


    Would love to attend one of your shows, especially one of the Christmas shows. Ellen, you make me feel warm inside, how nice it must be to be rich enough to give so much away, it surely is better to give than receive.

  • Vince Cruz

    Hi Ellen,
    My wife and family really dig your show! Thank you being the great role model that you are! Your generosity,kindness and love is very inspiring and contagious!
    Cruz family in Oxnard, Ca
    Vince,Maria,Aaron,Stephanie,and Marshmellow

  • Ellen

    Hi Ellen,
    I really want to surprise my sisters and my mom for your show, I want those tickets to surprise them, but they said its only for two people and I have two other sisters and my mom. my dad lives somewhere else so he can’t come cause my parents got divorced when I was 5, I would love for my dad to go but he can’t. so if I could have a four pack of tickets please thanks
    sincerely, Michelle



  • Kimberly

    Plezzz pick me I’ve been trying to get tickets for the last 3 months I just want to take myself of course my mom my BFF Chelsy and my dad so I hope u pick me because I love your show I wish I had one too so plezzzzzzzzz pick me I love you Ellen

    Ps my avid class is going to San Francisco and we need money but this is until I’m a jr. And right now I’m a freshman plus if you do help us out I can prove this one friend Jhon that you would help us he dout you help us so please let me prove him wrong and help!!!🙈

  • Kimberly


  • Rebecca Paul

    I would really like to send my parents they do so much for me. I would love to do something special for them and I know they both love you . We have been through lots in life. i know that a get away like this would be the best. I am so luck to have parents like them. my mon has gone through so much and sacrificed so much for me. I will never be able to repay her. Them being at your show would be the best. Was send them to your show Ellen.

  • William correa

    My fiance is pregnant and is pregnant! Lol shes not really loving life, all moms get it! I would love to surprise her with tickets! We love your show!

  • jennifer scott

    O please o please pick me I love u and your show so much I never win anything and also going through hardship would lift my spirits so much and me and my fiance to get away and see u would be amazing please please with sugar on top

  • :h5: Hi Ellen:

    My husband & I are crazy about your show. We has just celebrated our 30 yr anniversary on Jan 29, 2013. We met at Hill AFB UT when we both were in the military. Both of us are retired AF and now live in texas. We never had a honeymoon because of our militry commitment. We were meant to be together because we met in 1976, the middle # in SSN is “76” and both of our birthday is on the 28th of different months. Now we have retired again from our jobs after 18 yrs of a different job after the military. We are going to enjoy our golden years together and we were hoping Ellen that you would invite us to one of the 12 days of Christmas show. This will be a enjoyment that we would truly remember. We hope you will consider us for this honor because we love you so much and are faithful fans. :h5:

  • Becky Caruthers

    Hi Ellen;
    My daughter and I watch your show everyday.We both love you and cry when we see you helping people we really like to watch you when you do funny things to people because we like to watch you laugh. It would be wonderfull to come to the 12 days.

  • my grandma and I been watching your show before you started your talk show we record your show and we have family time watching it its funny we hope you pick us we love you ellen :h5: me and my grandma deserves this because we need a vaction for once alone with each other this would be my Christmas present for her love you ellen

  • Shanneil Williams

    Hi Ellen, your simply God’s angel. I would love to be on your Christmas show since all my friends and families live in Jamaican would be so happy to spend it with you, its amazing to see how many people wants to be on your Christmas show but I have faith that ill be on your show one day. love love your show. God bless you always

  • Carie Brockus


    I can say and holla, pick me, pick me but that’s what everyone says. So, I will just state my history about you and your presence in my life. I watch your show everyday and so look forward to you making me laugh everyday no matter how hard a day I had. I always remember, there is someone out there who is a lot worse off than I am and somehow, each and every week you show amazing kindness to those I speak of. You are an amazing angel and so many could take lessons from you. I’ve loved you from back during your sitcom days and used to watch it with my mother who adored you. When you came out, I applauded you. My mother remarked, good for her but she has a tough road ahead of her. Your coming out was the first discussion my mother and I had in regards to alternative lifestyles. Where I thought this would never be a discussion with her being from the Midwest, I learned that my mother was for gay rights long before it was in the headlines. I knew my ma was cool but this just upped her cool standing in my book to off the charts. She loved everyone and helped all she could, just like you. We lost my beautiful mother to breast cancer 12 years ago, one day shy of her 56th birthday. I know she would have loved your show and would have loved to have seen you live. Which is why i’m so happy about what you do in raising funds in October for Breast Cancer awareness. You have become a huge part of my daily life as I don’t miss a show. After 10 years of trying I was finally able to get tickets to your show and It is a memory I will forever cherish. The only sad part was my mom couldn’t be with me. But in a way she was as I carried a photo of her with me that day and would like to think she was there with us. So, with that said. it is very hard for me to take a vacation with my job. But, I do take time off at the holidays every year and I would love to spend one of those vacation days with you @ your 12 days of Christmas. So, with that said, PICK ME, PICK ME, please! But, if I don’t get chosen, you will forever be an angel in my eyes and in my heart. <3

