The Miller Lite Level Up Contest

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upload one (1) original photograph showcasing who they are as a gamer, a description of how they would use the grant to “level up” their gaming career, their Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter account handle(s), and the number of average viewers, not to exceed 100 characters (“Entry”).

Limit: Limit of one (1) unique Entry per person during the entire Entry Phase

JUDGING AND WINNER SELECTION: During each Judging Period, eligible Entries submitted during the associated Entry Period will be judged by a panel of qualified judges comprised of Sponsor’s representatives (“Judges”). The Judges will score each Entry according to the following weighted criteria (“Judges Score”): (i) Originality: 30%, (ii) Dedication to Gaming: 30%, and (iii) Relevance to the Theme of the Contest: 40%. An entrant’s social media presence/viewers/followers on the Twitch, Instagram and/or Twitter account(s) submitted during registration will be taken into consideration by the Judges when assigning a Judges Score to criteria ii and iii. The six (6) Entries in each of Entry Periods 1 and 2 and the eight (8) Entries in Entry Period 3 that receive the highest overall Judges Scores will each be declared a potential winner. Each Entry will only be judged once during the Judging Period associated with the Entry Period the Entry was submitted,


Prizes (20 total): Each prize is $5,000 made payable to the winner (“Prize”). Twenty (20) total Prizes will be available in the Contest – six (6) in each of Entry Periods 1 & 2 and eight (8) in Entry Period 3. The ARV of each Prize is $5,000.

Total ARV: The total ARV of all available Prizes in the Contest is $100,000.

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