American Apparel Lemon Jersey Convertible Dress

by urabewe - Samples
Nov 9 9:32 pm

Grabbed this from Rue La La using the $20 credit that was given here:
Rue La La $20 Credit
Can’t wait till my fiance gets home to see her in it… oh yeah!!!!!! I searched all over but, I can’t find a picture of the dress. Let’s just suffice to say that my fiance is going to be looking goooooood. I did find a dress that looks basically the exact same only a different color, the one she got is “lemon”. I think the straps are a bit different too but, that is the “convertible” part and you can make it look just like the dress in the picture.

$5 Domino’s Gift Card x 2

by urabewe - Gift Cards/Certs
Nov 9 3:21 pm

I got 2 of the $5 Domino’s gift cards from this link:
Sorry, no pictures, I devoured both pizzas before even thinking about getting a picture. Anyway, right now I think in all areas Domino’s is having a lunch special where you can get either a 10″ 2 topping pizza, any pasta or any sandwich for $5. You just have to pay for the tax. You can also add on a 20oz coke for $.99 which makes the total $1.43 in my area. You get the main item for free then pay for soda and tax, it’s a great deal for lunch. Yesterday I got a beef and green pepper pizza and a 20oz coke. Today I got a Philly steak and roasted red pepper pizza and a 20oz coke. All for a $1.43 each time. Mix this with my B-Day freebies and I am living like a king! (or a bachelor) Also, it seems like when you use the $5 lunch coupon it doesn’t charge you extra for premium toppings like the Philly steak or Feta cheese.

Birthday Freebies

by urabewe - Samples
Nov 8 8:28 pm

If you want to sign up for any of these just go to the companies respective website and sign-up for their Birthday Clubs.
My Birthday is coming up and I have been receiving a lot of freebies from companies and thought I would share them here for anyone that hasn’t signed up for these great deals yet.  Sorry for not posting links.
Free Any Burger and Fries from Red Robin
Free Any Burger and Fries from Ruby Tuesday
Free Lemon Ice, Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Cheesecake or Turtle Cheesecake from Fazoli’s
Free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity or menu item of equal or lesser value from IHOP
Free Creation from Cold Stone Creamery
Free One Scoop Sundae from Culver’s
These are the offers I got that are absoluely free with no purchase necessary. I also got a BOGO Blizzard coupon from Dairy Queen (which is no big deal, I get those every week in the mail) and a coupon for $3 off of a cake from Baskin Robbins.
I should be getting more soon, each year I usually get a coupon in the mail to get any combo meal for free at Taco Bell. There are a few others but, I can’t think of them. I tell ya,  I have been eating well for free. I love this time of year!

Alpha Geek T-Shirt – Free Digiorno Flat Bread Melt Coupon – Jack Daniel’s BBQ and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Samples

by urabewe - Samples
Jun 25 5:47 pm

picture-13233Got these today.  The BBQ sauce sample was HOT obviously in the mail truck for a long time today. I had thought I wasn’t going to get the T-shirt I’m happy I did though, I really wanted one.   :rofl:

Free Maxim Mag and $1.00 off Charmin UltraSoft

by urabewe - Coupons/In Store deals, Magazines
Jun 20 10:19 pm

Free Maxim magazine, have been getting this for free for about 4 years.
The Charmin coupon came from Modern Mom I can’t find the link though sorry.

My mail man is jealous/hates me?!?!

by urabewe - Samples
Jun 19 5:12 pm

So I went to get my mail and there was a lone box sitting in there. And well the sad state that it is in makes  me wonder why they marked it as undamaged… So here’s the box in all it’s glory I’m glad it was just some Axe Hair I couldn’t find the original post sorry.




Bounce Dryer Bar

by urabewe - Samples
Jun 19 1:06 pm


Seems like everyone is getting one of these. Pretty cool if you ask me, smells great and lasts 2 months

I’m a Winner! Huggies told me so….

by urabewe - Gift Cards/Certs
Jun 19 12:19 am

Well this is my first post on here.  I have been on the site for a few years now and only really left a few comments here and there. I have gotten a LOT of cool stuff from here and Chris keep up the good work digging up those freebies.
Well I won’t bore you with past “What I Got”s but, I won a $25 Visa Gift Card from Huggies Enjoy the Ride Contest

I got $5 in gas, a pack of smokes, 2 Arizona Iced Teas, a 9 roll of Charmin Basic big rolls, and 6 frozen dinners. I think I have maybe .50 left, and I just got the card today. :rofl:
Ok, now to the point of the post!  After recieving the gift card in the mail it piqued my curiousity as to whether I could win again. So I went to the site and they had $25 Gas Cash cards for grabs. I think I tried about 20 times or so and finally won one. I have also won a few music downloads on that site also!  :wiggle:
Oh yeah

Oh yeah