  • vONDA

    Hello,All I would like is prays.My daughter has been fighting cancer for 2yrs. She is 34 and has a 7yr.old son.The dr. has said 2-3 months Its really up to the good LORD.She was a school teacher for 12yrs.all of her students and parents love her,she really misses all of them.She worrys about whats everyone doing.Now, she is worryed about her son.She knows that he will be taking care of.But how is he going to handle it,she wants him to remember her,she and I try to do a much as possible,take him bowling,(she not able she watches)We need all the prays we can get.Were not rich but LOVE is free and he will get all that we have.She sleeps alot these days.We love to watch your show every chance we get.I just wanted to tell all ,to love everyone today,because life is to short.celebrate Life+Love+Family like its CHRISTMAS everyday!!!!!!!!!! MOTHER

  • carolyn watson

    Dear Ellen, I am one of 3 sisters and I am writing to ask you please please have me and my sisters come to your show. I would love be in your show and especialy come with my sisters. We have all been through breast cancer, all have had double mastectomy’s, mother,grandmother,aunts,cousins and more have delt with ca. But we (my sisters) have sorvived and become stronger for it. My younger sister and I are best friends, and my oldest is in a different town. We love to laugh and have a good time. I love to watch your show because you have good clean comedy. This would be a dream come true to be able to visit your show and spend time with each other. I love you ellen, you are fabulous in everything you do, how you help people and your genuous spirit. Carol Watson

  • Star

    Hello Ellen,
    My mom and I would love to be on your show for the 12 Days of Christmas, I would love to surprise my mom and take her to your show:)
    This would mean so much to her, she deserves this because she has done so much for me and my family, she has worked so hard.
    But please we really would like to be on your show Ellen:)
    We Love You Ellen 😀

  • joanna

    Hi Ellen
    I would love to go to your show. I work at a vet in SB for 7 yrs .I have 3 teens I love very much but I need some big girls time please invite me to your show love you Ellen.
    Love joanna

  • Renee

    Ellen I would love love love love to be on yours show. I watch u everyday! The 12 days if christmas us so fun and exciting to watch! Liove to see everyones faces when u surprise them with all those wonderful gifts! I hope I can be on one of ur shows! Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me! Love u bunches!!!!!!!!

  • Tara Heydar

    Dear Ellen,

    Hiiii. I’m Tara and I’m 14 years old. I extremely LOVEEEEE :love: your show. It’s always been a dream of my to be on your 12 days of christmas show. You are AWESOME. I love you so much. Your my idol, cause I like making people laugh. I hope you pick my family and I for your show. Thank you! i love you oodles:D

    Tara Heydar

  • Daisy

    Dear Ellen, none of these people love you more than Porshe and I we love you so much and will be apart of your life forever Porshe and I , just ask her. I watch your show everyday, too. And I would be more than greatful just to meet you. I would bring my crazy husband to meet you. May , you have the Mrs. So I came meet her as well. She is very beautiful and so are you. I hope to meet the both of you real soon. And remember, Ellen know body loves you more than Porshe and I.

  • Joseph Davis

    HI ELLEN!! I have been a fan of your comedy, TV shows, and you talk show for years and years. I admire how you constantly give back to so many people who are less fortunate. You are so beautiful inside and out that I simply need to be in your audience and experience your energy. I pray that you come across this message and pick me for your 12 days of give aways. fingers are crossed! Sincerely, Joseph Davis 🙂

  • Joseph Davis

    HI ELLEN! I SIMPLY MUST BE AN AUDIENCE MEMBER FOR ONE OF YOUR 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! I have been one of your biggest and faithful fans through your career. I love your comedy, your TV Shows, and now your talk show

  • India diggs

    Heyyyyyyy Ellen , My mom and i love your show so much 😂😂😂😂you are the funniest talk host ever .i would love to visit you on your show for the 12 days of Christmas getaway to surprise my mom . She has MS all she do is talk about making it home in time to watch your show lol I mean u are so funny .

  • Kelly Montgomery

    Ellen, I am a true fan of you, I watch you every day. I would so appreciate to be able to win tickets for the 12 days of giveaway, I have raised 3 children of my own & since my oldest daughter passed away in 1999 I have been raising her two daughters she left behind , I’ve been raising kids for 37yrs by myself. I have never owned anything brand new, I’ve always bought things second hand because,such as electronics, furniture, cars would be really nice to have brand new things for me & my two Grandaughters I’m raising. I always have to struggle to even buy second hand things, so it would be Priceless to see the expression on their faces if I was to receive brand new idemi could go on &on about how hard its been for me, but it would take too long I hope you consider my request, Thank you Kelly Montgomery

  • Dear Ellen,
    My sister and I watch your show every day! We would love, love, love to be on your shows for the 12 days of Christmas. We have never won anything and we would consider it an honor to be on your show. We love you so much because you care so much for people and the fact that you love your Mama so much. We will really appreciate you picking us!!!

  • Paulette Mogaji

    Hi Ellen, I love you! You are the BUSINESS! 🙂 GURL, YOU GOT IT GOING ON! I love the way uou groove. You have too much soul. I would love tickets for me and my husband. Over the last 7 years my husband has had brain surgery twice, two hip replacement, and 1 Cataract surgery, and one pending. I myselfwas diagnosed with stage4 kidney disease 7/24/12, and laid off my job 7/25/12. No insurance. Ellen we need to laugh and feel happy!Please pick us. LUV YA!!!

