Porch Swing : )

by Aamaraa - Contest Wins
Jul 29 7:42 pm

Not sure what contest this is from, but it is a hand-made porch swing, delivered from a local company.

Blackberry Win

by Aamaraa - Contest Wins
Dec 9 6:20 pm

Luggage, Umbrella ,Golf Balls and Golf Shirt

Parents Magazine Win

by Aamaraa - Contest Wins
Dec 9 6:14 pm

Wooden Elephant Train

Mail from the week

by Aamaraa - Samples
Nov 13 4:30 pm

Anti-wrinkle stuff, mascara, pureology, and a perfume sample

Shoe Win

by Aamaraa - Contest Wins
Nov 13 4:02 pm

Forgot to post the pics earlier, but I think this is a Cosmo win last month

From The Mall

by Aamaraa - gifts
Nov 13 3:56 pm

Lip gloss, panties from Victoria’s secret,  Perfume from Arie, Birthday lip Gloss from Sephoria, and a pair of pearl earrings from Helzenberg Diamonds

Trip to the mall

by Aamaraa - Samples
Oct 2 3:39 pm


Piece of chocolate from Godiva, 2 cookies from Mrs. Fields, make-up brushes and case from Arie, and some panties from Victoria’s secret

Fed Ex

by Aamaraa - Samples
Oct 2 3:32 pm

Fed Ex just dropped this off Came with info, stickers, chips and chocolate :wiggle:
also came with some weird ice pack thing that I tossed in the trash…maybe to keep choc from melting? I dunno…did anyone else have the Ice pack thing?

Nature Valley Win

by Aamaraa - Contest Wins
Sep 29 9:13 am

Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a prize in the Nature Valley® Get Some Nature Promotion, administered by ePrize.
You have been selected as the winner of Cranberry and Pomegranate Chewy Trail Mix bars! Please see the Official Rules for further prize details and eligibility requirements. Your win has been recorded and is subject to verification. Once we have verified your eligibility, you will receive your prize 8-10 weeks after promotion conclusion

Quality Thyme Tea Sample

by Aamaraa - Tea
Sep 2 12:42 pm

tea sample
was in the forum