Soda Stream from HouseParty!!

by kristin1992 - Kits
Sep 25 6:39 pm

I qualified for the college student house party for a soda stream and lots of other goodies with it!! It is great so far!!

I got the soda stream, 2 1/2 bottles, a tshirt, 3 full size flavors, 2 sample packs, some megaphones, lots of cups, and an extra CO2 bottle (plus a few other things).

I won $50 Live Nation concert cash from Poptarts!!

by kristin1992 - Contest Wins
Jul 17 2:19 pm

Woohoo I just won this, had no idea I entered :)

I won an Evian Baby tee!!

by kristin1992 - Contest Wins
Jul 12 12:35 am

Only my second time playing, and I just won this cute baby tee! I can’t wait to get it, wear it, and see the reaction of my 17 month old niece :) Priceless!

Summer voxbox, Conan tshirt, Schick razor, and Loreal Age Perfect

by kristin1992 - Samples
Jul 10 8:16 pm

The voxbox was amazing!! Had to generous samples of Clear brand shampoo/conditioner, a quaker oat bar, Hawaiian tropic lotion sunscreen, sally hansen new magnetic nail polish, a sally hansen cuticle cream, and also some tampax radiant samples.

I also received my conan shirt! Very cute! and then I got some Loreal Age perfect cream from Allure. and lastly, a sample razor from Walmart :)

I won a Hershey’s Avengers Tshirt!

by kristin1992 - Contest Wins
Jul 3 12:02 pm

Woohoo, finally won something other than an electronic comic book! :)

I won a laptop from Zumbox!

by kristin1992 - Contest Wins
Jun 11 9:07 pm

It seems too good to be true, but if other people won stuff, I just gotta wait and see!! here’s the screenshot!

Battleship Prize Pack

by kristin1992 - Samples
May 22 12:08 pm

The blue shirt,blue hat, water bottle and more compact size game was all won from twitter contest thing
From a local radio station, I won Coke Zero sponsored Battleship stuff- t shirt, hat, 4 movie tickets, and the electronic version of the game!
BTW- I saw the movie, and I recommend it! Being a 19 year old girl, I’m surprised to say it was a great movie! :)

Some of my free stuff

by kristin1992 - Samples
May 17 5:23 pm

I have never posted, but this some of my more recent stuff that I have gotten in the last few weeks! :)

  • The T-shirt is from recollect threads, which was introduced to me by freestufftimes. they had a contest on their page a few weeks ago, and I won it.
  • 2 Bayer aspirins
  • carmex from swanson (gave my sister the other one!)
  • tampax/always wristlet
  • scotch dot roller
  • tide, bounce, and downy sample
  • purple wristlet from one of the teen mags
  • target beauty bag
  • kind bar