  • Chasity wiepert

    Dear Ellen,
    I am one of your biggest fans!!! When it is my day off my family knows that at 4 o’clock the TV is mine so I can watch my Ellen. I love everything about you!! My favorite thing of your show is in the beginning when you come ou t to dance. I would absolutely love to be able to come to one of your 12 days of Christmas give away shows. I just want to let you know you are the real thing!! Please, please pick me!!! 🙂 I love you to the moon and back!!! Keep being you!!!

  • Victory gaskins

    Hi Ellen , my name is victory I’m a cook at a little diner in Jefferson ,la it’s called dots diner.y mom and I watch you everyday from 3pm to 4pm on ch 6 today u had Madonna on. And y’all find out y’all are related. How cool is that. But anyway my mom and I would love to come to your 12 days of Christmas . We had it planed two years ago. But couldn’t get off work. That made my mom sad. She really won’t to go. She just made 71 on June 8. This would be so special for her. I also have a sister that lives in NY. Plz plz plz we would love to come see your show for the 12 days of Christmas. Thank you so much your friend victory my number is 504-339-9529

  • Dolores trejo

    Hello Ellen I’m a mother of 4 and grandmother of 2 love watching your show always great laugh and keeps my day going your show is full of life!! I would be so honored if I can get to your 12 days of Christmas special I’m soooo do for a vacation out!! My mother passed away in 2009 and we have a Down syndrome sister who is 41 after my mom passed I brought my dad and sister to live with me and my husband to help take care of my sister my dad is 77 and its alot of work for him ! And it’s alot for me as we’ll but I really thank god for a great husband that helps out to! But it’s over whellming And I’m ready for a vacation so I hope and pray I can be one lucky woman to be at your show In December!! Keep up the great work!!

  • david eichen

    Hi ellen not really sure how to start this letter my name is david and i would like tickets to your crismas show for my fiance and my good friends wife. See we were camping on june 29 all went out tubeing like we always do but some how the rope snaped we all got separated and when we hit land our my friend and his daughter were pulled to the other side and his daughter fell in he jumped in to save her and he never came back up and we all watched the hole thing happen and couldnt do anything i tried to jump in with a friend but we were to far i feel so bad for his family two boys and a girl also his wife.we have all bin together waiting for them to find him have never felt like this its crazy just want his wife to have fr her and the children my wife has bin there with them helping. Im hope i did yhis letter right if not i am so sorry my head not right just wang my friend back

  • lee r. stranzenbach

    Hi Ellen my name is lee. I would like to surprise my cousin with tickets to your show. He watches it all the time. He has helped me out so much this past year. He gave me a place to live when I had no where to go. After moving in with him he got me a job with a fencing company. I’m doing well have my own truck and saving up money now all thanks to him. He kills himself at work all the time. He took his first vacation th past weekend and on Saturday his friend went under water and never came back out. So I would really love to do something nice and win these tickets for him. Thank your for your consideration and I hope you can help me surprise him.

  • Renee

    Hello Ellen,

    I have been a fan of your show for many years now and would love to send my aunt and mom to your show. My mother recently lost her mom and unfortunately was the one who found her deceased at her home. This past year has been extremely rough. Her death was so unexpected and the manor in which she died is heart breaking. My moms brother was recently sentenced to prison for 30 years due to some false accusations involving political figures in out area. We recently found out that My brother is severe bi-polar schitzo and my poor mom has been just about pulling her hair out having to deal with all this stress. On top of it, she now has custody of my 30 year old brother and found out she has fibromyalgia and may have cancer. I would love to be able to send her and her sister on a vacation because they desperately need it. I recently lost my jon within the mortgage business due to downsizing and had to spend the money I saved for a vacation for them, on bills. I am not asking for the tickets for myself. I would rather it go to them because they continue to do so much for everyone else and never for themselves. They have had a very rough year and tickets to your show would definately put a smile on their face. Thank you for taking the time to reveiw this request, it is greatly appreciated.

  • Payton Eckblad

    Hi Ellen,
    My name is Payton and i am 13 years old and I live in Lake Tapps WA (near Seattle). I always love turning on the TV at 4pm and sitting on the couch with my mom and younger sister. If your wondering I am watching your show with Jon Bon Jovi right now. Please please please choose me for the 12 days of give always. I love your show and don’t stop being awesome!!!

  • Kim sawh

    Hey it will mean to the world to my mother if u pick her to come to one or your taping please please pick her .she does not no that I signed her up for this <3

  • Laschawn Norwood

    Dear Ellen,

    Me & my sister want you to send my mom 2 tickets for one of the 12 days of give away show because she has four kids in her home including me but when Christmas comes around she has no money to really buy us anything:( & I watch your show all of the time & you help a lot of family’s and I just hope one of those family’s are mine 🙂 bur

  • Jackie w

    Hi Ellen, it would be amazing if you picked us for one of your 12 day give away show, I think you are an amazing person with a big heart. My husband and I would love to see one of your shows.

  • Heather Cochran

    Hi Ellen my name is Heather and I would love to give back to my mom she is a single mother with all us four we are now grown I am 22 patiently awiting the arrival of my first baby girl hayzelei ann marie due in the begining of september and I think this would be the best way to do it we are under going a move right now to give my lil TUMMY PRINCESS a better life I hope everything works out for the best thank you xoxo much love

  • Deborah Folau

    Dear Ellen, I would love for my husband and I to come to the 12 days of christmas giving away. This would be the first vaction together since we been married 31 years. All our kids are grown now. Please pick us to see your show. Thank u so much.

