mail over the past week jan 26th-feb 3rd

by clil84 - Samples
Feb 4 7:24 pm

I have recieved several things over the past week…
200.00 (2 $100) gift cards as a redemption from charter..
10.00 chilis gift card from my points
coupon for free yoplait yogurt
Free Country Bob‘s all purpose sauce coupon
various diary queen coupons
free coupon for terra chips
free coupon for exedrin
durex houseparty package
2 $5 starbucks gift cards
coupon for free huggies pullups
thats it for the week all in all a good week thanks freestufftimes

Ea sports active 2 fitness winner through houseparty

by clil84 - Product Testing
Nov 18 8:46 pm

Congratulations… You are a EA SPORTS Active 2 Fitness Through Fun House Party™ host!!

Because you were among the first host finalists to set up your party online, you are confirmed as a host and will be receiving a free party package to share with your guests shortly before the party.
Packages will be mailed in time to arrive before your party date. Check your free party site regularly for news on what’s in your package, when it’s been shipped, and when you can expect it to arrive.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to use the free Guest Manager tool to manage your invite list.
Use it to send invitations via email so your guests can join your online site when they RSVP. Don’t have their email address? No problem — use the print option, or just create a name-only record for them so they still appear on your party list.
And while you’re online, be sure to check out and upload fun photos and videos, post comments to the national party blog, and look around for other cool features.
Please remember that information you post on the House Party website may be visible to the general public, so we advise you not to post any personally identifying information (such as last name, address, email or phone number). However, the information in your party invitations will only be visible to your guests.
Thank you for hosting a EA SPORTS Active 2 Fitness Through Fun House Party™!

trade: best western gift card

by clil84 - Gift Cards/Certs
Nov 9 10:06 am

i am a winner of a best western gift has 22.93 on it i dont really stay there. im open to pretty much any trade..if you have any questions about it just let me know

pizza hut book it program

by clil84 - Samples
Nov 7 12:10 am

i ended up getting two medium pizza’s and a personal pan pizza from pizza huts book it program..that was a nice suprise (they didnt have enough personal pan pizza)..thanks pizza hut and book it

huggies pullups

by clil84 - Contest Wins
Nov 6 9:38 am

i was just informed i won a pack of jumbo pullups from huggies enjoy the rewards..WOOT WOOT i finally won something
You’re a winner in our Huggies® Enjoy the Ride Rewards Instant Win game.
Subject to verification and compliance with the Official Contest Rules , you will be awarded one:
HUGGIES® PULL-UPS® Training Pants Coupon, Jumbo Pack.
Please allow 8-10 weeks for verification and shipment. Which isn’t bad… compared to waiting 9 months for a child to be born!