Vo5 Salon Series Shampoos, conditioners, lip balm and beggin strips

Coupons/In Store deals
Oct 24 6:24 pm

I got this at TOPS today! Used 8 Vo5 Salon Series Shampoos and 7 Vo5 Salon Series Conditioners $1/1 Coupons They were $1.49 Paid. 49 a piece – - Carmex lip balm used 4 30/1 coupons were $1 paid 70 cents for each one – - Had a coupon I got  in mail for a free bag of beggin strips dog treats – Had to do 4 transactions.. Paid $10.96 They weren’t all free but I finally getting back to my couponing after being diagnosed of recurrence cervical cancer! No more chemo and radiation!!!  :) :)

Free Snickers Peanut Butter Squared – Won a coupon in a contest

Coupons/In Store deals
Oct 21 10:42 pm

Free 4 pack of South Beach diet 100 calorie Chocolate Truffle – Received coupon in the mail

Coupons/In Store deals
Oct 21 10:41 pm

Free MNT Citrus Murphy Classic Soda from Murphy USA

Coupons/In Store deals
Oct 13 10:56 am

Customer appreciation Freebies from FNB

Coupons/In Store deals
Oct 10 6:16 pm

Rimmel Nail Polish

Used 25 Rimmel coupons $1 off each one they were $1.49 plus 25 percent off paid 12 cents a piece paid $3 plus tax (Kinney Drugs)  weren’t free but had to get them again.  :-)

Free Smiley Mugs at Corner Bakery

I did buy a cookie while there. Only 5 people on line. Some didn’t buy anything. :confused:

Free Pizza Hut Personal Pizza from the Pizza Hut Book It Program for Homeschoolers

Marlboro & USA Gold coupons

Coupons for Free personal pan pizza at pizza hut from Book it

Coupons/In Store deals
Sep 30 8:08 am

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