  • Hi Ellen,
    I’m a fan of yours for years.I look at your show every day at 3:00pm central time on channel 10.If if miss your show I feel so bad because your and yours guess bring joy to my life.It is people like you that bring hope to someone life.
    I would love to be a part of the 12 days of Christmas (2013)this association deals with low income to non-income residents and some times we can’t help then all. Don’t get me wrong we love helping others but some times the funds are not their but we keep trying.
    Being part of your show would truly make our days as well as our life.
    God Bless you,Porcha and your mom Betty.

  • Jeannine Sennett

    I would be honored to attend you show Ellen. I have never ever been to a show or even won anything in my life. I always wanted to attend the 12 days of giveaways. I understand if you have already picked people so thank you anyways for letting me tell you this. Be safe and stay blessed.

  • Deborah DeSpain

    Dear Ellen,

    I would love to be a part of your audience. You
    Are such a gracious host, with a beautiful sense of
    Humor. I was obsessed with watching Johnny Carson when I was very young, now it’s your show I TiVo. Iam 52 and live with my mom, so she can pay her mortgage, I don’t mind much but when I get home from work at mid night and turn on the tele, she Can’t sleep cause I’m down stairs cracking up , and she don’t want to miss cracking up too.we would love to Be a part of your special taping. Sincerely Debborah

  • Gerri B. Gibson

    Would love to have the FREE two tickets! Love the show and the excitment and energy is so thrilling! Ellen is like Calgon – she takes us away, makes everyone laugh, and for one solid hour, nothing else matters! Thanks for all the good things you do! Love you and your show!

  • I’ve been watching your show, and I love the you dance, and dance over your glass table. you do a great deal for America and so much more. if I could just get 2 tickets for your xmas giveaway I would be so HAPPY,HAPPY HAPPY and so grateful to you and your staff.

  • Delores Brown

    :h5: waiting on tickets. Thank You

  • charlene Williams

    Hi Ellen,I love your show it keeps me focus. Am from Jamaica but living in the states as I migrated for work so I can take care of my daughter, mother and help with my nieces and nephews. I have absolutely no fun time as I work to provide the bacon for my families, its hars but its also worth the sacrifices. Would love to be on your show, would be highly appreciated.

  • Hi Ellen,
    I so enjoy your show. Your kindness and generosity inspire me! This is a request for two tickets to your Twelve Days of Christmas show. If I am fortunate enough to receive them I promise you that I will pay it forward.Thank you so much for all you do.

  • Jackie

    Hi Ellen😝😝😝my husband and I would love to come to your show, you are the most amazing person we have seen on a tv show!! Thank you for bringing joy and laughter to not only me but my family!! We love you Ellen❤❤❤please pick us💛💛

  • Hello Ellen. I tape your shows so my husband and I can watch you together in the evenings. You make us laugh so hard. Your such a compassionate and giving person. We would be so honored to be there at your 12 Days of Christmas Tickets Giveaway Shows. Please consider us for the tickets. THANK YOU!!!

  • Karen Marzley

    Ellen, My hubby and I would die to see you in person. I tape your shows so we can watch them together in the evening. We would be so honored to receive tickets for the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. We will keep our fingers crossed!!!
    Thanks for considering us.

  • Delores Brown

    :love: Hope to see you and all your fellow employees soon

  • hi ellen ; I had to borrow my son’s computer because mine was way to small 15″ screen. I tried to get 2 tickets for your show on the 15″ not even knowing if it got to you or it’s in the bottle in the ocean. we would love two tickets just so I could tell all my friends that I got to see you in person. I loved it when you were dancing over the glass table on one of your shows. :wavey: :wiggle: :fingersx: :h5: :h5:

  • charlene gill

    Ellen, I would love to take my best friend to your 12 days of Christmas show. She has been in terrible pain for almost one year from a fall down a mountain side. We watch your show and it would make her very happy.
    Please consider my request, thank you.

  • Patricia Brown

    Hi I’m Patricia I have multiple sclerosis so I’m at home all the time I live in Las Vegas NV and me and my daughter we watch your show every day at 3:00pm and I told her that I have a wish for her and I to be on your 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SHOW!!! So please invite my daughter and I to join you on your show :wiggle: Thanks a lot Holla back!!! Hope to see you soon 🙂

  • Petra Gray

    Hi Ellen,

    I am a huge fan of yours. I watch your show every day. You are very funny. I would love to be able to be part your 12 days of Christmas giveaway. I would like to surprise my mom and take her with me to your show. She never gets to do anything. She works all the time. thank you. I love you.

  • Kent Soper

    I would love to win tickets for my wife and daughter. Pretty tough year and this would help make their year. Just being in the audience for their shared show. They love watching and would really enjoy the experience.

  • Joan Wolf

    You are an inspiration to all women and meeting you or just seeing you in person would be a heart felt experience. If lucky enough to be on one of your 12 days of Christmas give away shows, I’d most likely give those gifts given to me away to someone or some family in need to make their Christmas a brighter one.

