Olay Always On Sweepstakes

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Monthly Olay prizes

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Nov 3 8:38 pm

Brittain Resorts & Hotels 2024 Win A Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation For Life Contest

One Entry | Expires January 30, 2024 | LoadingSave post

Prize: The Grand Prize will be the only prize awarded in this Contest and will be awarded based
on the procedures described in these Rules. The Grand Prize is non-transferable; it may be
claimed, exercised, and used by the Prize Winner only.
● The following Grand Prize shall be awarded to one Grand Prize Winner to be selected from
current registered eligible Contestants as of 11:59:59 p.m. ET on January 30, 2024 (Drawing
on or about January 31, 2024): At the Grand Prize Winner’s option, either (1) Ten Thousand
Dollars ($10,000) cash (the “Grand Cash Prize”), or (2) an annual 4-day, 3-night stay for four
individuals, with 3 rounds of golf for each individual, at a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,
resort or hotel owned or managed by the Sponsor at the time of a stay, each year for the rest
of the Grand Prize Winner’s life (the “Grand Accommodations Prize”). The particular resort
or hotel for any stay will be at the discretion of the Sponsor. The Grand Accommodations
Prize consists of accommodations for up to four people; it does not include travel, dining,
entertainment, resort amenities, or any other expense that may be associated with claiming or
exercising the Grand Accommodations Prize. Exercise of the Grand Accommodations Prize
may be made only once in any calendar year; may not include any of the Blackout Dates
shown below; and must be reserved with the Sponsor at least thirty (30) days prior to the
beginning of the time of stay. The Grand Accommodations Prize Winner must be a member
of the party staying under the reservation and must present a valid credit card at the time of
reservation and at the time of check-in for incidentals and for damages. The party staying
under the Grand Accommodations Prize is limited to the Grand Accommodations Prize
Winner and three invitees of his choice, provided that any minor invitee must be the child of
the Winner or of an adult invitee, and in each case only if that person has signed (or his legal
guardian has signed for him) a release of liability in the same form as is required of the
Winner by Paragraphs 10 through 14 of the Compliance Agreement and Waiver of Liability
attached hereto. The Grand Accommodations Prize Winner will be responsible for any
damages beyond ordinary wear that any member of the staying party causes to the premises,
regardless of negligence or intentionality; and any failure by the Grand Accommodations
Prize Winner to pay for such damages within thirty (30) days of notice will terminate the
Grand Accommodations Prize and will abrogate any right to claim any stay in future years;
and the Sponsor will retain the right to seek payment through legal action in addition to such
termination and abrogation. The approximate current retail value of a 4-day, 3-night stay for
4 individuals with 3 rounds of golf as described above is $1,200. The approximate net
present value of the Grand Accommodations Prize based on such retail value is USD $11,950.1

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Nov 3 1:05 pm

Bacardi Rum Persona Quiz Giveaway

One Entry | Expires March 31, 2023 | LoadingSave post

There is a limit of one (1) entry per person. Two (2) winners will be chosen by each drawing date below. Total of eighteen (18) winners.

Drawing Date Prize Includes One (1) branded BACARDI merchandise item of sponsor’s choice
August August 1, 2022
September September 1, 2022
October October 1, 2022
November November 1, 2022
December December 1, 2022
January January 1, 2023
February February 1, 2023
March March 1, 2023
April April 1, 2023
Prizes: Each winner will receive one (1) BACARDI branded merchandise item of sponsor’s choice. The value of each prize will not exceed $500.

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Nov 3 1:47 am

Miller Family Wine Reciprocity Get Into Nature Sweepstakes

One Entry | Expires February 28, 2023 | LoadingSave post

PRIZES: Ten (10) prizes will be awarded (each, a “Prize”) in this Sweepstakes. Each Prize consists of one (1) $500 gift card to Recreational Equipment, Inc. (“REI”). The Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of each Prize is $500. The total ARV of all Prizes to be awarded in this Sweepstakes is $5,000.

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Nov 3 1:36 am