very Tuesday from March 4th through May 6th they are giving away 5,000 BOGO free mobile offers for every episode that has aired.

On May 6th they are randomly picking 100 winners who will score a Chipotle catering party for 20 people.

Open to legal resident of the 50 United States (and District of Columbia) who are at least 18 years old at the time of entry.


1. Text the keyword shown at the beginning of each episode to 30364.

2. We’ll text you back three questions about the episode. Watch the whole episode to find the answers.

3. Text back your answers. If all three of your answers are correct, you’ll be entered to win one of 5,000 BOGO free mobile offers in that week’s drawing.

4. You can play trivia once per episode. Every time you play, you get an entry into the grand prize drawing on May 6th.

Week one keyword: BADMILK
Week two keyword: BUCKWILD
Week three keyword: STEAKOUT
Week four keyword: DANGEROUS

What drink does sophia order at the bar & grill?

After the cow explosion, Buck has a bandage on which eye?
Left Eye

Buck says it takes industrial farms what # of calories of fossil fuel energy to produce 1 calorie of meat?

Which group consumes the most American crops?

On what reality show has Chip Randolph appeared?
Celebrity Rehab

How many guards does Buck pass on his way to meet Mick?

Which group in the US receives subsidies from the government?
Industrial Farms 

Where does Sophia claim to have first met chip?

What’s the address of the modeling agency beside I.F.I.B?

What company is producing PetroPellet?

In the first scene, what language the scientinst speak?

Which group consumes the most American crops?

What’s the house number of Senator Murrin’s House?

Where is Senate aid Max’s office?
Janitor Closet 

How long do Sophia and Animoil want to hold off the Senate hearing?
12 years

What’s the name of the show Chip appears on?
The Morning Show

Industrial agriculture companies financially back politicians.

Name of the 8 winged chicken

Weather forecast of the Morning Show
Partly Cloudy

Perks for politicians
All answers 

How many signatures does Chip get for his PetroPellet petition?

What color is Sophia`s dress on the morning show?

According to Chip, studies show that sustainable farming could feed the world’s population.

How much is Harvey paying kids to “unlike” Chip’s video?

I.F.I.B. claims Chip will have to sell his farm by what date?
Sept 20th

What triggers the Animoil cow to explode?
cell phone

What’s the name of the cereal on Eddie’s table? (From Episode 2)
Nuts & More

Buck calls the Animoil Megafarm the: (From Episode 3)
Death Star for cows

What’s the name of Chip’s cow? (From Episode 3)

As herbicides and insecticides become stronger, so do the weeds and insects that kill the crops. (From Episode 3)

PetroPellet Causes

NasalBlock reduces by

Aavoid profits by

What can’t Sophia find her father’s bathroom?
hair product

The security guard mentions a real law called?
The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

What’s the code name for the active ingredient in the new pigweed herbicide?
Agent Banana

In the flashback scene, a scientist plugs a tube onto an udder producing what kind of milk?
Half + Half

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