  • Casey Leeson

    please pick my mother for your 12 day of christmas show
    she was been raising my sisters
    three children for the last ten year she needs some fun in her
    life she works hard

  • linda AYALA

    Hi my name is linda i love love your show .your the best stay at home mommy of three never get the chance to get out so i would be a blessing n the best bday gift i u pick me ti go to your 12day Christmas give away wow it would be unbelievable .. I would love to take my pookie bear aka husband n my sister

  • linda ayala

    Please pick me…

  • nanci

    I never been to a show but this one would be the one I would actually think i would enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!! :wavey:

  • Wendy Rohland

    Hi Ellen,
    Please pick me!! I would love to take my daughter Lindsi. She has in listed in the Airforce and will be away from me for 4 years! We are both such big fans and I couldn’t think of a better Christmas gift for her!
    She would be soooo excited just to see your show this Christmas Season!!!
    Love you Tons

  • Miriam Dominguez

    Hi Ellen!!!! I know that I’m # 3 hundred and something but I hope you get to read this one. My family and I have worked and saved all year to get my mother-in-law’s teeth fixed for Christmas. This has been her only wish since I’ve known her and long before. Instead we bought a piece of property to live on. Now we’re broke and living in campers on our very own property though. Winning tickets to your show would be the only thing any of us get for Christmas this year. And we love you dearly!!!! Merry Christmas to you and you family🎅🎁

  • Marsha Seiler

    Ellen, watch you every day, but really don’t have anything as some of the people that posted. Just LOVE your show!!!! Keep it going!! Yep, Don’t have anything compared to them, so keep dancing and keep doing ALL you do!!!

  • Karen Whalen

    🐈🐩Ellen, PLEASE PLEASE pick me!! 🐯🐶

  • Maribel Hernandez

    Hi allen I’m a huge fan of you I love your show please pick me I would love to go to your 12 day christmas give way. Im a mother of three boys we are having a lot of financial problems my husband is the only one that works we live check by check and I wish you could help us so my kids could have a christmas with presents we are about to loose are car because we dont have money to pay it please pick me I love you ellen your the angel of a lot of people and one more of gods angels I want to wish you averry merry christmas and a happy new year 🙂

  • alice failing

    no messing around, could you PLEASE find it in your BIG HEART to send me 2 tickets to your wonderful 12 days of Christmas giveaway. :bowdown: :wavey: :love: :h5: :confused:

  • Evangeline Mundy

    Dear Ellen I love yr show every time I c it u have me cracking up. it would be nice to go c u in person n it would have been nice to take my mom but she passed away two month ago so now i would like to be able to take my daughter she has done so much for Me n i think this would be one way to show her how much I’m grateful for everything she has done for me n to be able to c u in person. Love u n yr show please pick me 🙂 🙂

  • Marcell Hernandez

    Hi Ellen 🙂

  • Amy York

    I would love to visit the Ellen show I have had some rough years with dealing with breadth cancer Ellen always made me smile

  • Karla Southerland

    Please submit my name for the 12 days of give-a-ways. Ellen is the highlight of my day.

    “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle”

  • Gail Fierheller

    Key West, Florida is calling. You are one funny lady. Merry Christmas. “Laughing is contagious” Gail Warnings

  • Gail Fierheller

    :love: Key West, Florida is calling. You are one funny lady. Merry Christmas. “Laughing is contagious” Gail Warnings

  • Gail Fierheller

    Life is a garden dig it, Life is a roller coaster ride, enjoy it. Gail Warnings

  • Pat Kellams

    First of all I feel that you have help millions of people see that being gay is as normal as being human. I feel that the impact you have had on the tv world shows that people understand that we all need love :love: , marriage and happiness. You are an inspiration to all. Your show always has positive agenda’s guests, humor and let’s not forget your great dancing. Portia is beautiful and you both deserve each other. You are both very beautiful. I would love to come to your 2014 12 days of Christmas giveaways, to meet you in person :bowdown: May God Bless both of you with good health and prosperity.

  • Desiree

    I would love to come see you Ellen Not only to come see you but for the gifts as well because I just would like to have a because they’re nice things that I don’t have a nice things anymore But most of all I would love to meet you I watch your show every single day

  • Desiree

    Please pick us pickup pickup pickup Ellen

  • Desiree

    I would love to come to your show Never been on a talk show before but I’d love to come me and my boyfriend Especially with your 12 Day Giveaway that would be wonderful

  • …actually I can’t be bothered…

  • susy loya

    I have five kids wich my youngest loves u n my husband is a fan n we would luv to b geust on your show n could use the help wit gifts n a lil time away frm kids n time for Ellen

  • Keesha Wooden

    Hello ellen , How are u me and my mother and my auntie are big fans of your show.We watch you all the time and we will love to be apart of your 12-days of christmas would be a be blessing to meet you and see you do your bless ellen and pick me:-)

  • Mary barnes

    Hey ellen, I love your show I watch it every day and my sister and niece.I love u so much and when u dance I be like go ellen lol.And its a blessing how u bless people on your show and help them.I would love for u to pick me to be in your 12-day of christmas giveaway.

