Great Medela Mom Mavens Party Kit

by 09jojo09 - Other
Jul 27 11:40 pm

Thanks Brandie if you can publish this post on your website I am including a pic as an attachment of the pump this was all thanks to you
I was recently chosen to host a Medela Mommy Party! This was because I filled out a short survey I recieved from joining the Medela Mom Mavens! I am super excited to be hosting the party. I recieved a Medela Pump In Style Advanced Shoulder Bag ($240 apr value), Pump and Save Breastmilk Bags, Quick Clean Micro Steam Bags, Quick Clean Wipes, bra pads, Tender Care Lanolin, and hydrogel pads for myslef. My guests recieved a Tender Care Lanolin Sachet filled with 4 pack disposable bra pads, quick clean micr steam bag, quick clean wipe and a breastfeeding information guide. This is one of the nicest and well put together party packs I have ever seen or recieved. I am super excited. For more information on Medela products and joining the Medela Mom Mavens check out the links below!