Group 1 Prize (1 total, see Rule No. 5): One (1) Tennis Rebounder. The Tennis
Rebounder is an ideal training device for most racquet sports such as tennis, pickleball,
squash, racquetball, paddle tennis, and more. The Ball rebounds to create realistic arc
and bounce. Adapters can be used for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.
May be used at home, club, or school; indoors or outdoors. Tennis Rebounder easily
rolls in and out of storage with locking wheels. Sets up in ten minutes without the need
of tools. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $450.00
Group 2 Prize (1 total, see Rule No. 5): One (1) Basketball Shot Trainer.
Change the way you train, developing muscle memory and better shot trajectory.
Increases shooting reps by 300% with up to 16 shots per minute with correct form and
arc to maximize performance. Practice and improve your shots without having to
constantly chase after the ball. Black net captures both made and missed shots;
developing the form to shoot at a 45-degree arc. Built-in ramp adjusts 180-degrees to
adjust where the ball will be returned. Trainer rests on the rim of your existing
basketball hoop, taking only seconds to set up. Designed for pole-supported hoops;
compatible with standard 72″ backboards. Sturdy welded steel frame holds up against
hot/cold temperatures and rain. ARV: $500.00
Group 3 Prize (1 total, see Rule No. 5): One (1) Goal Shot Trainer (GOAL NOT
INCLUDED). Paint the corners of the goal and develop flawless finishing technique.
Designed to locate shots away from the goalkeeper’s reach. This trainer features four
target zones to help capitalize on scoring chances during match play and build
consistency inside the box. Whether curling the ball upper 90 or heading the ball into
open space, the Goal Shot has you prepared to control the pace of the game. Features
include target zones at each corner promote consistent finishing and enhance scoring
chances; taut net design rebounds off-target shots to return to players with immediate
feedback; helps develop muscle memory and vision during match play; fits over
regulation size goals to mirror game time situations; collapsible frame folds down into
storage bag for on-the-go transportation. Dimensions: 24′ x 8′. Manufacturer’s
Warranty: one (1) year. ARV: $250.00
Group 4 Prize (1 total, see Rule No. 5): Sports Training Equipment including 3 x
6″ hurdles, 3 x 9″ hurdles, 3 x 12″ hurdles, 20 Space Markers Disc Cones, 1 x speed
resistor, 1 x evasion belt, 1 x speed chute, 1 x reaction ball, 2 x 4m (10 rung each)
ladders and a carry bag. An ideal way to improve your speed, agility, balance,
coordination and stamina for any sport. ARV: $115.00
If winner cannot accept the prize as specified, prize will be forfeited and will be
awarded to an alternate winner. Total Approximate ARV: $1,315.00.

Sep 6 1:40 am