  • esther wooden

    Hey ellen , I love your show alot watch u every day.I been taking care of my daughter that going threw arthritis since she been in the n8th grade but she 30 years old now and by the help of the lord she doing better and I havent had have a vacation to enjoy cause I have lupus and taking cAre of my other daughter kids and I would love to come and meet u and my daughter.please pick me for your 12-days christmas bless

  • Elsie Henry

    I like Ellen’s kindness to everyone, to be in the audience would just make me happy. I would like very much to see Ellen’s beautiful face she’s done so much for people bless her. I’ve always wanted to go to the tapping. I now have the time because after 34 years of working I’ve retired!

  • Christine Mettle

    I have always enjoyed the laughter during the Ellen show . I would come home from a horrible depressing day and needed something funny to watch. I am a retired federal government employee who is devoted to her work after 42 years of service. I felt guilty if I left my dogs for more then a few days. I wanted to visit California but I never took the time. Now I have the time to enjoy doing something that has been on my bucket list. Ellen shows her kindness to those in need and I wish more people would be like her who can lend a hand to those who need help.

  • Carol martino

    The Ellen show is very genuine ! She seems as though she really enjoys her audience and her guest’s ! She is able to take you to a better place forgetting .about all the bad going on in this world today! I would feel honored to attend one of her tapings!

  • Jesse Adams

    Hi Ellen I ll be 37 years old and was I 21 I was in a horrific accident where I didn’t walk for over a year. Shattered my pelvis lost half my left foot and shattered both legs. When I woke up from my 12 day coma I had a long rd ahead of me and have struggled to finally walk without a walker and the Dr.said I never would walk without a walker and would be disabled the rest of life. I was 21 yrs old and had colostomy that since has been reversed thank God….But I refused to except that and eventually went back to my Raymour and Flanigan sales job, stating at 10 hrs a week and getting stronger and stronger until where I was almost full time again. After about four years of struggling my body said no more and I have all kinds of physical problems maybe from going back to work but regardless I eventually got a settlement and spent 80 thousand dollars to get him in a situation where he could join the army and help get those responsible for knocking down our towers. Since then he s done 3 tours and a year in Korea. Next he just reenlisted to go to Germany for the next three years. Now because of my disability I cannot work and have been waiting for a decision from the board for months when they said I d have there decision in three weeks, and the worst part is I applied for disability back over 4 years ago. I m writing to because I never have money to get my family gifts and if you pick me to come to one of your shows I will be able to forget about my very stressful life and who knows if I’m really lucky maybe I could be picked for a chance to go to a give away show and will finally be able to get everyone gifts this year. Love the energy on your show and watch it almost every day. Just in need of a happy day……..and I know if anyone could make that happen you could….The good you have in your heart has rubbed of on me and now I will pay it forward and volunteer to do anything to make some kind of
    difference like you what you do for people is staggering ..I wanna thank you for at least that one hour of distraction a Day. I can always count on you!!!

  • Bill Burditzman

    I wonder if Ellen reads comments on freestufftimes?

  • Tammy Haynes

    Ms. Ellen, I really need some help for my kids and grandchildren. I have no money to buy anything and I feel like a loser! Could you find it in your heart to please help me? Please?

  • kellyj


  • Natalie Drennon

    Hello Ellen I’m. Writing to let you know that I love. Your show,it would be nice if you can. Knock on my door with tickets or some cash.We in Camden,NJ would like gifts to.

  • Camille White


  • Camille White


  • Elizabeth Koleske

    Dear Ellen..Merry Christmas!

  • Camille White

    dear ellen I had to stop working in September I worked for Milwaukee public schools”i had to have knee surgery I would love to win so I can share with my grand kids I cant afford Christmas because i don’t have a job

  • A lonely senior

    Ellen I would love to win. I have no family here only me and my little dog and on a fixed income. I have a senior living all alone. Please help. I don’t want to be alone another holiday.

  • A lonely senior

    Ellen please pick me. This will be the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life just to be on your show “give away”. I am 69 years old and will be 70 years old in a couple of months.
    “A lonely senior”

  • jean horn & toni voltz

    dear ellen, I have two daughters, one raised a child by herself and she is sending him to college now . she works for a bank and has worked all her life. my other daughter is a special ed teacher. she just started and rents and has a old car. her son has a.d.d. and she could sure use some of those gifts. these two girls have worked so hard to do for their family. would like two tickets for them to win prizes. they have helped so many but except for me and my husband they have had no help at all . one daughter has worked over twenty years for the bank and other daughter went to college and worked as a waitress and she has had it so hard. hope they get a break they sure could use it.

  • bonnie jWiseman

    Dear Ellen,
    I AM A GREAT FAN OF YOURS. Iwould love to visit the show very much.
    Would you please send me a ticket to go to the show.

  • Sheila Jones

    Dear Ellen I wish you Love, Peace, and Happiness always you are truly a wonderful person you help me get through a ruff time in my life in for that I am truly Grateful you are a Blessing to many people around the world in many ways making them laugh, helping them in difficult times in there Lives we all Love You I pray that one day I get to meet you.. You are number one person on my bucket list to met… You kept me strong in thew mist of my storm in I sure would love to come to your show even if it’s not the twelvcw days of Christmas you are my Inspiration… Never ever change

  • Linda Burton

    I just want to win 2 tickets never have won anything always have worked for everything . Just once I would like to win thank you

  • Judy Harrison

    Pick me please, Oh Please!! I just love your show, I’ve been a fan of your for years when you had your TV show just love you, god bless you for all the wonderful things you do for others, if I’m not pick I will still be happy for the lucky person that gets a ticket.

