Free Fiber Ceral via Walmart

by rohan - Samples
May 13 9:18 pm

Seems good. Since I’m on weight watchers, the high fiber is a very good thing! :D Shall try them out tomorrow!

Free Smoothie via Smoothie King

by rohan - Samples
May 11 11:51 am

Smoothie Entry
Got them both with out a hitch or a dime. :]

Free Always Eye Drops + Free Magic School Bus Book

by rohan - Books, Samples
May 9 1:21 pm

Eye Drops Entry
Free Book Entry

I love packages! Especially when they contain freebies! :D

Free Video Game + Free DVD via Pepsi Points + Free Print via Walgreens

by rohan - dvds/videos/music, Other
May 8 2:31 pm