  • beatrice m. chavez

    I watch your show everyday and have written you in the past. I would like to come to your show i live in bullhead az. i have chronic pain but your show makes me laugh especially when you gigil. My only outlet is tv and this laptop is ready to see its last days. Speaking of bullying i have been told how thin i am since i was in grade school and now i am 70 and still going through this. On top of living with chronic pain. Please help me

  • Binca Swann


  • Nanette montoya

    It’s about my daughter Collene,put her self through school earned her masters &all the time raising her 4 children .Collene is a single parent,a full time teacher trying just to get her children & self through every day life. Then ours families lives change 4 ever Collene has cancer not one but two’s been a year of treatment no trace of the lymphoma .now it every two months for two years of more chemo for a bone cancer there is no cure for treatment will only slow cancer down they say.Collene is strong proud & Loves Life! Tickets would b a blessing for her family ❤

  • Evelyn S. Perez

    Dear Ellen, hi, how Are You? I’ve wrote to you couple times I guess to ask for two tickets to see to be on your show, the 12 Days of Christmas, I wrote before my grandson passed away six years ago with Leukemia, I love your show so much, I even play the slot machine at the casino with your picture on it.
    Maybe , just maybe I’ll be lucky this year. A sincere fan Evelyn Perez , I still have a lot story to tell but maybe i’ll say it If I was picked


    hello Ellen how are you good i hope i have a big big favor to ask you i am a really sick person i am dieing from heart disease theres nothing they can do about it i have what they call mssa it is a infection in the blood no antiobiotics will help it only the good lord above so i pray pray pray every day anyway i was wanting to ask you if you could help me out i allways wanted to take my kids to disney world and never could afford it i had to work all the time i was single mother raising 2 girls it was hard and my first son i gave him to his grand parents cause i couldnt take care of him and they could i still got to see himwell now all 3 of my kids are grown i have to grandsons both getting ready to turn 2 years old they are something else thats what keeps me going to but i was going to see if you could see it in the kindest of your heart to send me and my granbabies to disney world to ill my dreams and i want to watch them have the best time of there lives that would make me so happy also i am soeey to ask nut the truck that my care giver rita drives breaks down all the time makes me late to appts. and the air conditioner quit workind and it is so terrible the tires are as slick as a babys bottom we just have no money i get food stamps and my friend lrts me live with her to help me out i give her 200 monthly for rent and elelctric and i pay my phone bill the rest is for insurance on her truck and for medicines and well etc’ i am so hoping you will help me with this i will be in debt to you i will pay you back so much a month if that would be ok i was going to say the electric heart pump i have is called a L-VAD PLEASE LOOK IT UP AND IT WILL TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT I HAVE ELLEN I LOVE YOU AND PORSHE SO MUCH I JUST REALLY NEED YOUR HELP I NORMALLY DONT ASK FOR HRLP SO PLEASE FIND IT IN YOUR HEART TO HELP ME I KNOW YOU WILL I HAVE FAITH IN YOU I WILL PRAY FOR YOU LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MELISSA J HAWKINS

  • Pauline Stephens

    I love your show. I love the person you are. I wish you had an evening show, so I could watch everyday. I do watch your show every time I have time off from work. You are an inspiration to me and for so many others. It would be a dream come true for me and my daughter to be at your Christmas show. I wanna dance in your audience with you, and all of your fans that day like no one is watching.
    That is one of my favorite parts of your shows, cause everyone is so happy and it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you look like, even age is way ok.
    Love you Ellen for your kind heart, and for all the good you do everyday.

    One of your biggest Fans,
    Pauline Stephens

  • Karan Collenberg

    How cool would that be a part of your audience. Im not sick and I’m blessed to be able to enjoy this wonderful life! It would be hard to choose between my daughter or either one of my two daughter in laws so I would have to request 4 tickets. We run a dairy in Humboldt County, Ca and time off is very limited so a trip like this would be totally awesome! Thank you

  • Barbara Jones

    Hi Ellen. We love your show! We love you! My three friends……we’re kind of the ‘Golden Girls’, were neighbors for more than five years living in Alexandria VA. Two are widowed, one an Air Force wife, and I am retired from a major bank after 38 years of service. We have been talking about visiting you for so long and now that three of us have moved away… to South Carolina, one to Texas, and I am now in southern California, we would be so excited to spend Christmas with you. Also, this would give us the opportunity to see each other…..we miss each other so much. Thank you and God bless you!

  • Gloria johnson

    Hello Ellen ! My grandson and I love your show we rush home from school every day to see your show he’s 5 now we’ve been watching since he was four every day he love Ellen I would like to come to your show because its fun and entertaining and its on my bucket list

  • Gloria johnson

    I would like free tickets to your 12daysof Christmas give away I forgot to ask you for that it’s on my bucket list

  • stephanie Seaton

    Hi Ellen I’ve been watching your show for years I also record the taping my husband I remeber the first time he try to change it I will give him the look and I will scream at him for changing it he doesn’t do it nomore instead he will watch it with me we forever happy,we would really be happy to get tickets to Christmas show and be part of the show weeeeee love you ellen foreverrrr

  • Linda Scroggins

    Dear Ellen…….My mother and I were watching your show today, and saw where we could sign up and possibly win tickets to your 12 Days of Christmas….This would be a once in a lifetime dream to be able to bring my mom (whose a young 82) to your Holiday Show…..She has sacrificed her whole life to her children and grandchildren (she has helped me raise my disabled granddaughter) and now would be a wonderful time in her life to be able to see you, your show, and have a trip to your beautiful city for something enjoyable and fun……Thank you so much for bringing so much joy and laughter to so many and for considering us as “Ticket Winners” for this terrific event…..Take care and God Bless You for all the Good in this world you pass on to those who need it…….

  • ELeanor Razo

    Hi Ellen, I love watching your show..been watching forever. My husband and I are retired.How can we win tickets to your 12 days of Christmas giveaways.. We have time now to go to your awesome show.. You are so wonderful for touching other peoples lives.My husband and I raised our children and grandchildren now it’s time for us to have fun.Hopefully we Are Ticket Winners!! To your event
    God Bless you for all the good things that you do

  • janice Toth

    HI Ellen! Love your show and you too!!!! Been watching it for years. My husband and I have been helping our daughter for over 8 years. He husband left her for someone else. We have really almost exhausted our retirement funds and would love to surprise her and take her to one of the 12 days of Christmas show. She has two beautiful children and is the best mom ever! Even with all his harrassing her, she continues to carry on!!!!!! She never does anything for herself. She even buys clothes for herself from the Salvation Army. If we were to win these tickets it would surely bring a smile to her face!!!!!!

  • Kellie Cumbie

    Hi Ellen!! Hope your enjoying your day, love to watch your show it makes my day. I’ve recently lost my daughter, suicide now fighting my ex husband to get visitation, hope I make it through. My parents have helped me get through the past few months, mom loves your show she has RA so it’s tough on her everyday. I would love to win tickets to bring her to show how much I love her and want to make her Christmas special. Thank you for taking time to read this, even if we’re not picked your the greatest at everything you do, people smile when they see you!! God bless Kellie

  • gary pasquini

    just would like to do something nice for my wife she loves you and your show and when i can i watch it as well so please send tickets we vgraduated same year and i was class cutup you would really enjoy my wife and i we know we would have fun meeting you/
    gary and barbara pasquini /no sob story no bad problems /no addictions we just want to see you in person my wife deserves that

  • Kelly ambrosino

    HI ellen😀 I really love your show, and so does my daughter and her wife. I would really love to see your Christmas show and surprise my daughter with tickets. I haven’t seen her in years because she has been in the airforce since she graduated. She now got out because she has health issues. She recently got married to her wife in Florida and now lives in California. I miss her so much and if we can reunite by going to your show would be awesome!! Thank you, Kelly ambrosino.

  • kaye stump

    I love Ellen very much I have dreams of meeting her all the time and in my dream I go to give her a hug I melt into butter and she slips and falls on her button and bounces with me in her arms and I’m a dolphin

  • Ronda Alejos

    Ok team… I have been trying to be part of the audience for the last 2 years. Searching and checking for available tickets online has become a daily routine for me LOL! I know this is a long shot but my mama didn’t raise a quitter!!! Happy Holidays❤️

  • Lisa Loach

    Hi Ellen,

    I must start this by saying I think you are amazing!!!. I am trying to win tickets to your show 12 day giveaway so I can surprise my sister for Christmas. You see 5 years ago she had a massive heart attach she should have died But her Drs. where amazing and saved her life. She spent 3 months in the hospital because she flat lined twice during her recovering. Her husband thru her out of there home of 15 years. So I tried to buy a house so she could live with me, after spending $1200 on what I needed to do to get the house, I was told the day before closing I did not qualify. So I had to move her into my trailer with me it has been a little ruff trying to work and help take care of her. I don’t have a lot of energy or time to take her out to different places so she spends a lot of time sitting inside this run down trailer that I paid $2000 for. She I on oxygen 24/7 and is not very stable on her feet so its hard to get her out. Its not the safest place for her but at least she is not forgotten in a nursing home some where. PLEASE PLEASE Ellen I want to put a smile back on her face.
    Thanks for your time
    Lisa Loach

  • Sandra Lopez

    Hello Ellen, Just want to say you are Awesome!! I know you here that pretty much daily : ) I was just trying to see if I can get some tickets to your show for the 12 days of Christmas for myself and my husband I have been trying for a couple of years now.Even if I have to purchase them. We would love to come and meet you. I would love to surprise my husband with some tickets.He is always working hard to provide for our family. We are doing great no sad story here. I would just love for him to take a break and relax for once. And why not go visit you. Thanks a bunch!! XOXO

  • Nama

    Hey Ellen even if u do not pick me for tickets, I have such an awesome idea for your show. It is called Grandparents Give away. In my town alone I am aware of including me 4 grandmothers who raise their grandchildren. One of them is raising 5 grandchildren as young as 5 years old. Even if we can not get tickets send some way to those who are so special and I am not just saying in our little town, who ever you choose a little spa day goes a long way. It would make my Christmas to see some deserving grandmothers struggling at tis time of the year get some love.
    Hugs and Loves.
    Nama from Seattle Wa

  • Debra Brown

    Hi Ellen ,You are awesome and I would love a couple tickets to your show for the 12 days of Christmas for my husband and I we would love to meet you,I would love to surprise my husband.